Author's note: I don't own The Land Before Time or Total Drama Island, but I'd love it if I did

Author's note: I don't own The Land Before Time or Total Drama Island, but I'd love it if I did.


By Brekclub85

An overly-smiling guy in his mid thirties walked over to the camera. "Hello viewer, Chris MacLane here. You probably know me as the host of Total drama Island, and it's sequel, Total Drama Action. While, after the musical third season we began running out of ideas. But then I accidentally got my hands on a secret government time machine, and I figured out the most AW-SOME use for it! I traveled back to 65,000,000 BC when I just happened to meet several dinosaurs who somehow were able to speak English. Shocking, eh? Anyways, I introduced my self to them and taught them about human culture. I then realized this could be a ratings bonanza! I told them about the concept of my show, and how I'd need 22 younger dinosaurs to compete in the challenges, and when I needed to come up with a prize worth playing for, I heard about this "Stone of Cold Fire", so the final player will be allowed to make 2 wishes because of it's magical mumbo-jumbo. Oh yeah, Chef Hatchet's back also. Before the contestants arrive, let me tell you what I've heard about them.

Littlefoot- A longneck (coughbrontocough) who seems like a nice fellow. Let's just hope that doesn't prove to be his downfall.

Ducky- A young swimmer, with a habit of repeating herself, and boy does this girl need to be less positive.

Cera- Didn't get a chance to meet her because of her pushy father, she'll probably be the mean ratings-earner

Petrie- A flyer who's as brave as he is big, he'll probably be one of the comic reliefs.

Spike- My interview with him didn't go well, he wouldn't answer any of my questions…

Ruby- A young runner who is nice and will probably have a relationship during the show (Or in the fanfics the crazed fans write after the show's over.)

Ali- Another longneck, probably has the most sense out of them all. It takes all sorts of people to make a reality show, after all..

Rory (One of MY Ocs.)- A fast biter who's learned English, but don't let his voice fool you, he can be pretty tough.

Guido- A…flying..thing. Seems to be a chicken sometimes. Oh well.

Hyp-Hey, the rules of a reality show state you have to hire multiple people everyone hates.

Chomper-A sharptooth who's also nice, but I don't like the way he looked at me during the interview..

Tippy- A spiketail who talks in the 3rd person often. We've offered her help, but she declined.

Rhett- Another longneck who's a big phony. Just the kind of dino we need.

Rita- (Another OC.) A sharptooth who Chomper seems to like, ooh, more relationships!

Nod- Hey, every bully needs his goons.

Mutt-Same here.

Shorty- Yet another longneck, and he's apparentally Littlefoot's step-brother. Will there be a family feud?

Myra- (OC.) A fast biter who we allowed to join because of her already existing relationship with Rory.

Tricia- Cera's sister and the token always good girl. (In this fanfiction, she's about Chomper's age.)

Itchy (OC.)- A feathery flyer with something seriously weird about his voice. Maybe hormones, don't know

Mo- A swimmer with the unfortunate handicap of being bound o water. Sucks for him..

Tera- (OC.) A freaky flyer who I swear has some problems in the head.

SO, who will win? Who will make (and break) alliances? Who will have a love life?

Found out when my new series premieres, TOTAL…..DRAMA…..VALLEY!

(Read and review, I'll try to update the episodes when I can. Who do you think should win by the way?)