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Chapter Nine

Jake was fidgeting. It started with his fingers, drumming to a mindless, droning beat. Then he'd begin looking around, first toward the door then to me, the clock, the window.

His head rolled on the pillow, "I can't sit here a minute longer. I will go insane."

"Your mother would skin me alive and feed my carcass to Witch if I even thought about letting you off that bed."

I had been assigned to baby-sit him (or "sit with" as Jake was determined to call it) while his mom ran errands. It had been a little over a week since he had come home from the hospital. Just like when Teddy Bear had fallen on him, he grumpy as a grizzly.

He glared at me as best he could over the fluffed edge of his pillow. The smile that sprouted at the sight of his scowl only made him madder.

"Come on!" I smiled at him, "Just cheer up!"

"Cheer up? I have six broken ribs, a head injury, a shattered arm and a sore back. And you want me to 'cheer up?'"

"Hey," I took a sip of Jake's forgotten water, "Who has the broken leg?"

"Shut up, Sam. It is not nearly the same," Jake snapped, "You are drinking my water."

I slammed the glass down on the table, water splashing over the edges, "You know what, I'm going to make myself some lunch."

"No. I didn't mean…Sam. I just-" Jake reached his good arm toward her.

I glanced back, my lashes glistening with tears. He had been like this all day, one insult after the other. He was determined to take his anger out on me. Maybe it was more than that. Maybe he was angry because this whole thing had been my fault.

I hobbled into the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind me, and cried. He hated me. He had to. Who wouldn't after what I had put him through? Why did he have to get so hurt? I was the one that disserved it.

"Sam?" Jake's knuckles rapped hesitantly on the door.

"Jake?" I wiped at the tears, hoping a dry face would make it easier to sound normal, "What are you doing out of bed? How did you even manage to get out of bed?"

"I'm persistent. Now tell me what's wrong."

"Yeah you are," I opened the bathroom door a few inches and leaned my forehead against the threshold.

"Sam," Jake sighed at my tear stained face.

I almost laughed at the sight of him. His face was twisted in a grimace. His ribs hurt him at every breath, no doubt his head was pounding and the sling for his arm was sliding off his shoulder. And it was all my fault. Another tear slid down my cheek.

"Sam, I'm so sorry. You didn't deserve any of my temper."

"Yes I did," Sam moved to shut the door again but Jake slid his foot in front of the door, grimacing at the pain caused by the movement, "I'm just so sorry Jake. This is all my fault."

"What is all your fault?" Jake reached through the slightly open door and slid his thumb over her damp cheekbone, "What has you so upset?"

"It's all because of me that you are hurt."

"Sam, I'm so glad I'm the one hurt and not you. If I had to do it over again I would do exactly the same way."

"I let you down. I've been letting everyone down. Jake what if Flick took the Phantom? I haven't seen him for days. What if Flick fled to Mexico with him? They keep saying he ran for the border."

Down stairs, the front door swung open, "Jake? Sam? I'm home!"

My eyes widened, "It's your mother."

Jake turned on his heel, pausing to grimace.

"Go! Go," I shoved him forward, immediately regretting it when he gasped painfully for breath, "Get in bed before your mother gets up here."

"I'm going," Jake growled through his teeth.

I tried to hold back my giggles as I leaned against the my crutch, holding back the blankets for him.

"Oh?" Jake stared up at me as he tried to settle himself back in the blankets, "You think this is funny, Brat?"

I laughed again, completely at a loss for words.

"You know what," Jake grabbed for my arm, pulling me down with him, "I'll give you something to laugh at!"

"Jake quit it!" I screeched when his fingers danced over my skin, "Stop tickling me! It's not funny!"

"Oh then why are you laughing?"

"Sounds like the midst of a murder in this room!"

Jake looked up to his family flocked around the door, him mother standing at the center of them, "What? This is me we are talking about!"

"Don't trust him," I managed between laughs, his finger relentless.

"Just stop," I tried to push myself away from him, "I will do anything to make you stop!"

"There is one thing…" he pulled me up against him, his lips crushing down on mine.

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