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Chap1: realizing the pain

Al he wanted was acceptance but never got it, instead he got scorned, and hated even more. The village was in trouble, Akatsuki's Pein entered to the village in search for him and at that time he was away. Upon arriving he saw everyone he care about in the brink of death. Sakura, Ino, Hinata where at their limit trying to save the injured. The jounin's where also at their limit fighting the seemly undefeatable Pein.

Naruto and Pein fought a heated battle, where even with Sage Mode Naruto was in trouble. Naruto single handedly killed five of Pein's body's until the last one threw that weird chakra disruptor weapon to Hinata. Naruto reacted so fast nobody saw what he was doing until it was too late.

Hinata got pushed to the side by Naruto and he got the blow for her. Everyone was shocked at the time as they all saw Naruto being hurled into the air and thrown back several meters until he stopped in a pile of ruble. While the last Pein and his partner Konan began to walk to the jinchuuriki most of his friends tried to defend him but where quickly brought down by Konan's paper jutsu. Naruto finaly got the weapon out of his body and pushed his body to the limit with the half complete Hiraishin he killed both Akatsuki.

Every one for the most part where relieved and Naruto was being helped by his friends when disaster struck. Sasuke attacked the village engulfing everything in black flames and the amount of people that where hurt double in death. Naruto seeing this thought back at his conversation with Itachi.

"Sasuke, I never thought you would do this… but why?" the broken boy thought as he saw the destruction his 'friend' was making.

"Dammit, just what we need… everyone fight to kill" Tsunade yelled to every shinobi in hearing range. Naruto and Sakura where shocked at her decision but knew they couldn't do anything about it… or could they.

"NO!... let… me… up" Naruto wrestle with the one's helping him as he got up. "I-I'll fight him… just watch" Naruto said to the others as he closed his eyes and concentrated.

"Naruto, as Hokage I order you to stop what you're doing… I know he's your friend but he's attacking the village and killing people … the village comes first" the Hokage finished in a softer tone.

Suddenly everyone felt the huge power increase in Naruto and those who didn't know where scared. Naruto reached deep down in him and the energy he received was twice as powerful as he expected. Minor to mild wounds where healing and the major ones where stabilizing. The chakra was so powerful it form a shockwave and cracked the ground; everyone present saw a fiery red chakra and panicked. Yamato started to do some seals when…

"No Yamato-taichou I can handle it" Naruto said looking back at the jounin. He had the power of two tails but quickly shot it down to none. "I'll stop Sasuke without killing him and then you'll have your answer as to why he attacked"

"Fine… but don't you think this is a little overboard… you just defeated Pein" Tsunade said with concerned in her voice. She considered this boy like a brother tha just became a man and watched as he prepared for another battle.

Before he left he summoned up a huge load of chakra and made hundreds of clones in the purpose of search the injured and seal the flames, like Jiraiya those years ago. Leaping away to meet with his former friend and teammate he thought of how to bring him down without killing him. Reaching his destination he saw Sasuke with his team on the top of the Hokage Mountain. All of them whore sadistic faces except a kid-looking one. His blood began to boil as he saw Sasuke clutching one of his eye but still had that arrogant smirk

Sasuke enjoyed every screamed he heard and every person that fell, that meant that his revenge was taking effect. He suddenly felt the strongest killer intent he ever felt and it actually paralyze him from fear. Activating his Sharingan and flaring up his own chakra he localized the source of the disturbance. Naruto was standing on top of a building in front of the mountain looking at them with such ferocity everyone but Sasuke flinched.

"I guess you had to arrive and spoil my fun, huh?" Sasuke said tensing as he watched his former friend glare. "It looks like you went through hell" he smirked as he saw his torn and bleeding clothes.

"I guess you can say that… I finished up an enemy… what have you been doing, the last time I've heard of you, you killed your brother" Naruto said in hopes of getting information but regretted his question when saw Sasuke's eyes fill with malice.

"Me killed him… no it was this village who killed him and now they are going to feel a little of my hate" Sasuke said with such hatred Naruto got a bad feeling

"I guess your are a hypocrite… you betrayed us for power to kill him and now that you did you're blaming this village… Sasuke when will your vengeance stop?" Naruto yelled at the Uchiha in desperation and trying to understand why he was doing all this.

"Just shut-up dobe, you'll be dying like everyone here" Sasuke said as he activate a chidori and extended to the jinchuuriki, only to find him gone "What… where…"

"Right here" Naruto was on the top of the Fourth's head and looked at his former teammate "I had a talk with your brother before I heard you killed him… he asked me what would be action when the possibility of you attacking Konoha… I guess he knew you more than you think" Naruto said and had to leap away at Sasuke lauched several dragons at him.

The fight in general wasn't to big since Sasuke pushed himself to his limits producing three Amaterasu's that left him waek. His teammates fought for him and Naruto, who was tired from Pein's fight, gathered Kyuubi's chakra to take them down. Team Hawk soon realized they where fighting another jinchuuriki and this one was more… savage.

Sasuke seeing this he sped down to the field and got in front of Naruto and went inside his head like last time, this time around though he didn't expect Naruto to actually kick him out of it. Fighting him a bit more and launching several more katon jutsus he was starting to feel tired.

Sasuke realized something, he didn't felt the heat anymore, looking around he saw… nothing, no black flames, no more destruction and then he saw his team being restrained by wood and Anbu appeared with chakra suppressor seals. Sasuke was about to make a run for it when a punch came out of nowhere and knock him out.


After the Akatsuki and Sasuke incident, the village was back to normal in a matter of weeks. Builing where already being restored, people where beginning to heal and get in active duty, missions.

Sasuke explained why he attacked and the elders where put in prison. Naruto had a very long talk to try and reason with the boy and they did. The other members of Team Hawk where put in prison with Sasuke with the time being. Tsunade was getting a headache as the problems where taking turns.

After a month of construction, the village looked half-normal, the buildings had already parts of them done and the streets where finally clean and the destruction caused by the flames was almost done. Sasuke was in probation now along with Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo and they weren't greeted to nicely. The only one, Sakura and Kakashi even if Karin and Sakura got in fights a lot and Kakashi was there because he wanted to see how Sasuke was managing. But no one thought about Naruto.

Naruto was doing everything in his power not to fall in depression. Seeing how Sakura and that traitor where having a perfect time together, sure he was jealous but that feeling was replaced with depression when a few of his 'friends' ignored him a few days ago even after calling up to them. Kiba the jerk glared at him and his dog prepared to fight him as he asked him something. The others where a bit edgy around him and even if he didn't showed it, the pain in his heart was getting stronger. Not liking the awkwardness he flees to the training grounds or his house, he can't bear to see the looks he gets from them… his so called friends.

Time went by and the only missions he did was with Kakashi or Yamato, but they too where distant. Kakashi was with Sasuke as much as Sakura and Yamato was in Anbu… enough said. Sakura forgot way to easy her blonde 'friend' and stuck to the traitor everyday trying like two years ago to win his heart. Sasuke was enjoying her company no because he liked her but because he liked to torture Naruto but this didn't affect him because he gave her up a long time ago. Naruto was sad not because of Sakura's affection to Sasuke but because she hadn't visited even once and how quick she seemed to forget he almost destroyed the village.

"I brought him back… even if he showed up in the village, it was to destroy it, I was the one who fought him and distracted enough for Granny to whack him" the broken boy thought as to why not even a single thank you from his friend.

"What a shallow girl… and my so call friends… the look of fear and some with hatred, I saved the village!... but of course if it weren't for me they wouldn't have attacked" he kept reasoning with himself. "Here I' am a sanin level ninja and depressed because some idiots are not paying attention to me… but I always wanted attention… recognition" he thought sadly as he saw from his window Team 8 and he heard Kiba's big mouth yelling at Hinata about me being a monster and they all looked to see me by the balcony and Kiba glared at me but I glared at him back and he was shocked to feel Killing intent.

"I guess I gave them even more reason to hate the 'demon boy'" Naruto said as he watched them leave in a hurry. Hinata glanced back at him and he felt something he never felt before, but dismissed it.


Hinata felt so useless, she didn't thought of Naruto as a monster but a hero, who didn't just saved the village from Pein but has saved the village since birth. The Hyuuga clan saw Naruto as a hero also knowing jail from jailor and respected him for his sacrifice. She wanted so much to go and comfort him but she couldn't, she was to shy and timid.

"I'll go anyway and try to know if he's okay" she reasoned with herself as she gathered all the courage she could muster and got out of the compound.


"Screw it, I don't want to be in a loveless village. My friends fear me, my last living sensei is not here but with a traitor and the only girl I got to know well as a sister forgot about me" Naruto said readying his backpack "I'll leave, there's a possibility the remaining Akatsuki would come after me and they could attack the village" he walked around thinking.

"Even if this village deserves to be destroyed because of it's shallow people I don't want anything to happen to them because of me… I'll leave" he said as he opened the door but found his way being blocked by a beautiful pale skin girl with indigo black hair

"H-Hinata… what are you doing here" he asked a bit surprised to find her here after this afternoon glare match with her teammate.

"N-Naruto… I-I-I was j-just trying t-to s-see if y-y-you w-where o-okay" Hinata stammered as she looked at his face. Naruto had a empty look in his eyes and was more pale than usual, his face was hardened like a warrior who has seen too many battles.

"I'm okay Hinata… I'm glad you cared but I must go to my mission" Naruto lied to the girl. He couldn't believe this girl came all the way here to see if he was okay… a trick? No, she didn't look like that type of person but alas his decision was made… and two or three people wasn't enough for him to stat anyway.

"W-Well I c-came to s-say sorry f-for the w-way Kiba a-acted e-earlier… i-i-it's just that a f-few c-c-clansmen and his d-d-dad d-died fighting the d-d-d-emon and…" Hinata was interrupted when Naruto raised his palm.

"Hinata, you don't have to apologize for anything… people are shallow they can't see past a jail and jump to the conclusion that it's bad as the prisoner" Naruto said looking at the now blushing girl "Cute… sadly I must leave to protect her and everyone… also because being in this village is frustrating"

"I'm sorry" he said as Hinata lost consciousness. Grabbing the girl before she hit the ground he made a shadow clone to take her home as he made his way out.


"I'll miss this place, but at the same time I'm glad… I haven't seen a few people since the pervert's training" he said grinning remembering the adventures he had with Jiraiya and the people he met along the way.

He was standing at the gates and with a last glance at his home he prepared to jump away in to parts unknown and unknown dangers. The night had no stars and the moon was being obscured by clouds. He jumped and landed on a tree... and saw the last person he wanted to see at the moment.

"I just know your not doing something stupid" the person said in a sarcastic tone almost bored.


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