Hi All,

Sorry to make one of my most hated FanFic faux pa; the dreaded "Update....Not an update....Please vote for me!"

Anyhow, I've never been nominated for anything....i think in my life! and to top it off you the readers nominated my story, this story, and i couldn't be happier.

This fanfic thing gives you an indescribable sense of love, want, stardom, you really feel like a real author with every Favorite Author add, Favorite Story Add, or even as the little graph shoots up up up with ever reader.

I'm rambeling but I did truly want to say thanks to you all, and if you have the time, and truly love this story as much as you all keep telling me (your cries for updates do not fall on def ears my people!) then please take the time to vote if you can:

Please go to /

Or further info can be found in Gustariana's profile .net/u/1370097/Gustariana

Also a big "HI!" to any of my JJB board crowd, I always wonder if you ladies read my fic, i guess i'll know now ;)