SUMMERY: Three years set after 'I'm With You'. Angela had her baby, Temperance, and is happy with Hodgins. Temperance and Booth became stronger, and ended up having a daughter. Find out what the gang is up to. I suck at summerys.

Author Note: I know that Temperance probably would never of adjusted being a Mom so well. But I'm a sucker for mother/baby relationships. I love characters who have babies, they make it all fluffy.

DISCLAIMER; I only own Summer Booth Brennan, and Temperance (Angela's daughter).

Temperance's eyes fluttered open, she slammed her hand down on her alarm clock and groaned. The noise turned off, leaving the apartment in silence. Temperance sat up, rubbing her eyes, and looked to the empty side of the bed. She didn't understand why she had hoped he would be there, maybe it was the dream she had, but she couldn't help feeling dissapointed when she realised she was alone. Once again. Temperance had been independant for years, needing only herself in life, yet it all changed when she met Seeley Booth. To most people, who were suckers for romance mostly, their partnership would be compared to a fairytale. Although Temperance denied it every time, making a point about fairytales being irrational.

Suddenly, the house buzzed with noise oncemore. Her daughter, Summer Booth Brennan, had been expiriencing teething pains. Temperance pushed the covers off her, shivering slightly, and stepped outside of her warm bed. She pulled on her dressing gown, tightening it around her small frame, and opened the door. The hallway walls were littered with photographs, trapping the memories inside them, as they stared down at her whilst she shuffled down the hall. Booth had put up all the photographs, he said it gave the place a more sense of home, and was pleased when Temperance didn't take them down.

Temperance opened the door to her daughter's room. The room was a creamy colour, Temperance insisted not to have it pink as it wasn't all girls favourite colour, and was filled with cuddly teddies that people had brought. Temperance never wanted children, she had said it since she was in her teens, yet everything had changed. She hadn't planned getting pregnant, it was thrusted upon her and she refused to have an abortion. To Temperance, and alot of other people, abortion was a type of murder; taking away somebody else's life. Temperance spent most of her career, if not all of it, putting away murderers, how could she become one ? So she decided to keep the baby, even the anthropologist couldn't hide her excitement. Booth had been so happy, no one had ever seen the agent smile constantly for weeks.

"Is everything Ok ?" she asked, picking up her daughter.

A few years ago, or even a few months ago, she would of been totally oblivious of what to do with a baby, however her mother instincts had kicked in. She was now not scared or confused, she acted like most normal Mothers. Booth had helped, already being a Father himself, and settled Temperance into the mothering community.

Summer responded with a cry, thick tears ran down her smooth face. Temperance balanced Summer over her shoulder and began bouncing her gently. She grabbed a bottle, which she had made atleast half an hour before, and walked out of the room. Temperance returned to her room, placing herself on her bed, and lay Summer in her arms. She shoved the nipple of the bottle into her mouth and watched her daughter drink, stiffling a yawn as tiredness consumed her. Temperance felt a connection with Summer; it made her wonder how she had become attached to a 14 month old baby. Besides Booth and Angela, who were her best friends, no one had ever made her need them so badly. However, Temperance believed it was because of her past. Since being abandoned by her own parents, which left a gaping hole in her life, she just didn't want to put her daughter through the same dreadful expirience.

Temperance pulled the nipple out of Summers mouth, realising she had drunk all the contense. However, within moments of the bottle leaving her mouth, Summer began to cry again. Temperance groaned, running her fingers through her hair, and stood up. She pressed Summer against her chest and bounced slightly, hoping she was doing the right thing.

"I don't know what to do, Summer! You keep crying, even when you've been fed and changed, and I just don't know how to make you stop. You miss your Father, don't you ? I know it's unlogical for you to even notice he is missing, but who knows, maybe you do," sighed Temperance, continuing to bounce her daughter.


An Hour and 30 Minutes Later.

Temperance sat in her office, a coffee in one hand as she tried to type up her paperwork. She had dropped Summer off at her Grandpa Max's, who had been a tremendous help with the family, and hoped Summer wasn't causing her Father any stress. Temperance knew that her constant crying was due to Summer's teething pains, she just knew she couldn't help her daughter. Temperance dropped her hands from the keyboard, letting out a sigh, and leaned back in her chair. Work had become stressful, it wasn't easier when you had a child either. However, Temperance had still been able to pick a new Grad Student to help around, she just couldn't shake the feeling that she was betraying Zack. Although the new grad student, Jennifer Reid, was doing a brilliant job and Temperance respected her. Suddenly, a knock on the door brought Temperance out of her thoughts.

"Hey Doctor Bren, how are 'ya doin' ?"

Temperance looked up to see her new collegue, and partner, Harry Johnson. Harry was rather tall, much taller than Temperance, and was rather muscular. He had bright blonde hair, which he ruffled alot, and piercing blue eyes. He had shining white teeth, which he flashed at every woman who walked by. Temperance hadn't been joyful to recieve the news about being joint with a new partner, although she accepted the fact, and soon became good friends with the agent. Harry reminded Temperance of Booth, giving her that comforted feeling when she was in his presence. However, no one would ever compare to Booth.

"Harry. I'm fine, thank you," smiled Temperance.

"The bags under your eyes tell a different story," chuckled Harry, leaning against the door frame.

"Summer is going through teething, which is -"

"I understand," interuppted Harry, laughing. "We have a case!"

Temperance smiled. She stood up and pulled on her jacket, tying her hair up in a loose pony. Temperance pulled out her kit from under her desk and walked out of her office. Harry followed, shutting the door behind him, and tried to spark up a conversation with his partner.

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