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The Divide Begins

"Can you believe that Justin is holding a contest to see who gets to go to the dance with him?" Mindy said with a laugh to Cindy and Lindsey as they were stretching during cheerleading practice.

"What I can't believe is that over fifteen girls have actually signed up," Cindy said. "Seriously, he's not that perfect. He's just a fine piece of meat that has nothing intelligent to say."

"He is hot," Lindsey said.

"And no one here knew him during his awkward stage," Mindy said. "I mean, remember Rufus when he was in seventh grade?"

Cindy burst out laughing at the memory and fell too quickly into a spread eagle. "Ow," she said, still laughing.

"Who's Rafael?" Lindsay asked.

"It's Rufus," Mindy said as Cindy was still giggling. "And he's the captain of the Polo team. You'll see him riding his horse every once in a while."

"The point is, he is drool worthy now, and in the seventh grade he looked, well…" Cindy said.

"Like Cody," Mindy said.

"With better clothes," Cindy said.

"So, you're coming to the cheerleader spa day next Saturday before the dance, right?" Mindy asked.

"Definitely," Lindsey said.

"Good, because, this year is by invitation only," Mindy said, her eyes traveling to Heather, who was stretching with a few other juniors. "And only for varsity members."

"Are you inviting Hannah?" Lindsey asked, shooting a glare at Heather.

"Def. no," Mindy said. "Just because the rest of the seniors thought she was varsity quality, does not mean I have to like her and include her."

A shrill whistle paused the football practice. All the guys gathered round Ryan, lying on his back taking deep breaths. Coach pushed through and helped Ryan get his helmet off. "Are you okay, Walsh?"

Ryan took another deep breath, then nodded. "I will be," he said in a pained voice.

"Higgins, help him to the bench," Coach said standing. He turned to Geoff, who had tackled him, rather violently before he could catch the ball. "As for you. Laps, now!"

"What, aw, man," Geoff said. "How many?"

"I don't recall saying a finite number," Coach said. "You do not injure your own teammates. I ought to kick you off the team for that stunt, but I'm a reasonable guy, so I'm giving you a second chance. Now run so I don't change my mind." Geoff sighed, then began jogging on the track around the field. "I do believe I said run, not jog." Geoff picked up the pace.

"What was that about?" Thomas asked Owen, DJ, and Duncan.

"Oh, Ryan's taking Geoff's girl to the formal," Duncan said. "Now, let's get this practice over with so I can meet up with Courtney."

"Hey, speaking of you two," Owen said. He lightly elbowed Duncan. "How was last night?"

Duncan frowned at Owen. "Dude, I don't ask about the personal business between you and Izzy. Don't ask about me and Court."

"Noted," Owen said. He bit his lip and looked around, then turned back to Duncan. "Did you two actually do it? Was it good? Come on, dude, don't leave me hanging. I need details."

"Uh, Owen, we should get ready to restart practice before we have to join Geoff," DJ said leading Owen away from an angering Duncan. Duncan shot DJ a grateful look for keeping him out of trouble should Owen have pushed him over the edge.

"Okay, girls, welcome to the first official JV cheer practice," Kim called out, standing on a chair and talking to all the girls before her. Her work-out clothes consisted of a black tank top with a red apple, a pair of blue and green plaid shorts, and purple tennis shoes. "I'm Kim Lee."

"And I'm Lily Nathenson," another girl said loudly and quickly. She had light brown hair and gray-blue eyes. She, like everyone else, was in work-out clothes, all in light pink and blue. "We're your co-captians as chosen by the seniors Marcy and Mindy. We're going to split the practice into two parts. Part one, conditioning. Part two, the cheers. Now," she held her arm out so that half the girls were on either side of her arm. "Those of you left of my arm, you're with Kim. The rest of you are with me. We'll switch in forty-five minutes, and then we'll be back at the end for a cool down and ice breaker."

"Shouldn't we start with the ice breaker?" Kim asked.

"Oh… yeah, that's probably a good idea. I guess a lot of you are semi-new, freshman and not all of you went to Anthony. Okay, who wants to start with her name…"

"Okay, once again, I'm Kim. I'm a sophomore, and an interesting fact…" she sighed deeply. "I guess you're all going to find out sooner or later, so I might as well tell you, Chris McClain is my dad. That's why he chose this school to have Total Drama School. Okay, Lily, your turn. Name, grade, and an interesting fact."

"Oh, yeah…"

Katie was trying to remember everyone's names, but was having a hard time as all the other girls knew at least a few others, and the only one she had met before was Kim, and that was a brief moment.

"Hey, I'm Effie Johnson, I'm a freshman, and… Oh, I know Duncan from when we were younger, before he was sent to juvie and I was sent to Anthony. I'm so glad to be here." Katie remembered that, and reminded herself to ask Duncan about her.

"Hi, I'm Katie," Katie said when it finally got to her. "I'm a junior, which would make me one of the oldest on the squad… and…"

"Don't say you were on TDI," Kim asked. "We all know that about you. Something we don't know."

Katie bit her lip. Then she smiled. "Well, I got asked to the formal this morning by an eloquent letter."

All the girls squealed. "Who?" They all wanted to know.

Katie smiled shyly. They would know when she showed up to the dance on his arm. "Felton Higgins."

"No way!"

"He's so HAWT!"

"I am so jealous."

"What is going on in here?" Mindy came charging in from the other side of the gym. They had a divider across the gym, and Mindy was not happy that their squeals had interrupted the varsity practice.

"You'll never guess who she's going to the Formal with," Lily said jumping up and down and pointing at Katie.

"I really don't care," Mindy said. "If you're not cheering, I don't want to have to hear you girls."

"Gee, harsh much, Mindy?" Kim asked. "We're all here for the same reason. Some of you are just a little more experienced and exclusive."

She smirked and cocked her head. "Actually, the real difference is that we're popular, and get asked to the dance by Snipers, while you girls are just around in case one of us gets hurt doing real tricks."

"Is that so?" Effie said standing up. "Then explain why Felton Higgins asked Katie to the dance, and not you."

Mindy glared at Katie, then relaxed and laughed. "Yeah, you really expect me to believe that? Not in a million years would he ask her."

"Well, he did," Katie said. "In a beautiful, eloquent letter."

"Anyone could have written a letter and signed it Felton," Mindy said.

"But not anyone could ask Madison to be the letter carrier," Katie said. "And she may be crazy, but she's not a bitch."

"Ya'll think Ah'm crazy?" Madison's voice sounded and everyone turned to the door where a few kids from the adventure club were entering. She smiled, ran up to Katie, and hugged her. "That might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me."

Mindy rolled her eyes. "I seriously cannot believe that your are related to Felton."

"Not just related," Madison said. "We were womb-mates." The JV girls all giggled at that. "Anyway, Katie, Felton is excited ya'll agreed to go with him. He wants me to find out the exact shade of ya'lls dress so he can git a bowtie to match."

"Sure," Katie said. "You know what, I'll show you after practice is over."

"Oh, and how lucky for you," Mindy said. "Because, for you, practice is over. You're off the squad."

Katie's eyes widened. "What?" She sounded fragile.

"You heard me, pigtails, scram."

"Actually, you have no control over the JV squad anymore," Kim said. "The moment you handed over captainship to Lily and me, you lost any power over this squad. Katie you're still on, and girls, we can squeal as much as we want."

Bridgette surfaced for air, and looked around to see she was the winner. The swim team liked to play a game where all the new members had to compete for a spot of the Varsity team. They played games, had trials, and Bridgette had just won her third competition, making her the girl in first place. Their last competition, staying under water the longest.

"Guess TDI wasn't a total waste of my life after all," she said as she climbed out of the water.

"Wow, Bridgette," Julie Anderson said coming up to her. She clapped quickly. She had tanned skin (apparently tanner than usual because she had spent her summer in Tijuana), long dark brown hair (when it wasn't up in a swim cap), and eyes the color of amber, only darker than usual. "I can't believe it. When I was a freshman, I only made the Varsity special spot because I won the race that's supposed to conclude the competition, but even if you lost that, you'd still have the spot." She hugged Bridgette tightly. "Oh, and guess what. Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be in your class."

"You shouldn't be proud of that, Julie," Lauren said patting her on the shoulder. "It means you're not doing well in your classes." She looked at Bridgette. "Nice to have you. You've gotta be one of the best swimmers this school has had in a while. If only you were a freshman and we could have you for four full years."

Bridgette smiled. "Well, I'm kind of glad I'm not the fresh meat," she said. She looked at the envious freshman that she had beat out. "And, frankly, it would have been embarrassing to be the only junior new to the team, and lose to all freshman."

"You're cool, you know that?" Lauren said. "So, I noticed you sitting with the Blessed. Which means, you're going to the Formal with a Sniper." Lauren smiled. "Which one?"

Bridgette blushed a little. "Um, Ryan Walsh." There was a gasp.

"You can't go with him," Lauren said.

Bridgette looked around. First, she was told it was go with him or be thrown off a building. Now, she wasn't allowed to. "Why not?"

"Because of Maggie Walsh," Julie said. "Ryan's sister. She was a swimmer, and Ryan was a jerk to her. It's taboo for swimmers to go with him on any kind of date." Of course, all the other swimmers had just told her the other day that she had to say yes. Life, it seemed, was getting more complicated.

"That's not the whole story," Lauren said. "Maggie was my best friend, and she died two years ago after helping me out of a rough stage. She drowned. Maggie and Ryan never got along. But, Ryan was telling jokes after his sister's funeral and even tried to ask me out on a date while still at his house. He should have been mourning, not trying to get laid."

Bridgette swallowed, nothing in her dry throat. "I already said I would go with him."

"Then cancel," Lauren said. "And go with Geoff. I'm sure he's a much better guy."

Bridgette looked at her feet. "I'll have to think it over," she said. However, she knew that she couldn't back out. It wouldn't be right.

"See, the best thing about Buffy and Angel is the little conversations," Harold was trying to explain to Cody and Ezekiel. They had just discovered a common room with couches and a television the floor below their rooms, and were deciding what to watch. Their choices were several seasons of Charmed, several seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a horde of romantic comedies. "The things they say are what really draw the viewers in."

"And this… Charmed?" Ezekiel asked.

"From what I've seen of it," Harold said, "the special effects seem to be almost the exact same, all the monsters are human shaped, and everything is three times more dramatic…"

"Yeah, I'm not feeling really inclined on watching any of these either," Cody said shifting through the movies. "So, Buffy?"

"I guess," Harold said.

"Plus side, Sarah Michelle Gellar is hot, as is Charisma Carpenter," Cody said.

Ten minutes into the first episode, Ezekiel was convinced that vampires were real, as he had never had much experience with any supernatural stories in his life. After several minutes trying to convince him that it was all fiction, the other two gave up.

"Idiot," Harold mumbled.

"Hey, guys," Avery said walking into room. "I see you discovered my Buffy collection."

"These are yours?" Cody asked. "Oh, we're sorry for using them…"

"No, don't be," Avery said plopping onto the couch between Ezekiel and Harold. "I'm only one person, and I can only watch so much for so long," she reminded. "Plus, with schoolwork and my RA duties…"

"You never really pay attention to those duties," Harold said.

"I do too," Avery said. "Like, I'm planning a dinner and movie night for our hall sometime next week. Any movie suggestions? I mean, I know that I want something that has to do with witchcraft, as I'm studying to be one…"

"That's a course of study here?" Ezekiel asked, now even more freaked.

"No," Avery said. "My supposed career goal right now is English education in foreign countries, like Bosnia, but I'm also into the whole Wicca thing too. Thus the specific television series."

"What about the chick flicks?" Cody asked.

"I'm a girl that likes sappy romances," Avery said. "Anyway, lets get on watching. I haven't watched the first season in about three years, granted, currently I'm working on the end of season three. You know, with the mayor and the Ascension. Good stuff there. But, I guess that it's good to start from the beginning, and there's always the Amy witchcraft stuff to study."

"There are witches in this show too?" Ezekiel looked shocked.

"Oh, yeah, vamps, demons, werewolves… and I love Oz! He's such a funny character. I wish that he and Willow never broke up."

"Um, Avery… getting a little too far ahead for Zeke," Cody said.

"Ah, yeah, sorry."

"So, you want to be a witch?" Harold asked. "Is there a Wicca club here or something?"

Confession Cam: (Harold)

"Having witchy powers would be awesome. Avery is weird, but if you sit her next to Izzy, she's almost normal. I don't think I would trust either of them with witchcraft."


"I hope she does realize that witchcraft isn't real…"


"Oh, I thought she was scary before, eh. Now I find out she's a witch!"

"No, no Wicca club," Avery said. "But, if you'd like to be in one, we can start one. What do you say?"


"I mean, it's that or the Book of the Month thing that the RAs are supposed to lead," Avery said. "I mean, not being a normal group, I'm sure we could have a different plan with the hall club. And it would be kinda cool."

"You know, I think the majority of the others would rather have the book," Cody said. "But talk to Izzy, she'd probably be open for a Wicca club."

"Wow, you're really good," Tyler said to his fellow soccer teammate. He had actually made the first team he tried out for. "Are you the senior captain or something?"

"Nah," the boy said. "Just a fresh. Mah name's Mitchell, but call me Mitch, please."

"Cool," Tyler said. "I'm Tyler. You're only a freshman?"

"Yeh," Mitch said. He had spiked blonde hair and green eyes, was tall for a freshman, and had skin and an accent similar to…

"Oh, I know who you are," Tyler said. "You're Madison's brother, the younger one. She told me you were on soccer as well. I didn't see you at try-outs."

"Coach told me to take a day off, didn't want me injured at try-outs," Mitch said.

"But, you're only a freshman… how did he know you're so good?"

"Ah tried ta be on the team last year, but apparently ya can't skip a grade for sports here."

"Are there places you can?"

"Sure there are," Mitch said. "Ah just don't know where and Ah kinda gotta go here. Family legacy and all. If a Higgins tried ta go ta another school, and Ah mean real school, none of that public school crap, well, we'd be tarred and feathered before we were all moved in."

Tyler swallowed. "I didn't realize it was so difficult to be a student in these schools."

"The longer ya or ya'lls family been in the schools, the harder it gits," Mitch said.

"I would suspect it would be the opposite way around," Tyler said. "The more respect and leeway you'd get…"

"Ah guess it all depends on how ya look at it, huh?" Mitch asked. He shrugged. "Ah mean, Ah've got an adored older bro that Ah won't live up to. At least at another school, Ah wouldn't be the insufficient brother."

"Well, they wouldn't compare you as the sane younger brother of Madison either," Tyler said.

Mitch laughed. "Yeah, but she scares the heck out of me, and Ah've known her all mah life."

"Why does she scare you?" Tyler asked.

"She doesn't scare ya?" Mitch asked. "She must be losing her touch…"

"I wouldn't say that," Tyler said. "But, she's your sister. Aren't you immune to her by now? Your other brother is."

"She doesn't bother him as much," Mitch said.

Trent sat down with his guitar and plucked a few cords, tuning as a few other members of the music circle did the same. Suddenly, a girl sat next to him. "Hey," she said not even looking at him. She was staring at his guitar. "Your guitar is amazing."

"Thanks," Trent said. He lifted the strap over his head. "Want to try it?"

The girl lifted her head, her long black hair no longer completely blocking her pale face. She stared at Trent with her large brown eyes. "Are you serious? I'd love to."

"The condition…"

She sighed. "Always a condition."

"I think you'll find this one easy," Trent said. "Tell me your name."

"I'm Abby," she said. Trent held out his guitar to her and she cradled it. She then threw the strap over her shoulder, and began plucking at the cords. It wasn't anything Trent recognized, but it was a beautiful tune.

"Whoa, you just made her life," a guy said sitting on Trent's other side.

"Hey, it's George, right?" Trent asked.

"You remembered," George said. He had a reed sticking out of his mouth and he pulled a saxophone out of a large case, putting the pieces together.

"Okay, is everyone ready?" the leader asked. He then noticed Abby in her own world. "Who gave her a guitar… Trent?"

"Am I not supposed to?" he asked.

"No, it's fine… it's just… she gets lost while playing guitar. Oh, George, you're here. Want to get us started?"

"Just in a moment," he said and stuck the reed into place.

"Abby," a girl finally took her from her trance. "We're about to start."

She blushed a bit, then gave Trent his guitar back. "Thanks so much. I so wish they would let be bring my guitar here."

"Abby, as much as you love music, you do need to document the songs we play as secretary, and you know you would never put the guitar down if you brought it."

She shrugged, and then grabbed a notebook, checking names of those that were there as the leader turned to George. "So, what are we starting with today?"

"Oh, I think you know," he said. He stood up and began blasting the saxophone solo from the song Baker Street. Others all cheered and a few grabbed their instruments.

"Winding you way down on Baker Street. Light in your head and dead on your feet. Well another crazy day, you'll drink the night away, and forget about everything," a girl sang while those that weren't playing were whistling or humming. The next part, a guy picked up the song. Trent was still fascinated how they never needed to discuss how they were doing the songs, and how they always sounded amazing.

Right out of Baker Street, they moved into John Mayer's Clarity. "I worry, I weigh three times my body," one of the guys sang.

Suddenly, Trent felt inspired a little more than a minute into the song. "And I will wait to find… if this will last forever." Everyone smiled at him for finally making a jump in. "And I will wait to find… if this will last forever." He felt proud of himself, finally getting into the Music Circle groove. For the first time, he felt he was really part of the circle. He had picked up a pattern, noticing that only the five leaders really took main parts more than once before everyone had sung a chorus, or played a melody on an instrument.

It was almost an hour into dinner hour when they finally called the circle to a close for the night. Trent loved it more than ever now. "Can't wait until next time," he said as he walked off to put his guitar back in his room, then find Gwen to eat dinner.

Izzy, Beth, and Sadie were all exploring the campus more, deciding they had nothing better to do. Izzy had finished all her homework in her classes while Sadie and Beth had already made plans with LeShawna and Harold after dinner to work together on their work. One building that they hadn't been in quite yet they discovered was an arts building. An after school, all arts club quickly asked them if they wanted to model, because the fruit bowl was a little too cliché, but they didn't have any better. Sadie and Beth quickly accepted, while Izzy asked if she could draw rather than pose.

They were each given their own space to pose, while Izzy was given an easel, a large pad of sketching paper, and a charcoal. Sadie chose a sad pose, on her knees and her hands in prayer, but her face pointed down with a sad look upon it. The students that were closer to her all 'ooh'ed and set to work drawing, painting, molding, whatever their preferred form of art. Beth, however, grabbed a stool, and stood on one foot, the toes of her lifted leg on the stool so she wouldn't lose her pose. She punched one arm into the air, and the other was fisted and bent at a sharp angle at her side, while her head was looking up and she held a triumphant face. Her half of the students were just as impressed and also quickly set to work.

"You two are awesome," one student said. He had colored charcoals on a stool next to him. "We should have you two model for us all the time."

"Really?" Beth asked, not moving from her position. Sadie bit her lip to keep her sad face.

"Yeah," he said. "How do you feel about nude modeling?"

Both the girls' eyes went wide.

"Kenny," another guy snapped quietly at the first guy. He, unlike most of the others, had changed out of his uniform shirt into a grey shirt, with an orange and purple hoodie over it. There was a little space between him and the others, as no one wanted to allow the tarantula crawling around in his messy black hair near them.

"Couldn't help it, Allister," Kenny replied.

"Kenny?" Beth asked. She glanced down at him for a second. "You're taking Eva to the dance, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Kenny said. "Hey, do you think she'd pose if we asked her?"

"You're the one taking her out," Izzy said. "You should know."

"I don't actually know her that well yet," Kenny said.

"Well, Eva can be a little, harsh," Beth said. "But, it never hurts to ask.

Once the session was over and everyone was finished with his or her art (or no longer needed to look on the pose, Sadie and Beth got out of their poses, stretching, and stood behind Izzy to see her drawings. She had drawn a caricature of Beth, and put her into a Super Girl outfit with a cape flying out behind her.

"That's tho cool, Izzy!" Beth said.

"You really like it?" Izzy asked. "Good, because I made it for you to keep. Oh, and Sadie," she flipped to the first picture on the pad, which was a very realistic looking drawing of Sadie. "I didn't think it would be right to change the dynamics or put you in costume."

Sadie blushed a bit when Izzy gave it to her.

"Hey, do you think Gwen is in the building?" Sadie asked.

"Oh, she was here already," Kenny said. "Left rolling her eyes that we only had a bowl of fruit to work for. She should have stayed because you two made great models."

He showed them his pictures. Also in charcoal, but colored, Sadie he placed in a home beside a bed and in old fashioned pajamas, and Beth was in a work-out outfit, and there were little blurred people in the same pose behind her, as if she was a work-out instructor.

Everyone called the two over to see the works they had created using them as models. Some people had made the drawings or pictures very basic, and other had made them contemporary. However, all the pictures and figurines captured the looks the girls went for.

"I think I'll hang this above my bed," Beth said to Izzy, admiring the work.

"Oh, me too, definitely," Sadie said quickly.

As for the seven that did not get a part in this chapter (Gwen, Heather, LeShawna, Eva, Noah, Courtney, and Justin), I will try to get them a part in the next chapter (definitely Justin, Noah, Eva, and LeShawna, who haven't gotten as much coverage in the past of this story (as well as other stories)). I'll try to get to the next challenge the chapter after.