This is my first fan fiction. Feel free to tell me if I messed something up or any advice you have.

Disclaimer: I do not own Skip Beat! or Tokyo Crazy Paradise. I am just a fan of both.

A high school setting. Outside the boys locker room.

Kamo-san: "Sandaime, Tsukasa-san seems to be late."

Ryuji: "..." He took a long drag from his cigarette and walked into the locker room.

Thump, thump. THUMP... Ren's heart was beating louder than a grown man's should. Jesus, just because I'm playing a 14 year old doesn't mean I need to go this far, he thought as he threw his cigarette on the ground and wiped his sweaty palms on his pants.

Inside of a shower stall Tsukasa freaks out (there's no lock on the shower stalls): What should I do? What should I do!! Don't anyone come here!! Don't anyone open this!! If you do--...

Thump... thump... THUMP... Kyouko could barely keep from shacking. It wasn't that she was particularly embarrassed about her body. She just didn't want that person to see her nude. Luckily, her character was supposed to be nervous. Kyouko snapped back into character as she heard foot steps approach. Tsukasa was the fighting type. Clenching her fist she prepared to knock out whomever opened the door, of course it was going to be him.

As the door opened Tsukasa threw a punch just to the left of her intruders cheek almost scratching it.

Surveying Kyouko's smooth curves Ren almost lost character. The curve of her waist seemed to beg for his touch. As her fist flew by his cheek he snapped back into character.

Ryuji: "You haven't thrown away your feminine side yet. You can't take a man down covering your body like that." Laughing menacingly, he threw her clothes at her.

Tsukasa confused and cautious, as if Ryuji were a giant ape about to carrier her off the top of Tokyo tower, grabbed the clothes.

Ryuji: "What are you so cautious about?"

Ren barely able to control his desire to wrap his arms around her small body, stepped a little closer invading her personal space. Kyouko (as Tsukasa) glared up at him. Smirking he leaned in low.

Ryuji (whispering to her): "I don't know what you're thinking but don't worry. Even if there is a shortage of girls in this world, I'm not desperate enough to lay a finger on someone like you."

Tsukasa: "Oh yeah, that's right." She shoved Ryuji back a step. "You only go after the dumb ones with the big breasts. You pervert. All the girls up until now were like that! You stud." Throwing jibes any way possible. Tsukasa threw the towel at Ryuji's face, quickly dressed, and took off running with Ryuji in pursuit.

Ryuji: "What! You idiot!"

Students: "What? Shirogami-san is running! I've never seen that!!"

Tsukasa: "Ryuji you retard"

Ryuji's bodyguards: "...S... Sandaime...!"

Ryuji: "You're still saying things!"

It honestly looked like a deranged game of follow the leader. Kyouko was zigzagging all over the stage followed by Ren, followed by Kuu and lastly followed by Yashiro (debuting in his acting career to play Bun-san). Kyouko stopped on a dime turning to face her assailant. Her demons zoomed around as she slammed her right fist into her left hand. Evil vibrations flew from Ryuji to Tsukasa.

Tsukasa: "I've been wanting to punch you out! You yakuza gaki" She cracked her knuckles.

Ryuji: "That's what I've been meaning to say!! You police gaki." He cracked his knuckles

Ren grabbed Kyoko and they tumbled to the ground. Rolling around as he tried to restrain her and she tried to claw his eyes out.

Students:"Uwa! Tsukasa and Shirogami-san are fighting! Everyone come watch!"

"And cut" yelled director Skinkai Seishi. "That's a wrap. Good job everyone. Mogami-san make sure to go dry your hair immediately. We don't want you getting sick."

"Yes, Director Skinkai-san." yelled Kyouko from beneath Ren. "Um Tsuruga-san, can you get off me." Sweat had started to accumulate on her forehead.

Ren blushed, but did not move immediately. "Uh yeah, I think I pulled a muscle. Just give me a second." Ren thought of every turn off possible, and was just about to get up when he felt a hand grab the back of his collar pulling him to his feet.

"Ren," boomed Kuu. "I assume you're trying to keep my daughter warm but lying on top of her like that right in front of her father and mother too... do you really think that's necessary?"

A dead silence filled the set as the two men glared at each other. Kyouko immediately jumped up and ran in between them.

"Father, Tsuruga-san said he pulled a muscle. He wasn't being ecchi!" cried Kyouko.

At this everyone including Kuu turned red and laughed. Kyouko turned as red as an apple and ran off towards her dressing room. Both Kuu and Ren made to chase after her but someone else beat them to the punch.

"Kyouko hold on! l'll help you dry your hair," yelled Julie as she rushed after her adopted daughter and shot a glare at both men.

Flash back:

"Ring ring...mushi mushi?" answered the President of LME Lory Takarada. He laid sprawled out on his pink leather couch.

"Boss, it's time," said Kuu.

"Oh?" asked Lory.

"My other son... or daughter was born to play that roll. She turns 18 tomorrow so we won't have to get parental consent for her to be in the movie." said Kuu.

"You want Kyouko to play that part?" asked President Takarada.

"Absolutely!" stated Kuu. "It's my absolute favorite manga! I want to be in it. I want to see first hand how my child has improved."

"Which child are you referring to?" asked President Takarada.

"Kyouko-chan of course! Why would he be in this movie?" stammered Kuu.

"Well he is LME most famous male actor and I know he looks good with blond hair," laughed President Takarada.

"Whatever, I can keep up my role for as long as he can," said Kuu.

"That's fine, but what about your beautiful wife? We could be shooting this for longer than nine months. There's no way she'll let you leave for that long, but I heard she's taken quite a liking to her new child," laughed President Takarada.

"I've discussed it with Julie, she will come with me for the filming. She's been dying to meet Kyouko-chan face to face. She said Kyouko-chan is at a very sensitive age and needs a mother to look out for her," mumbled Kuu not completely happy about sharing his child. "I just wish I new what happened to her real mother."

"She hasn't told you more about her real mother has she?" asked President Takarada.

"No, not since that night in Tokyo. She was just so sad that I can't bring myself to ask her about it," sighed Kuu.

"I know the feeling, I asked Ren about it but he looked at me with a strange face and said, 'that woman wasn't ever a mother,' and walked away," said President Takarada.

"It kills me that she told Ren about this and not me!" sighed Kuu. "I'm going to kill that boy if he breaks her heart again. Well at least I'll be able to keep an eye on them."

"Kuu that's your son you're talking about." said President Takarada.

"No Kuon in my son. Ren Tsuruga is a complete stranger who is seducing my sweet daughter. If I thought for a second that Kuon was going to go after her I would cheer for him with all my strength." stated Kuu.

"You know brother/sister relations are taboo," laughed President Takarada.

Back to the present:

"Here dear wrap this around you why I dry your hair." said Julie as she hugged Kyoko with a blanket.

"Thank you Julie-san," whispered Kyoko.

"You know dear, you can call me Mother," said Julie as she combed her fingers through Kyoko's short black hair.

"It's just that word brings bad memories," sighed Kyoko.

"So if we use a different word it should be good?" though Julie aloud. "How about the English word mom?"

"Mawmm," sounded out Kyoko. "Ok Mom."

Julie laughed as she started to blow dry Kyoko's