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Chapter21: the power of the flash

How? That was the question that came first into the mind of the Uchiha that was resting in his hospital bed. After that question many more resurfaced but the one that reigned was the typical "what do you want?" accompanied with the infamous sneer all arrogant shinobi belonging to the almost extinct clan had. At the moment though, the younger Uchiha had to time or will to make a sneer or be arrogant, he was shocked and felt incredibly weak and not just because he was low on chakra. He felt weak, just like he felt when met Itachi for the first time after the massacre, he felt hopeless knowing that the man in front of him could destroy him by flicking a finger. He had a few hours of sleep and already felt some of his chakra back but he knew that he needed at least another day resting to feel back to normal… another advantage of being an Uchiha, recovering a bit quicker that ordinary shinobi, it was their heritage from the old warriors that fought to no end.

Having a glare match with an Uchiha was no easy feat not even if you were an Uchiha yourself, if the other had more experience or was stronger, you'd lose. Unfortunately for Sasuke he was neither of those so he ended up breaking the glare by just blinking while the other had his lone eye narrowed in amusement. Suddenly getting up the masked-shinobi moved swiftly towards Sasuke, grabbed his neck and lifted him up the bed with just an arm. The legendary shinobi suddenly started squeezing successfully cutting the air of the younger ninja; Sasuke only had strength left to glare at the stronger man.

"I told you when we made the partnership that if you betrayed us you'd die and yet here you are in Konoha… the home that betrayed you" Madara said in a low whisper that carried almost a hundred years of experience and promised death if he didn't answered correctly "You went ahead stupidly just like I knew you would and the Kyuubi defeated you. Launching Amaterasus to every direction was not the best way to take action but I was more impressed by the sealing abilities of the jinchuuriki… summoning hundred of clones after the battle with Pain to seal away the dark flames. How pathetic you portrayed yourself" he kept talking seeing that the grip around the neck of the younger shinobi was not loosening up soon.

"That maybe so… but I finally got a few answers. I also got some very interesting information considering you. It seems you didn't trust me enough and lied when you said you didn't set Kyuubi lose in Konoha" Sasuke said as he sat in the chair that Madara occupied moments ago while said Uchiha just gripped the neck of the body he was holding to see a few snakes slither back to their master.

"Strong enough to get out of that genjutsu in your situation, nice to see you haven't dulled… you haven't improved though. I dare to say you're in the same level Itachi was when he left the village. Strong but not enough" Madara stated in slight mockery as he saw the younger Uchiha narrow his eyes dangerously "I've always loved that look in your eye… the look of a man who could change the world to his image" he added staring deeply into Sasuke's eyes.

"Hn… your false promises won't work on me anymore. I've changed and even if you can't see it I have improved" Sasuke stated seriously "Get out of here before I expose you" he added in a threaten manner but the immortal just scoffed.

"If you expose me thousands while die while I fight to get out… that'll be the fun part" Madara stated in a voice that chilled Sasuke's spine and literally froze in place at the level of killing intent concentrated upon himself "I can travel faster that any shinobi no one can catch me but if you expose my whereabouts I'll have no choice but to fight and kill" he added nonchalantly.

"Fine, so what do you want" the young Uchiha asked seeing that he had no choice but to hear the man out "It's not like you came here just to threaten me so spit it out" Sasuke stated monotonously as he stared at the mask of the man before him. Madara just shook his head in disappointment, not liking the tone or the manner of speech he was getting.

"Oh but I did come here just to threaten you and to propose something that might interest you" Madara said in a voice that made you want to listen "You rushed to destroy this place and didn't let me tell you a few interesting things… three years later I found you haven't improved a bit so it's a perfect time. I feel that in a matter of minutes one of my options to continue my immortal campaign is about to fail so I decided to train you… face it, you sucked at that encounter with Uzumaki" the immortal said like a demon speaking in the ear of a clueless boy.

"So you need me now that your "option" is going to die?" Sasuke asked without missing a beat, he always was keen to hear every word a possible enemy was saying. The experienced ninja just kept his amusement intact and just walked towards the window to stare at the sundown.

"Not really… but maybe you can keep my goal afloat. You were destined to do great things and trust me killing your brother isn't a great thing… why did you returned here?" Madara asked in simple curiosity as he turned his head to stare at the young Uchiha. He was very interested into why the boy who had as much hatred for this place as he once had stayed. Sasuke simply hardened his eyes as he made eye contact with the older Uchiha and began to recall the memory… Naruto's first and last speech to him after he attacked.


He never would've guessed that the village he wanted to destroy was already halfway in the process of his wish. He also didn't believe that the dobe would win against someone Uchiha Madara held in such high regards but he had done it. Uzumaki Naruto had defeated Pain as he just heard the villages scream in joy but then he turned those screams of joy into screams of fear and agony as he engulfed a few large areas with dark flames. He, Uchiha Sasuke, would punish these people, the people that made his brother kill his heart to kill his clansmen, the people that drove his brother into insanity and with that made his live a living hell. He of course didn't count on Naruto appearing out of nowhere shrouded in the same red-bubbly chakra from three years ago, he also didn't expect him to suddenly create hundreds of clones and make them all scatter towards the flame and he sure didn't expect all those clones to have enough chakra to seal away Amateratsu. He knew he made a mistake seeing that he couldn't move very well and in an instant Naruto and few other had capture him and his team. The situation now turns towards here, the dark cell they had put him in, a dark cell that suppressed his chakra along with the chakra of his teammates. He was visited by the Hokage and got verbally abused (in a sense) but he didn't say anything, he was then visited by his former sensei Kakashi, expressing that he was very disappointed but he wasn't moved by his words this time. He was then visited by a strange man with a bandaged eye and a crippled arm being escorted by two Anbu, he threatened him by he just stared at him until he left saying that if the Hokage wouldn't finish him off he will.

Another day passed, marking two days in the cell when his former female teammate appeared, she was about to scream at her long lost teammate when Karin told her to shove it since they had quite the verbal abuse from one banshee yesterday and they sure didn't need another. That brought chuckles from Suigetsu and a small smirk to appear in my face. Seeing the smirk, the pink-haired medic-nin fled, sobs echoed from the corridor but he didn't mind… he wasn't associated with any of them anymore. The real problem was when a few hours after Sakura fled crying the source of his present problem appeared… and he didn't look happy.

"ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE!!??" Naruto yelled as he glared at his long lost teammate and the one he considered brother. The room suddenly filled with killing intent but no one swayed, after being around Orochimaru and then Sasuke himself, you didn't get intimidated by a little show of bravery.

"Great, another blonde out to bore us to death by screaming…" Suigetsu started but was cut off when he felt another wave of killing intent, this time making all of their hair stand out, even Sasuke's. The blonde before them glowed red for a moment before the glow vanished and the ragged breath he was taking seemed to calm down. Everyone in the room looked at the blonde in surprise but didn't show it, Sasuke on the other hand just stared at the blonde and was prepared to take anything he had to throw at him… subconsciously this was still their rivalry.

"Just tell that you were controlled by someone… the Sasuke I know would never attack innocent people out of the blue" Naruto said in a voice that clearly indicated that he was controlling himself to not go ballistic on the people in front of him.

"The Sasuke you know doesn't exist… it was just an illusion, that illusion was broken long ago" Sasuke stated emotionlessly as he continued to stare at the blonde who looked like he expected that answer.

"Yeah, I knew you'd say something like that… but innocent people Sasuke? What made you do it?" Naruto asked in hopes of getting more than the usual "hn" response.

"Revenge" Sasuke simply stated, continuing his stare that was growing colder by the second.

"Revenge?... revenge for what?" Naruto asked in confusion and slight anger "What have this innocent people have done to you… civilians, children… TELL ME DAMMIT!" Naruto asked and demanded, growing angrier by the second by the stare the Uchiha kept giving him, an emotionless stare.

"Even if you viewed them as innocent, I see them guilty… they take the sacrifices of my clan and enjoy their peace because of it. They don' care about what happens to anyone else, if they have peace they don't care how many innocent have to die… I just tried to give them a little piece of my hatred so they can understand me" Sasuke said, his voice growing louder and louder but wasn't yelling. His eyes growing colder and colder but his emotionless charade was over as his face held an ugly frown. His teammates knew what was coming next and sure enough, the wanted to hear what the blonde had to say about it, why he didn't tell the Hokage, they didn't know but apparently Sasuke had enough history with this blonde to open up like this.

"What the hell are you talking about… your brother killed your clan, nobody else is responsible" Naruto said, his voice held confusion as he tried to understand the meaning behind Sasuke's words that didn't make sense to him.

"MY BROTHER WAS ORDERED TO KILL THEM!" Sasuke suddenly yelled out, the action took everyone in the room by surprise "Those elders of yours ordered him to kill them all… for peace" he added with calm hatred. His own team members have never seen him so worked out before; they all looked at the blonde who was making the emotionless shinobi break down.

"What are you saying? That can't be… those old bastards maybe crazy but not that crazy" Naruto said trying still to comprehend the situation while Sasuke's eyes darkened.

"Your still the same naïve kid from three years ago… you'll never understand me" Sasuke stated coldly as he glared at the blonde who widened his eyes in realization.

"You were right Sasuke, all those years ago I didn't understand you… but I do now" Naruto said as he lowered his eyes, his hair and hitai-ate shadowing his facial features "I do know the pain of losing someone and I also know what to do when I see the person who kill him. I can understand you now… better that before" he added with a shadowy smile.

"Hn, you could understand such a pain but not the pain of betrayal… I'll tell you everything, then you'll see that you'll never understand" Sasuke said and started to tell the story of the Uchiha clan before the village's foundation. He told him about the conflict between Uchiha and Senju and what it led to the final fight in the Valley of the End; he didn't mentioned Madara's survival though. Sasuke then proceeded to talk about his brother and the suspicion of Uchiha's coup d'état, he also told him about the mission his brother was condemned to do against their clan which led to the total annihilation of every member… except for him. To say Naruto was dumbstruck was an understatement but, unlike before, the blonde ninja remained calm and tried to process everything his former teammate said.

"You're right, I don't understand such a felling but by the way you said things your brother had a choice in the matter" Naruto tried to ague back and by the look Sasuke gave him, he managed to land a nasty blow "If your brother was a peaceful man, he knew that your clan would kill thousands of innocent people… he chose to save innocent people then to aid kill them" he added more forcefully as he knew that his former friend would not cave in so quickly.

"You know nothing… they were his family and friends. Would you kill your loved ones even though they would destroy everything?" Sasuke asked, feigning interest in the answer.

"I didn't kill you. I always considered you a brother. You killed your brother and now you want to destroy the village because it was their fault?... make up your mind you idiot!" Naruto almost yelled as he tried to get through "You killed him but your saying the village killed him first… he protected the village and the little brother he spared wants to disgrace his sacrifice. You've sunken so low Sasuke, I don't even know if you're worth saving anymore"

"Then don't!... I already told you to stay out of my business!" Sasuke exclaimed, his rage evident in his onyx eyes. The other members of Team Hawk watched the display of emotions back and forth and couldn't help but be a little worried for their leader; the blonde ninja was pushing things too far.

"Your brother was right… he knew this would happen because your still pure and can be tainted by any lie. Your brother told me to make a difficult decision… you or the village. I answered that I would save both… I did" Naruto stated his voice calm and determined as he stared at Sasuke's eyes without any form of fear.

"You really think these people will view you as a hero… you turned into a turned into a demon when you saw what I was doing. The attack Akatsuki led was because of you… that's what they all think… it's hopeless for you" Sasuke said his voice hold mockery. Naruto on the other hand had a look of compassion and understanding.

"Kyuubi said something about some Uchiha Madara… Kakashi-sensei told me about the masked-shinobi in Akatsuki and that had a Sharingan… I don't know if they're connected but I will protect those dear to me… even if I have to sacrifice everything" Naruto stated with determination and purposely changed the topic but the Uchiha saw something in the blue eyes that held such courage… he saw sadness.

Looking at the blonde shinobi who turned his back on him and something in him snapped. The dead-last spoke to his brother and his brother knew that the only person out there that could still vouch for him was the dobe. Even in death his brother was still looking out for him, first with Amateratsu and now Naruto. He was a fool to think the village betrayed him… but he still couldn't forgive the elders, one way or another… they had to go.

"Wait dobe, I would like if…" Sasuke said his eyes and face lacked emotion but something in those words told Naruto that his friend was starting to resurface.

"Sure teme" Naruto said as he glanced back with a small smile. Old words they used to insult each other, it felt like everything was coming into place again. At that moment the Godaime Hokage entered the room with an Anbu squad and told them she heard everything that had transpired. She told them that two of the three elders were already in custody but the one that remained was going to be difficult to catch. She told the Uchiha that she would give him another chance as well as his team but with restrictions and suppressing seals until they prove themselves.

Flashback ends

"I have my reasons…" Sasuke stated, his eyes still glazed as he remembered that day and how the information of Madara came off the mouth of Tsunade, Kakashi and the wood user Yamato. They all knew that Uchiha Madara could be the most powerful shinobi in existence and the only way Hashirama beat him was because he broke the link between he and Kyuubi which led to a all out brawl that Madara was destined to lose because of lack of chakra. Believing the story or not Kakashi saw someone fighting Yondaime Hokage the night of the attack but since their fight was out of the comprehension of weaker ninjas, he didn't saw who it was or where did he go after the Hokage sealed the beast. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he stared at the immortal once again, his eyes giving a nasty glare.

"Fine, I'll go… besides one of my comrades is about to die" Madara said as he gracefully hoped on the window and turned his head so that his one could be visible "I'll be in touch… Sasuke" he added, his voice held a promised that gave the younger Uchiha chills. The immortal shinobi suddenly seemed to levitate before his form practically vanished into the horizon.

"Shit!" Sasuke cursed as he quickly grabbed his clothes from the small closet in the room. This was bad.


Naruto vs Nagato

The cave had an eerie silence that was broken when ragged breathing came into play. Three figures watched expectantly for someone to come through the entrance, the larger and wider figure stood in front with his eyes glowing in the darkness of the cave while the two others stood at his sides. Nagato was ecstatic; he couldn't believe he was going to fight the boy personally, he already had a plan but something worried him. The targets chakra capacity was way too big, even for Akatsuki's standards, he, Nagato, was almost reaching a low capacity but near to his limit but the way the jinchuuriki flared his chakra was almost worrying… almost. Then he felt it, a tiny flare of chakra and out of nowhere two figures appeared at the entrance of the cave, one taller than the other but it wasn't the size that held the strength.

"You finally arrived jinchuurikis, you kept me waiting for a bit… and I was so generous that I invited your friends to watch the show" Nagato said, a smirk evident in his face, his eyes never leaving his target.

"You had your fun… it's time for me to end this. Attacking me when I was in the middle of fighting Madara in which caused him to suddenly disappear... what are you planning" Naruto said in a curious but serious tone as he stared at the Rin'negan without a hint of fear. He could activate his but seeing that he had a limited amount of power against the original he decided to fight him without it, besides all he needed was a jutsu.

"I planned nothing but your capture… I never knew you would have backup this time" Nagato said "Having them around benefited you in a way but holding back cost you dearly… I take it you won't do so again?" he asked in a mocking tone.

"I won't… and you're right, holding back did cost me but because of it I realized something… something important" Naruto stated, his eyes never wavering, an image of a pale-eye woman appeared on his mind "I'll kill you… that's a promise" he added as an enormous killer intent filled the cave, suffocating the people that were pinched in the walls. Giving a nod to the shinobi besides him, Naruto suddenly sprang into action with a few hand-seal. Hell and Demon realm also moved from their spots in incredible velocity to sop the jinchuuriki but they didn't noticed that the other jinchuuriki vanished until an upper-kick touched Demon realm in the chin, sending him to the ceiling of the cave while an extended roundhouse made impact to the back of Hell realm's skull sending him straight face to the ground. Kirabi hit the deck sort of speech as his blonde comrade finished up his jutsu.

"Wind style: Pressure Damage" Naruto said as he pushed his arms forward and a blast of concentrated air made its way towards the seemingly crippled Akatsuki. The wind attack suddenly dispersed only inches away from making contact with its target. Naruto widened his eyes as he looked at the smirking form of the Nagato who narrowed his eyes in amusement. (AN: let's pretend that Nagato get the realms powers back when they get killed… I mean techniques you know don't vanish that easy so Nagato has Shinra Tensei and others, makes it less of a handicap)

"It's not going to be that easy" Nagato said as he pulled out his arms from the machine that held them and made a hand-sign. A crackling sound could be heard and suddenly a couple of lightning bolts shot out of the hole in front of the machine and made their way towards the members of Boshoku in the walls. The lightning bolts suddenly changed directions and were practically absorbed by the tall jinchuuriki who had his arms extended covered in lightning. The crippled Akatsuki just narrowed his eyes as he made a different seal and the a blast of air came out of the same hole making its way towards the dark-skinned jinchuuriki but Naruto intercepted the attack with a blast of air of his own. The two attacks clashed and canceled each other but not before the whole cave shook by the impact. The two jinchuurikis noticed movement from the ground and they saw the two surviving realms getting up, both bodies paid no mind to the jinchuuriki as their stare was focused on the entrance of the cave. Both realms suddenly dashed for the now exit and Kirabi widened his eyes at the realization of their goals.

"They're going to revive the other bodies" Kirabi stated as he dashed behind them. The more experienced jinchuuriki got besides them in an instant and grabbed the ankle of the Hell realm, pulling the body effortlessly and smashed him into the wall of the cave before concentrating chakra into his fist which crackled in lightning a second later. The lightning haymaker impacted the center part of the chest, breaking bones and slightly smashing the heart. The blow cracked the wall behind the body and efficiently killed the realm. Going to the edge of the cliff, Kirabi saw Demon realm stop in the middle of the cliff-wall and glare at the jinchuuriki. Extending his arm he threw missiles towards the demon-host but Kirabi made a few hand-signs and several lightning rods shot to confront the missiles which exploded on contact with the lightning attacks. Demon realm was about to deliver another volley of missiles when he noticed that the jinchuuriki wasn't on the edge anymore, suddenly he noticed a large chakra below his feet but it was too late. Kirabi, suddenly jumped out of the ground and delivered a powerful punch to the face of Demon realm which exploded in pieces of metallic bits. Seeing that his job was done he jumped back to the edge of the cliff and entered the cave where a few gashes were marked in a wall.

"Forget about fighting Bee, get the others and get out!" Naruto commanded as he made a few seals. Nagato stood waiting for any jutsu as he knew nothing could get past his Shinra Tensei "Wind style: Slicing Wind" Naruto said and aimed a very sharp and wide blast of air at the ceiling above the Akatsuki. The ceiling itself was about to collapse and Nagato was forced to use his repelling technique against the rubble. Kirabi used that time to take the rods out of the bodies of Doki and Kabuto who seemed to be the more fitted one to get out of danger on their own. When the eight-tailed jinchuuriki was about to free the others Nagato unleashed a huge Shinra Tensei that successfully repelled the rubble around him but unfortunately all the members of Boshoku received a full impact of the attack.

The cave suddenly exploded in a cloud of dust while chunks of debris flied everywhere. The cliff cracked form the impact of the attack and the shinobi who were on the bottom of the cliff were suddenly on the defense for any sudden attack that may go their way. Suddenly there was a rather large object in the sky and falling quite fast, the Konoha shinobi were about to prepare for the worse when the object crashed on the ground, forming a small crater. The figure groaned as he let go of two other figures that he was holding and dropped to one knee, suddenly the ground shifted and two other figures appeared, one supporting the other.

"That was hardcore… I thought we would die" Doki said as he let Kabuto down on the ground and went to help the others in the crater.

"Damn crippled guy and his godforsaken techniques… no wonder Naruto had a tough time. The guy repels any attacks and only has five seconds of interval… dammit" Kazuru groaned as he was helped out of the crater by Doki.

"Forget about the damn Akatsuki… Naruto was still in there. If it wasn't for the fact the he pulled the same technique to repel a few boulders we would've been crushed" Kirabi said as he slightly panted from the sudden rush he went through after the cave exploded. He gave a glance behind him to see the state the cave was in after the ruckus and saw nothing… from his angle he saw nothing but the edge of the cliff, meaning the cave went flat after that attack. The chances of Naruto not getting hit were impossible.

The host of the eight-tailed bijuu was correct on two things. One, the cave was utterly destroyed, only leaving rubble everywhere. Two, Uzumaki Naruto couldn't help but get hit after protecting his teammates escape and was now buried in a pile of rubble while the Akatsuki stood watching in a small crater his technique created, his surroundings clean. Nagato channeled some chakra into the machine which sprang from the crater to land in level with the ground and in that exact moment a few boulders twitched and the master of the Paths of Pain knew who it was under them. Suddenly a boulder was sent away, crashing into another, while another was patiently lifted, one Uzumaki Naruto was holding it with his two arms and threw it to the Akatsuki who repelled it away… huge mistake on his part.

"I knew you'd be arrogant enough to repel it instead of dodging… die now" Naruto said as he puffed away in smoke, signaling the Akatsuki he was a clone. He suddenly hear the air slashing about and before he could get away the original Naruto was coming at him from above, a huge sphere with a shuriken made of wind surrounding it in his hand. "Wind style: Rasenshuriken!" the blonde exclaimed as he thrust his arm forward, his technique hitting Nagato square in the chest. The ground cracked from the impact, Naruto pushed himself away from the machine as he knew that the perfected jutsu would disintegrate everything it touched. Landing a few meters away from the chaos, all he heard were screams of agony.

"NOOO!!!! I WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THE!!! AAAHHGHGHG…" Nagato's voices resonated even though the sound of angry wind slashing through everything it touched in a two meter radius. The wind attack suddenly turned into a dome of raging winds, the swishing sound of the winds resonated stronger than before while in the center of the dome one could see the machine falling apart little by little. The figure inside the dome of raging winds vanished from view, Naruto turned his head away from the carnage, Nagato's screams suddenly went mute which gave the jinchuuriki the impression he had most likely died in a horrible manner.

"That's right… scatter in the wind… like a bad memory" Naruto whispered as he sensed the technique end. The blonde suddenly narrowed his eyes as he sensed someone coming with amazing speed and then he found himself picked up from his feet and pushed into a boulder near him by his neck.


Uchiha Madara stood there in all his might, gripping the blonde's neck as he pressed him against a boulder, the blonde struggling to get free but to no avail. The legendary shinobi stared at the jinchuuriki with his Sharingan activated but said jinchuuriki didn't bother to look into his eyes as he was fighting the incredible grip the man had.

"This generation of yours… it's quite impressive" Madara stated as he glance to his left to see his target, the host of the Kyuubi no Yoko sitting on top of a boulder, his eyes burning with hatred and Madara saw it "I met with your friend Sasuke earlier… he too proved to me that he was improving. To get out of one of my genjutsu with low chakra capacity… impressive wouldn't you say" the masked man said with light amusement as he broke the clone's neck with his grip. The Uchiha kept staring at the man who was still sitting but this time his eyes were different… they were deathly.

"That's why you left… to visit him?" Naruto asked calmly, waiting for a respond "I was having such a good time but the asshole I turned to dust just had to ruin it… but you had that opportunity to get away" he added, the last part he said more to himself than for the man in front. Madara just tilted his head and put his hand under his chin in a thinking manner and in an instant he snapped his fingers.

"I went to threaten him, but he wasn't fazed by it. Whatever you told him to stay worked… he's very loyal" Madara said in mockery, his visible eye narrowed as if he were smirking.

"I didn't said anything convincing… he wanted to find out the truth from the place it happened. He stayed, that means he didn't find your ideals quite convincing… you manipulate a lot of people, the world could not rest in ease with you around" Naruto said as he dropped from his "seat" and landed on the ground, his eyes never leaving his opponent, his senses never wavering.

"So you're going to fight me for real eh?... you sacrificed a lot of chakra in that little spectacle… you think you have enough?" Madara asked his voice intrigued. He knew the shinobi before him had plenty of chakra but not enough to go on a full scale brawl against him. He also knew that he would hold back against Pain since he wasn't a real threat to him and with him suddenly vanishing… the paranoia began as he could drop in at any moment. He saw as the blonde turned serious as his chakra flared wildly but he saw no sign of the fox anywhere, he guessed he had to press harder. Out of nowhere he made lightning fast seals that he almost couldn't see and saw a sharp straight line coming at him, activating one of his abilities, he let it pass through him just to annoy the blonde.

"I was expecting something like that" Naruto said as he flickered, he was carrying two kunais in each hand. His blows were parried with just forearms and what shocked the blond even more was that no blood was oozing from the impacts, like nothing happened "What the fuck is he?" the blonde wondered as he prepared another jutsu but in an instant his fingers were caught by a gloved hand and a high-kick was delivered to the space between his neck and chin, propelling him upwards. Madara saw the time to jump and spin to deliver a roundhouse kick to the torso that sent the jinchuuriki crashing to the ground, making a crater-like silhouette of his body.

Madara walked towards the body and when he was about to pick it up he widened his eye but it was too late. The explosion made a small crater and the blonde that was slightly panting behind a boulder smirked as he didn't sense him move, taking the full blast of the exploding clone. He suddenly felt someone above him; glancing upwards he saw a boot only centimeters away from his face. The boulder crashed from the impact the kick made at the face of the blonde but that didn't stop said blonde to retaliate in a second and delivered a strong haymaker at the face of the unsuspecting Uchiha who didn't expect the attack after the kick. Madara was sent crashing into the wall a few feet away from where he was standing, Naruto panting yet again to regain his breath as he tried to figure out how to get him with a stronger attack using the same tactic… get him distracted. The blonde didn't have enough time as Madara suddenly lashed out of the jinchuuriki in inhuman speed as he grabbed his neck yet again but this time Naruto used the momentum of the impact to push the legendary shinobi with his leg.

"You have improved a lot since the last time three years ago… you can sense a lot better as well but your speed needs work" Madara said as he suddenly vanished. He appeared at Naruto's right side and delivered a strong knee to the jinchuuriki's gut and backhanded him in the face, sending him sprawling to the ground, skipping a few time as he did. At the instant he stopped skipping he was welcomed with a drop-kick, making him sink a few feet into the ground. Madara chuckled as he saw the look of desperation on the jinchuuriki's face as he tried to roll over but failed, the masked shinobi kicked him in the gut one more time and now the body was almost no visible under the earth "I told you I wasn't going easy on you a few hours ago… your speed is terrible hehehe" Madara chuckled but the ground suddenly shook and his amusement ended rather abruptly. He suddenly jumped as the ground he was standing on exploded and a very pissed off Uzumaki Naruto came out of it his chakra going to levels that impressed the masked man immensely. The blonde had red markings around his eyes that were yellow color… Sage Mode.

"I'll show a power that you haven't seen since eighteen years…" Naruto said as he focused his chakra and he focused on the man before him, ready to track him down to the ends of the world "I can use this technique a few times in Sage Mode… but I only went into this mode to get a better sense of chakra since he can disappear better than I" he thought as he saw the Akatsuki flare his own chakra, a chakra that made his spine shiver, a chakra that was in a sense full of hatred and evil.

"Let's see boy… let's see what kind of power you can dish out" Madara urged, his voice lost his amusement, he was serious now, he was deathly.

"Hiraishin!" Naruto exclaimed as he suddenly vanished in a yellow blur, the Uchiha widened his eyes as he recognized the technique but quickly followed the blonde with his own space/time ninjutsu. The sky was covered in yellow streak lines accompanied by clashing noises and booms that had shockwaves that cracked the ground when they were close to it. Every shinobi watching the scene was flabbergasted, they never seen this kind of fighting anywhere before, not even the more experienced ones. Boshoku was trying to get a lock-on on their leader but the two shinobi were moving at inhuman speeds it was very hard to locate and since none of them had ever seen such a technique before they had to guess it was the yellow line since Naruto had the knack to get flashy. The Konoha shinobi were in awed and some in shock, the more experience were in shock to see Naruot perfom a technique that was rumored to be one of the strongest in the ninja world and it seemed to have perfected it, the young jounins were in awed as they never seen such a spectacle before.


Suddenly four shinobi got out of their hiding spots and attacked. The silent shinobi who sported hooded-cloaks with white animal masks, each with different markings, withdrew their swords and approached for the kill. The four masked shinobis were members of the elite ROOT division of ANBU black ops. that worked hidden in the shadows of the village of Konoha, protecting it. They decided that this would be their best chance to kill all of them, seeing that they were too shocked and impressed by the show above them to even sense them coming, not to mention some were injured. They were about to close-in on the Konoha shinobi when they saw Kakashi look to the side and give an order.

"Now Yamato!" Kakashi yelled as he gave a step forward to have so space while Yamato finished some hand seals and clasped his hand together. The ground suddenly shook and an arched wall of wood rudely cut the vision of the attacking shinobi. The Konoha ninja took positions of battle and prepared to defend themselves. The wall suddenly sported a hole as a lighting jutsu penetrated the defensive technique with barely any effort. Two masked shinobi appeared from the holes with their katanas out, Yamato, who was nearer clasped his hands together and a thin wooden blade appeared from his arm and parried the katana that got stuck on the wood.

"Shikamaru, now!" Yamato ordered while the lazy genius made a few hand-seals.

"Ninja arts: Shadow Sewing" Shikamaru said as his shadow extended towards the two shinobi. The other Root appeared behind the shadow manipulator but his katana was stopped by a kunai that belonged to the Copy-Cat ninja that stared at him with his Sharingan, the Anbu fell unconscious. The shadow was about to connect to the enemy's when it split into various limbs that struck the Anbu in different parts of the body, piercing each limb and holding him. Yamato released his wooden weapon from the katana and swung at the neck of the Anbu, his neck gushing blood everywhere.

"We already have our little guinea pig… we need to dispose of the others" Yamato said, his face and eyes held nothing, like a true Anbu who had no emotion. Looking at their left they saw various black and white beasts that were being destroyed one by one by swings of katanas or jutsu. Sai and Sakura were practically cornered as two Root near them, Hinata was awake but he injury didn't let her stand up.

Suddenly one of the Anbu used a lighting technique to destroy every ink creature, Sakura held Hinata closely, shielding her from any stray lightning bolts. Sai hurriedly tried to draw more creatures but the Anbu were already at his side ready to kill him when he withdrew his own small blade from the back of his shoulder and parried one attack but the other connected, piercing his shoulder. The Root that landed his attack suddenly felt pain on his forearm and when he looked he saw a gloved hand squeezing it. The Root that's attack was deflected was about to kill the pink-haired kunoichi when a chirping noise reached his ears and suddenly saw nothing. Kakashi stood with his arm stretched on the rib-cage of the Anbu that coughed before slumping forward, dead.

"SHANAROO!!" Sakura yelled as she connected as powerful chakra enhanced haymaker to the mask of the remaining Anbu. The mask cracked, the body was sent towards the wooden wall in incredible speeds and crashed with a sickening sound. Yamato went to check on the body while Sakura looked at the wound of Sai. Kakashi saw a messenger bird circling the sky and in a lighting fast movement threw a kunai at the bird who didn't suspect the projectile coming at such speed and died.

"I don't understand why they wanted to kill Sai… isn't he one of them?" Shikamaru asked to the masked-jounin who was reading the letter with a serious expression.

"They didn't get the message in time… it seems someone in Konoha wants us dead" Kakashi stated as he grabbed the unconscious Root member and woke him up "You're going to tell me exactly why you wanted to kill us" he said while the Anbu just continued to look at him. Kakashi knew that Root wouldn't talk easy so he used his other option, his Sharingan. He needed concentration and the sudden ruckus that the other fight caused failed to give him that.


The fight of pure speed didn't slow down even a bit, even though there was a sudden interruption a few meters away from the two shinobi. The two shinobi were concentrating solely on each other, no one could touch them, no one could keep up with them, they were unstoppable. Shockwaves and thunderous sounds were the only thing that signaled that both of them were still alive and kicking since no one could see them. Appearing and vanishing the next second, sometimes both appeared away from each other and sometimes both appeared blocking each other. There was a sudden flash and a figure stopped at the wall of the cliff, standing because of chakra, a string of black flames coming out of his face area while the string was attached to a large ball that was about to connect with the ground. The black fireball exploded on contact with the ground, the flames still in places, like a small version of Amateratsu. The flames suddenly met with a vortex of water and wind that extinguish the fire. Uzumaki Naruto stood smiling at the figure of Uchiha Madara who vanished from his spot and appeared on the ground in front of the blonde.

"I'm very impressed… that technique, the one you used to escape me three years ago… Yondaime Hokage's space/time ninjutsu" Madara said his voice held slight respect and amazement "To think you can sense me when I'm using my technique…" he added with slight anger, his chakra flaring.

"Damn… Sage Mode is almost gone and I already used two clones. I have to get him in this next attack or I'll be royally screwed when Sage Mode ends" Naruto thought as he tried to think of a plan to get the legendary shinobi but he saw that rest time was over as Madara slipped back to his stance and vanished. Naruto concentrated as he activated his Rin'negan which had the blue ripple-patter mixed with the yellow center of a toad's eye. Tracking him down with his enhanced senses of being a Sage he saw his chakra and vanished in a yellow blur. A couple of clashing sounds later and a huge shockwave erupted in the middle of the air in which the two shinobi were visible… one attacking and the other receiving said attack.

There was a huge gust of wind and a retreating body that was sent towards the wall of the cliff. The cliff's right side was suddenly blown off, leaving a crescent shape hole. Uzumaki Naruto stood panting with his arm stretched, a smirk evident on his face but suddenly he coughed blood "That's the real power of the Hiraishin… *cough*" Naruto thought with a line of blood coming out of the corner of his mouth. The members of Boshoku were about to go to theor leaders aid when he stuck an arm, signaling to stop.

"It's not over yet…" Naruto stated gravelly as he glared at the spot where a few fallen boulders were twitching and a gloved hand suddenly came out "This is bad"


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