Brennan pulled on her lab coat and fastened it up. She took Summer from Booth's grasp, who was trying to keep firm hold of the coffee cup in his other hand, and balanced her on her hip. Parker had already made his own way to Angela's office, where Tempe – Angela's daughter – probably was. Summer wriggled in Brennan's arms, whimpering a few sobs.

'Her teething pains are being a real pain in the arse,' said Booth, taking a sip of his coffee.

Brennan could see the urge that Booth possessed when he was unable to help Summer. Summer had the ability to charm her Father, though not with a smile as Booth himself and Parker shared, but with her big blue eyes. Booth chucked the polystyrene cup in the bin and followed Brennan out of the door.

They found Parker playing with Tempe on the floor, a wide spread of building blocks between them, with Angela and Hodgins watching happily. The married couple's hands were intertwined and they both shared the same loved-up expression on their faces. Even Brennan, who came across as a cold person, couldn't help smile at the connection between Parker and Tempe, even though Brennan had never doubted Parker as an older brother for a second.

'Hey, Ange, can you watch Summer whilst she takes a sleeping session?' asked Brennan.

Angela looked up at her best friend and nodded. She dropped Hodgins hand and took the sleepy Summer from Brennan's arm, placing her on her hip. She flashed Brennan and Booth a reassuring smile before walking over to the cot, which stayed in her office for obvious reasons, and lay Summer down.

'Doctor Hodgins, I believe you had some evidence to tell me about,' said Brennan.

'I sure did,' smiled Hodgins.

The two of them made their way to the platform, Booth following behind.

Hodgins swiped his card and took the stairs two at a time. Brennan and Booth both followed behind, less enthusiastically, and stopped besides the computer Hodgins was sat at.

'Doctor Brennan, you're back. How was your session with Sweets?' asked Cam, joining the others.

'Is she being sarcastic?' Brennan whispered to Booth.

Booth bit back a laugh and shook his head. Brennan's lack of social skills always seemed to amuse him, though he'd never tell her that as he didn't want her to take it the wrong way.

'You had something to update us on, Hodgins?' said Cam, turning to Hodgins and choosing to ignore Brennan's question to Booth.

Hodgins nodded and clapped his hands together. He spun around on the computer and began to type away in full Squint-speed. A document finally popped up with various amount of information on it, which only Hodgins was able to understand, before he spun around to address the others.

'I was examining the gun when I found a residue on the trigger,' said Hodgins, nodding to the gun which lay in a metal container on the steel table.

The other three looked at the gun before turning back to Hodgins, waiting to hear the rest of his tale.

'I took a sample of it and found out that it was Glycol, Sodium lauryl sulfate and Ammonium chloride,' stated Hodgins, waving his hand towards the computer screen.

Booth raised his eyebrows and Cam looked at Hodgins as if she were waiting for him to explain.

'What's that?' asked Cam and Booth in unite.

'Ingredients that are commonly used in shampoo,' replied Brennan, looking at Hodgins to confirm her answer.

Hodgins nodded. 'Yeah, what she said.'

Booth squinted his eyes and still looked confused. Though Cam seemed more understanding now and nodded her head, looking at the results on the computer screen.

'We have proof that Mr Hughes killed Belinda. What does shampoo having anything to do with it?' questioned Booth, shaking his head.

Brennan looked deep in thought for a moment. Booth could almost hear the wheels inside her head turning as her mind went into full Genius mode. The others watched her as she seemed to be drawing up all the evidence and working out her own conclusion.

'Shampoo,' she mumbled.

Everyone seemed that focused upon Brennan that no one noticed Harry join them on the platform. He stopped besides Brennan and followed everyone's line of direction.

'What's happening?' asked Harry, looking towards Cam.

'Hodgins just informed us that he found shampoo chemicals on the gun,' said Cam, flashing a quick smile at Harry.

'Shampoo?' questioned Harry.

Hodgins nodded.

Harry seemed to trail off into deep thought like Brennan. They both seemed to be searching their minds for something, though no one except them knew what. Slowly realization dawned upon both of their faces in synchronization. Both their faces were full of realization, surprise and pride.

'I know who the murderer is!' they both gasped.


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