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Chapter 10: Scared Little Kid

Jake's brothers were whistling and whooping. I blushed crimson while Jake rolled his eyes at them.
"You two want to watch a scary movie with us?" Adam asked.
"Sure," Jake said looking away from me for the first time. He didn't really look like he cared but I knew he was putting up a show for his brothers.eHe
"It's gonna be good. It has lots of vampires," Bryan said with a scary grin. I expected to see Twilight but instead it was Priest.
I gulped. I always hated vampires. Why did it have to be vampires? Oh why…especially this of all movies.
Jake pulled me in the living room with his brothers.
I sighed and sat down on the couch and Jake sat down beside me.
Quinn pressed play on the DVD player and I gulped again feeling sick. I never like the feeling of being scared.
The movie started out with a vampire kidnapping a woman and a bunch of other stuff. I hated horror movies but I couldn't just run out the room like a scared little kid so I sat next to Jake as close as I could.
Suddenly out of nowhere a vampire jumped out. I jumped trying not to scream. This movie was too scary all I wanted to do was run out the room but I couldn't.
"Sam, are you ok?" Jake asked as I jumped beside him.
"Uh-um-ye-yes," I stuttered realizing I was shaking. I wanted to be closer to Jake like he would protect me from a vampire on a screen. Geez I am a wimp. I gulped.
"Sam, why are you shaking?" Jake pulled me close making me immediately feel safe.
"No reason," I said telling my self, 'You're scared of a fictional character, you are such a fraidy cat.' But I still held his hand tight and pretty much clung to him.
"Alright if you say so," Jake said going back to watching the movie.
By the time the movie ended I was shaking so hard my teeth were chattering.
"Sam, what's bothering you? I can tell there's some thing wrong," Jake said as we got up, he was staring at my shaking body. My legs wobbled and he had to steady me.
Before I could answer Adam and Bryan were running across the room with blankets around them like caps.
"Look at me I'm a vampire," Bryan goofed," I'm gonna get ya Sam you better watch out," he walked toward me.
I screeched and ran out the house.
"Bryan?! What the heck did you just do?" Jake roared as I practically screamed bloody murder before racing out the house.
"Nothing just fooling around. I didn't know I scared her that bad," Bryan looked bewildered.
"Save it," Jake said as Bryan opened his mouth to say something else.
Jake ran after me and found me on my knees in the barn sobbing.
"Brat, what's wrong?" he said sitting down beside me.
"Nothing," I gasped for air I was sobbing so hard.
"Samantha no body sobs like that for nothing," Jake said pulling me close.
"I know you're gonna think I went all wacky but-bu-"I stopped.
"But?" Jake asked looking at me with his mustang eyes.
"But, I-I'm scared of-vamp-vampires," I managed not looking away from his eyes.
I was surprised he didn't laugh at me. He wiped a tear off my face and said," Sam, you should have told us you were scared of them and we wouldn't have watched that movie.
"I didn't want ya'll to think I was a scared little kid," I tried to laugh.
Jake just rolled his eyes and said," Sam I could tell you were scared you were practically clinging to me the whole time," he laughed.
"Oh sorry," I blushed scarlet red.
"It's ok. Actually I kinda liked you doing that," he laughed again but cried out ow! When he laughed so hard his ribs hurt him, he grimaced.
"Jake, are you ok?" I asked him.
"Yes," he grimaced again.
"Jake, you better go back in and lay down," I told him.
"Good idea," he gave in and we walked back inside hand in hand.

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