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I grabbed Bella and pulled her away from Jacob before she ripped his head off.

"JACOB HOW COULD YOU TO my baby" she said and ran off to go see Kayla.

"Thanks Jacob" I murmured and ran after Bella.


"Yo dog what's up well... Err other than that everyone had a little fit" I said with my side ways smile.

"Japer hears the thing I haven't seen Bella after her prom and then all the sudden when she went off to that school" he begin "I of course never imprinted on her or anyone else until today. But found another girl who happily amazes me, me and her got married a few years ago and are wanting a child"

I stared into his eyes amazed and saw one single tear fall from one of his eyes.


I was about to walk into the room when I hear Jacob telling Jasper about his wife.

"Jacob" I said with my crooked smile and I pulled a chair next to him.

"What are you going to do" Jasper said like he was reading my mind.

"I think I might just go home and see Valerie" he said and turns around and walked out the door.