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Forbidden Love (redone)

Cowrote by ReadingBetweenTheLines

Chapter one: Feelings

"Samantha Anne! Get your lazy buns outta bed! You've got work to do! That fence won't fix itself!" Gram's voice pierced the silence of my room. I

jolted out of bed. Half asleep, my clumsy legs tangled in my bed sheets, causing me to stumble. Fingers clawing desperately at the air, they managed to

grasp my window sill, pulling me towards my window. My forehead banged against the pane, earning a groan from me. Eyelashes brushing the cold glass,

I blinked into the sun. Jake was standing outside on my porch, glancing around. Obviously he had heard my misfortune.

A wave of despair rushed over me at the sight of him. I never wanted next weekend to come. Next weekend he would be gone. I wished so desperately

that he wouldn't go to college. I wished he would stay with me.

Jake glanced up at my window to see me leaning against the glass looking a bit disheveled. He raised a hand in a small wave and a warm smile spread across his lips.

Why, oh, why does he have to leave?

"Gloves, Samantha, you need gloves. Those barbs can leave a nasty cut on your hand!" Gram shouted up the stairs.

"Ok!" I shouted as I moved to my dresser. I grabbed for a decent pair of jeans, ones that somewhat showed off my nearly nonexistent curves and my favorite tank top.

"Great," I grumbled as my finger slid through a hole in the hem of the shirt. With a sigh I snagged a camisole and threw on the shirts. Hopping across my floor, I shoved my feet through the legs of my jeans, an inaudible 'darn it' slipping through my lips as my foot slid through the hole ripped in the knee of the jeans. Finally, I buttoned my jeans and reached for the doorknob.

"Gah! Am I ever getting out of this stupid room!" I yelled as I trudged back to my dresser and raked my hands through the drawers in search of gloves.

Only one wanted to be found.

"This is gonna have to do. At least, it's the right hand," I grumbled as I dashed towards the stairs.

In a flurry of fur, Cougar zoomed by, nearly sending me tumbling down the stairs.

"Cougar!" I snapped at the kitten as I leapt over the last step in an attempt to avoid him.

He meowed loudly, no doubt for nicking his tail as I jumped over him. Sliding into the kitchen I grabbed a slice of toast and tugged on my boots. The front door opened to an oven. The wave of heat made me hesitate before stepping onto the porch. The heat would have been unbearable if a strong breeze hadn't blown across the gravel.

"Brat," Jake nodded his head at me, twisting a pair of pliers in his hands. He glanced toward the fence then back at me. It was as if he was desperate to get to work.

"Got one of those for me?" I laughed as I walked forward off the porch toward the cattle fence.

A determined cow tried to wiggle itself through the fencing only resulting in a cut cow and loose wires.

Butterflies flittered in my stomach as Jake followed behind me. Why does that always happen? No matter how many times I see him it's the same feeling

I watched as Jake quickly repaired the wire. His fingers were nimble as they held the wire and secured it into place, all the while keeping it tight. My

small fingers were not nearly as skilled. They fumbled with the wire and struggled to keep it in place while I secured it. I watched him work and tried to imitate him. With an aggravated yowl I threw down the pliers.

"I can't do this!" I yelped.

Smirking, Jake straightened, "I have more practice." He knew that she had been watching him, studying.

"I can't do it. I am trying but I can't get it right."

Jake held out his pliers to me and moved to stand at my side. He was going to show me. I took the pliers from his hand, my fingers lingering in his. I glanced up at him. His eyes were focused on the fencing but a blush was creeping across his cheeks.

I began to work with wire again. Again, my fingers moved without grace, leaving the wire loose. Sighing, I moved my hands away, but his settled on top

of mine.

"Here." He showed me how to do work the wire; his hands moving one of mine to the best position and guiding the other to where it could properly secure the wire. A smile crept across my lips as I began to see the improvement.

It seemed like hours before we were finally done. Throwing down his pliers Jake leaned against the finished fence with a sigh, "Well, that's done," he reached up and rubbed the back of his neck.

I watched him as I set down my pliers. He only rubbed the back of his neck when he was uncomfortable or nervous. Why would he feel uncomfortable?

He stepped a little closer to me, now standing within a foot. He reached out, fingers lightly touching the forearm. "Wanna ride? Not much else to do."

"Sure, okay!" I beamed up at him, trying to ignore the tingling in my limb

The walk to the barn was quiet. My mind was buzzing. Jake was walking close enough for me to feel the warmth of his body against mine. Biting my lip, I casually brushed my arm against his, trying to make it seem unintentional. Smirking, Jake bumped me back.

I shook my head at him as I stepped into the barn. Ace's bay head bobbed over the half-door of his stall. "What's up, boy?" I cooed, walking into his stall.

My fingers ran absently over his glossy red coat. I blinked, when my fingers hit the ridges of scabs."Oh gosh, Ace! What happened to you?" I ran my hand over the side of his back, "Did Strawberry go after you again?"

"Hurry up Brat and-" Jake stopped when he saw the cuts across the horse's back. He stepped closer to the small gelding, inspecting his back.

"I don't think I should ride him today," I said, showing him the bite marks, "Those look pretty fresh."

"Yeah, better let him heal up. Jake stepped out into the pasture, glancing around, "Must be out herding cattle...guess Witch will have to tolerate two riders."

"Okay," I said, following Jake out to the hitching post where Witch awaited us.

Witch nuzzled Jake as he tightened the mare's girth. I reached out to stroke the mare's forehead but her ears laid back, flattening against her head. Jake didn't seem to notice. He secured the girth and swung up into the saddle. Kicking his boot free, he held out his hand to me.

I positioned myself by the girth and lifted my foot to shove it into the stirrup. Witch's big black head swung to watch me. Quickly, I grabbed for Jake's awaiting hand and he pulled me into the saddle before Witch could decide whether she wanted me on her back or not.

I wrapped my arms loosely around Jake's waist. There were not many times I was this close to him. Jake clucked to the mare, sending her into a long walk across the bridge. The second we stepped onto War Drum Flats he moved the mare into a canter. Witch gave one protesting buck before she lined out into a run for the mountains.

My arms tightened around Jake's waist as I pressed my cheek against his shoulder blades. Sagebrush was passing in a blur. I had forgotten how fast the big mare was. After a few minutes he brought the mare back to a trot.

"Where are we going?" I asked him as Witch began to pick her way up a narrow path that led along the side of the mountain.

"You'll see."

I huffed impatiently. The rumble of his laugh vibrated through his chest.

"Not funny," I grumbled.

"Get used to it, Brat."

I smiled at the nickname. Suddenly, the foliage was becoming familiar. I knew this landscape by heart. The Phantom's secret valley. The last time I had been here an avalanche had covered the entrance to the tunnel. But by now, being as it was summer, the entrance should be clear.

Oh Jake, thank you!" I tightened my arms around him as best I could, trying to hug him.

"You're welcome," a blush heated the back of Jake's neck.

I laughed, feeling slightly embarrassed myself. I slid down from Witch and led Jake into the tunnel. It was dark, but my memory was serving me rather well. Only once did I trip, but Jake caught me before I sprawled across the rock floor.

"That was close," he whispered, though my hand remained in his as we continued down the tunnel.

My mind couldn't concentrate on anything but feeling of my hand in his. Did this mean anything? Reluctantly I let his hand leave mine but my mind still could not decipher what it could mean. Did he have feelings for me?

I didn't have time to think about this. A loud, echoing snort split through my thoughts. The silver stallion was standing amid the stream that ran though the small valley. Ropes of muscled rolled beneath the Phantom's dappled hide as he trotted out of the stream, crystals of water splashing about him.

The stallion moved toward me, throwing his head about, tendrils of long mane dancing about his head. Every breath in my body rushed out at the sight of the mighty horse. My mind wasn't focused when his nose shoved me forward.

I stumbled forward into Jake, my head thumping against his chest. "Oh!" I gasped as we hit the ground. I rose up on my hands only to realize I was laying across his torso. I froze, unable to think of what I should do next. He cleared his throat loudly as he moved to sit up. I rolled off of him, my face a flame. "Sorry!" we apologized in unison.

I turned my head away from him, trying to hide my blush. Awkward! Why did that have to happen?. I glared toward the Phantom, who was watching us from several yards away, head lowered, ears trained on me. Jake moved to his feet, slightly dazed. Slowly I got up also, trying to avoid his gaze, which was trained intently upon me.

What was wrong with me? How could I feel this way for him? My Jake! My best friend! Summoning my courage, I looked up at him. He was still watching me.

Quickly I glanced away from him, toward the Phantom. The stallion was throwing his head, his pawing hooves striking toward Jake. He didn't want Jake here. He didn't trust the man.

I looked back over my shoulder at Jake. He put his hands up in surrender and backed away from the stallion. I watched as he sat down, his back leaning against the same rock I had once slept beside.

When I faced the Phantom he was already moving toward me. I held my hand out towards him. The stallion's grey muzzle nuzzled my palm, his whiskers tickling my fingers. Smiling I pressed a kiss against his broad forehead and ran my fingers down his nose.

I looked back at Jake, smiling. I moved away from the stallion and walked over to him. Jake smiled at me as I sat down beside him.

We were silent as we watched the Phantom move back to his grazing herd.

"This is perfect," Jake said quietly, his legs sprawled out in front of him.

"What's perfect?" I asked.

"Bein' here," he smiled down at me as his fingers lightly traced the line of my jaw, leaving a tingling trail, before tilting my chin up, "With you." He fell silent, his eyes holding mine.

Fireworks were exploding my stomach as he oh so slowly leaned forward, his lips pressing lightly against mine. A cool tingling feeling was flooding across my body.

I gasped when he pulled away. This could not have happened.

My eyes were wide with shock as he stared at me, almost as surprised as me as I was by him.

Suddenly I was on my feet; they carried me away from him. I stumbled through the dark tunnel toward where we had left Witch.

Jake followed after me, "I'm sorry! Sam, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry I upset you." He kept repeating those words until they echoed in my head.

"I'm fine, Jake," my words interrupting his apologies, "I was just surprised is all."

He didn't say a word, only stared in shocked silence.

I couldn't pry my eyes away from his. Things were going to get complicated…I just knew it.

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