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"Kitsune! Your alive!" Kisshu hugged my tightly.

"Where's Korame?"

He's gone. He won't ever hurt you again, Kistune. It's all gonna be okay now." Kisshu whispered.

And he was right. It would be okay because I had Kisshu.

Thirteen years later…

"MOMMY! Kora said my hair was frizzy!" The little green-haired five year-old burst into our room wailing at the top of her lungs.

"Oh, honey-" I started, only to be cut off by another voice.

"Karsa be QUIET! I'm trying to sleep!" Our eldest son Markl yelled.

"Oh dear." I mumbled before turning to my daughter, as I grabbed my bathrobe, " come on sweetheart, lets get breakfast."

"Yay! Can we have pancakes? Can we? Please?" She gave me the heartbreaking watery chibi eyes.

"Okay, Kar Panceakes it is."

"YAY! Markie, Korie! We're having pancakes!" Karsa bolted down the hall again, yelling loud enough to wake the dead. There was a chourus of 'don't call me that!'

I sighed and swished my tails. After the aliens had been defeated, there had been a problem when Ryou had tried to remove the Animal DNA. Now all the Mew Mews were stuck with the ears, tails and senses of our animals. Now I really was a Kitsune.

I went about making the pancakes as the rest of the family got up. I knew that Markl would be down first, followed by Kora and then Karsa.

Markl was ten and was the spitting image of his father (attitude included).

Kora was seven and was a spitting image of me (attitude included).

Karsa was five and was a strange mix of Kisshu and I. Her hair was already near her mid-back. It was a light-ish green with gold streaks. One eye was topaz and the other eye was bright green (we weren't sure where that came from). She had fangs, claws and cute little whisker marks on her cheeks. She also had alien ears and nine fluffy fox tails.

All of our children had inherited the alien abilities.

Yes life is perfect I thought as our children teleported to school.

Once they were gone I turned around to kiss Kisshu lightly on the lips. And we went upstairs to finish what we had started.

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