What if the Cullens and you were on a roller-coaster?

Thank you Immortal Blueberries for the idea! If any of you have a idea you want to see made into a chapter, PM or review and I'll write it. Even if you have it written and want it posted, I'll post your work.

As we pulled into Six Flags, I couldn't help but feel slightly anguished. The one day we are finally able to go, it's cloudy with a chance of rain.

Luckily, my friend Celeste was with me. Her mom gave us instructions, and a map. She walked into the park with us and just sat down.

That's another good thing about her mom. She has vertigo problems, so she won't follow us around. Just looking at the rides makes her sick.

"Come on Ashley, let's go on the Superman!" Celeste dragged me through the park and the weaving empty lines to were a small group of people were waiting.

I flinched as a rain drop hit me. Perfect.

Celeste was busy rigging up a camera to hold as she went through the ride.

"If you drop that, you're screwed." I told her.

"Yeah, so? It will be so worth putting on YouTube." She tightened the strap around her wrist as we stepped up in line closer to the small group waiting.

The small echoed screams of people on the ride made me shiver a little. This was starting to creep me out.

I could just imagine a fan-fiction about it now…

Then a very familiar booming laugh came from the group in front of us.

A girl with long dark brown hair was blushing furiously at something a large brawny man had just said. They were in line for second car.

Celeste looked like she was seeing the sun for the first time.

"Celeste, forget it. They're fictional." I hissed. She just smiled.

Then she shoved me over to were the cars were being loaded. Yippee.

As the seats turned, I saw a pair of golden eyes watching us.

I was about to say something, but the ride started.

"YEAHHH!!!" The brawny one screamed behind us as we started the climb. He already had his hands out like Superman.

I heard a sigh as well.

"Really Emmett. The ride just started." Said a musical voice.

Then we paused, hanging in the balance, defying gravity.

Suddenly, the world was flashing by as we went through many twists and turns.

Celeste was screaming her lungs out, pointing the camera at everything. I had one of those slow-mow moments as I looked back to see the Cullen family looking like movie stars, laughing as the ride accelerated.

Then there was a screech and Celeste and I flew forward and slammed back.

"Ow son of a-" I said, but stopped as I noticed where we where.

The ride had stopped and we were hanging at the highest part of the ride. And we were stuck.

"Oooohhhh shit." Celeste said, panning her camera back and forth.

"Oh nice going. The first ride you pick turns out to be a disast-" My words were cut off as we jerked forward an inch.

My next words caught in my throat as I stared further down the twisting track. Standing alone on the top of a spiral was a small person, with fire red hair billowing around her.

"Ashley what-oh. OH. OH SHIT!!!" Celeste screamed.

I heard frantic movement behind us.

I reached over and pounded on Celeste's harness. It groaned a little, but held.

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked, still freaking out.

"Would you rather get ripped to shreds by a vampire or get out of here?" I asked her, and took another smack at the harness.

"Wuss!" she said, and leaned over and smacked mine directly down the middle.

With a groan, it popped off, and I grabbed onto it before I fell of to my death.

The harness swung forward, and I slipped out of the seat, both arms wrapped around the harness, feet dangling into space.

"Smooth move!" I shrieked, gasping as it swung in the wind.

The red haired being started to run forward as the rain began to fall.

Celeste was still filming, but the camera was lose, hanging off of her wrist, turning in the wind.

Then the whole car dipped and swayed as footsteps stopped above us.

"What have we here?" the high soprano questioned into the wind.

My heart leaped into my throat as one of my arms slipped off, rain falling from my fingertips.

Then cold fingers closed around my wrist.

Celeste screamed as she lifted me smoothly up.

She fingered my sandy hair as it fluttered in the wind.

"You are pretty." She said, drawing me close. My feet contacted with the rails.

I gasped as her cold hands grabbed both of my wrists. She spun me around to face the far away loading dock. I could barely see the small group of people watching.

"Come and get it." She said softly.

The figures remained as they were.

I shivered only a little as her cold hands caressed my neck.

She pulled on my necklace to see it better. It was the one my boyfriend had given me before that night.

"You have love and lost." She said, sounding surprised.

Then I noticed the figure running up the tracks toward us.

"Hmmm. I have as well. Maybe we have more in common then I originally thought." She mulled it over.

"Victoria." A slight southern twang floated over to us.

Victoria shoved me backwards as she defended me. My arms waved cartwheels in the air as I struggled to regain my balance.

Then my ballet kicked in and my bare toes curled slightly onto the bar. (They take your shoes off on this ride if you're wearing sandals.)

"She is mine. Leave me." Victoria said.

"You have no right." Jasper said.

Suddenly I was in front of Victoria as a shield. Her cold arms gripped my forearms, holding me in place.

"I will never threaten Bella again if you leave me." She said her cold breath on my neck.

Jasper hesitated.

That's all it took for Victoria to jump.

My gasp of shock was lost as the wind rushed past, and the ground got closer and closer.

I barely felt a jolt as Victoria landed and placed me on my feet.

Then her teeth were on my neck, almost biting. I heard growls all around and guessed that we were not quite alone.

"Victoria, don't." I heard a chiming voice warn.

I kept my eyes closed.

"I made you an offer. Take it or leave it." Victoria hissed by my juglar.

My whole body tensed. She actually rubbed my arms, as if to comfort me! Stephanie Meyer got something wrong with the description of Victoria.

"Ashley!!!!" I heard Celeste scream as loud as she was capable.

My eyes snapped open, and my head turned to the sound. Victorias teeth almost nicked me, but I totally ignored it.

Then her teeth passed smoothly through my skin, and it barely hurt at all.

My entire body froze in her grip.

BAM!!! I went to the Six Flags in Illinois, and based the entire story off of that location. This isn't one of my happier endings, but I felt like a drama queen today. I hope you enjoyed it!