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Chapter one

"Thanks for taking Kiranna in Sakura." My Mother said as I stared reproachfully at her (my mother not Sakura).

"It's nothing." Sakura said, waving away the thanks. My mother smiled and turned to me.

Have fun Dear, and behave." She kissed my forehead. I rolled my eyes but waved to her as she walked back to her car and drove away.

"Well why don't we get your luggage up to your room, Ichigo's at work right now but you'll see her later." Sakura said, smiling at me. I nodded and together we lugged my heavy suitcase up the stairs.

"I'll leave you to get settled. Supper will be in an hour." I nodded and she retreated down the stairs.

Flopping down on my bed I sighed loudly. Ever since Mom and Dad got a divorce they had problems. I would have to stay here until they worked out all the glitches.

Well I'd better make the best of it while I'm here. I thought.

Suddenly the slam of a door brought me out of my thoughts as a cheery voice called,

"I'm home Nya!"

"Welcome home Ichigo dear." I heard Sakura say.

Well time for me to meet my cousin. I thought. I rose and headed down the stairs. Ichigo looked up at me as came down.

"Mom, who's that, nya?" She asked.

"That's your cousin, Kiranna, dear. She's staying here for a while." Sakura said beckoning me forward.

"Hey." I said stepping forward and extending my hand, "I'm Kira." I introduced myself by my nickname.

"I'm Ichigo, nya!" She ignored my hand, instead giving me a bone-crushing hug. She loosened her grip as I gasped for breath.

"Come on girls time for diner." Sakura motioned in the direction of the kitchen. Once we had all sat down we began our meal in silence.

"Mom, I have to go back to the Café again tonight, nya." Ichigo said breaking the silence.

"All right dear. Why don't you take Kira with you?" Sakura smiled at me. Ichigo looked at me before replying.

"Okay nya."

"Hmff. You spend too much time at that Café." Ichigo's father grumbled.

We ignored him.

Once supper and the dishes were done, Ichigo and I went upstairs to get ready. As Ichigo struggled to get her hair to cooperate, I scooped my gold-orange hair into a high pony-tail. Even in a pony-tail, my hair fell to mid-back. I stared into my the mirror at my brown-gold eyes.

"Ready, nya?" Ichigo asked after finally getting her hair into two pig-tails. I nodded and together we walked down to the front door.

"Bye you two! Don't be too late!" Sakura called form the kitchen.

"Okay, nya!" Ichigo called and we left. We were silent as we headed off to Café Mew Mew. When The silence was becoming unbearable, the Café came into view. We walked around and entered through the back door. As Ichigo lead me down the hall I heard a man's voice.

"While we are waiting for Ichigo I must tell you, there's another Mew Mew."

"Another one?" A girl gasped.

"Yes she doesn't know it yet, but for some reason she has recently shown up on our radar." Another male said.

"Yay! Another friend for pudding!" Another girl shrieked.

We reached the door and Ichigo rushed in.

"Another Mew Mew?" She yelled. I stepped in after her.

"Yes and it seems Ichigo, you've all ready found her."

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