A Day in the Life of Living with the Scourge

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(Amy's POV)

Good girl, gone bad.

Yeah, that's me. I, Amy Rose, no longer the good girl you knew. I am now a bad girl. Why?

That's none of your business! NOW GET THE FUCK AWAY!

Just kidding.

See how mean was that? My green cutie told me I am getting better at being bad day by day. I no longer am with the Freedom Fighters, no longer on Sonic's side, and no longer his friend. I am no longer the girl who wore red boots and that ugly dress, I now wear decent stuff, like mid-thigh shorts, miniskirts and tight revealing tops, since my cutie prefers to see me sexy. I'm also no longer 12, but 16. I am very different not the same Amy Rose, who is almost everyone's friend. I'm not even Shadow's friend anymore, like I used to. I was in love with him, but since he was sent into the Zone of Silence, I lost hope and no longer wanted to be the goody two shoes I once was and I now work alongside the Distructix. Then I left them, since I don't see them as the tough guys they seemed. I bump into Fiona and when she gave me a dirty look, I gave her a huge blow to the face that she'd never forget. Since she was no longer queen in Anti-Mobius, who she thought she was to look at me the way she did. I had no more feelings for that blue loser and looking back. My liking Shadow seemed stupid. Such an egomaniac. Ugh. After that, I bump into Scourge. Sure, I didn't like him at first, because he flirts with other girls like Mina. But when he came up to me and I notice some change. She wasn't the jerk I knew, he seemed…different. He was still the jerk everyone hated, but he acted differently with me. I didn't get it, until he made out with me and before I knew it, I was in his bed, naked and the room, smelling like sex and I felt…unusually satisfied and felt a small adrenaline rush. I slept with the player of Mobius and I had no shame in it. Before I knew it, I had fallen for the Anti-Sonic and before I knew it, I was carrying his baby. A baby boy, my baby boy. My little Deviant. Cute little baby he was when he was born. It was a wonderful day when little Deviant was born. Scourge surprisingly was glad to see Deviant, knowing he has someone to take over what he does when he no longer lives. Cute little green guy, with his father's charm and my eyes. He was a pure green hedgehog with one blue stripe from his head to the back of his quill. He's very noisy, but he's still cute. He meets his name too. He crawls around the apartment and he gets his little ass in all kinds of trouble! He knocked down a sack of flour on himself and I couldn't help but laugh. His father was a bit different into what he did. He laughed, but he told me to keep a good eye on the kid. Again, unlike him. Nevertheless, he did like the sound of him having an heir to the player game. He liked the fact that our baby will take on his legacy and that he will make his father known. Hmm, could be possible, since he has some of Scourge's personality. He's a little rebel, all I can say.

This is just one day in my life living and being Scourge the Hedgehog's new girl.

"Hey babe." Scourge greeted as he came in the apartment and grabbed Deviant. He looks at Deviant and says,

"Hey babe, I told you to watch Dev. What's the deal with him crawling around my guns? Do you want this baby to die, Ames?"

"WHAT?" I was shocked to hear Deviant was near the guns, again. Like father, like son.

"Yeah, he's gonna be just like me! The boy's learning about his guns! Proud of ya, sweet cheeks." He said and puts Deviant back on the floor near the guns and I go back to washing the dishes. He smirks at me as he looks at my back. I was wearing a miniskirt and a small top, since I was at the house most of the time. He comes behind me and I notice a tug on my hip. My black thong was showing a bit and he pulled it. I knew what he wanted. It wasn't routine. I let him kiss my neck and growl. I giggle and I moan when he nips my neck. I go into bad girl mode.

"You want me? Let's go."

"God, you're making me hard right now." I smirk at the fact that I make him rock hard. I put my hand on his erection and touch it gently to tease him,

"Oh yeah? I'll make you cum way before you get the chance to fuck me." He smirks at me and says.

"We'll see about that, angel face."

I pull him close to me and we kiss roughly. He quickly goes into taking my top off. I stop him in his tracks and I drag him with me to the couch. But before we started, I made sure that Deviant wasn't in the room. I found Deviant in our room, playing with Scourge's shades. He puts them on his face and I see his resemblance. I pick him up, put in his crib, and put him to sleep. I go back to Scourge and we go back to what we started. I climb on top of him and I grind on his legs and kiss him. I then felt his dick getting hard and as I grind, I feel his hard erection rubbing my clit, making me so wet. I just wanted to go on and fuck. I decide to play around.

"Oh, baby, I feel you cock getting hard on me. We're you thinking of me, or am I turning you on right now?"

His breaths were a bit jagged and he answers, cocky as usual, "Both, babe."

I slide down the couch onto the floor and I unzip his jeans. I take out his throbbing erection and I jerk it. I lick my lips and then I put his member in my wet mouth and I moan with each lick. I knew he liked this. He was building with every lick. I then felt his hands snaking in my top and I take it off. I take it off and I pull my bra down. I keep sucking his hard cock and he grabs my boobs and plays with my tits. It makes me so wet and I take out his cock and put in between my breasts. A good old titty fuck was what he wanted, maybe more. I'll see.

"Oh, fuck, baby. Your boobs are fucking hot and, shit."

I knew he was about to cum. Each time his cock came near my mouth, I'd lick the tip of his dick and then he had cum on my mouth and my boobs. His cum was so good to me. He then picks me up and it was his turn. He places he on the couch and he spreads my legs open. He puts his tongue on my clit and rubs it all around. I moan with each lick and then he puts his fingers in my pussy and fingers me. He enters and I beg him to go deeper, which he always does. He then pulls my thong out with his mouth and he goes into eating me out.

"Ahh! Oh, baby! Faster, Ahh!"

"You like that. Don't you?"


I feel his tongue on my clit and my tits go hard and I feel like I'm going to cum.

"Oh, yeah. Oh, Oh yeah! YEAH!"

"Like that babe? Want more?"

I cry for more. He licks me some more and I cum in his mouth.

"Ah, now lets get to the fun."

He puts the tip of his cock and spanks my clit with it, which was hot. Then, he pushes it in and he grabs me. He puts me on top and tells me,

"Blow me, babe."

I knew what he liked. So I go off slow, but he looked impatient. He grabs my hips and pounds his big, fat cock into my pussy.





I nod as he pulls me closer.

"YOU LIKED MY COCK IN YOUR MOUTH, DIDN'T CHA?" He teased with a smirk on his face. I nod as I whimper and shriek in hot pleasure.





"YOU DIRTY LITTLE CUNT!" He then turns me over with him behind me and he grabs my ass and says,

"Nice tight ass. That's why I love you, baby. I wanna fuck you"

"Yeah, baby."


He puts his dick back in and he goes at his speed, which was fast.

I cling on to the couch and he begins to talk dirty again.

"Nice tight little pussy. Oh, fuck."

"Nice tight pussy? Like that? You're cock in my pussy, you like that? OH YEAH!"

I feel my walls tightening his shaft as he goes in and out and with each entry, they tighten. He then buries his face in my boobs and licks my tits. He then bites them and he then kisses me.

He picks me up and lays me on the floor, facing him and he pulls me closer as he licks my pussy again and he turns the other direction so I can suck his shaft.

I lick him and I shove that dick down my throat and I keep it up, seeing he was being satisfied with him in my mouth. He fingers my pussy one last time before having his cock enter. He pulls me to him as we go faster and faster, with him getting close.


"Yeah, yeah, fuck me. Fuck that tight pussy. So tight and wet. "

"Oh yeah…"

"You wanna cum in me, baby?"


His breaths were jagged and they were rough. I then pull him in for a kiss and I go on top of him and I knew that I was going to make him cum first.

"I told you baby, I will make you cum."

"Fuck yeah. Give me that pussy."

I put his dick in my opening and I begin to ride him, and ride him hard. He grabs my hips and slaps my ass, making this exciting. I go faster as I feel that he's ready to cum.

"Sss, oh yeah babe. FUCK YEAH!"

"Oh yeah."

We go faster and when I hit his speed, he groans,


That was all I needed to hear. I get off him and I begin to give him another blowjob. I suck and pop him in and out of my watering mouth. I wrap my tongue around his huge erection and I then felt him cum.


He came in my mouth, but we weren't done yet. I spit his cum out and use it to make his dick wet. I put it back in and I go faster. I hear him groan and hiss then I was about to reach my climax,

"Oh my god, baby. I'm gonna cum."

"You're gonna cum, babe."

"Oh, god! CUM IN ME!"







He smirks and he then releases his cum inside me. I collapse on his lap and I smile at him. I then get down on the ground and suck his dick dry until he had no cum left. Licking every last drop of hot cum. I rub my clit, I release some of his love juice, and I crawl back on the couch, where I go back on top of him.

"Man, babe. That was nice, hot sex." He kisses my lips and he squeezes my breasts.

"I know it is. Next time, how about we do it somewhere else than the couch?"

"Where then?"

Before I answer, I hear Deviant crying. Oops, time to feed him. I kiss my cutie and I leave him satisfied and I go to my baby and feed him his milk.

"Its ok, mommy's here now. Shh…"

Then I hear Scourge get up and tell me,

"Hey angel face, still didn't tell me where."

"Maybe, outside or in the kitchen."

"Or…" He said with a smirk on his face. "Everywhere in the house."

I agree to the idea. "Why not." I fix my skirt and top and I give the baby his milk and I go off to take care of 'business'

"Man, baby, even though my nut is bust, you make my dick hard."

I smirk at the comment. "I know." And I kiss him. I grab my keys and get out the door with a gun. I had business to deal with.

This is just one day.

Only. One.

Living with the Scourge.

This is our comeback!! THATS RIGHT, RASTA and RASTALINA ARE BACK