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Chapter 4

Sam tried to free herself from the attacking hands of her schoolmates. Every girl is trying to get her all to themselves. She was now barely lying on the floor, trying to push with her hands and feet with Alex trying to help, doing the same. But it's just too many for them to stop and the wall of love-struck girls collapsed, burying both of them.

After 5 seconds of being buried, Alex managed to crawl out. "Sam, hold my hand!" She reaches out under the pile and managed to grab Sam and pull her out, with Clover clinging to her neck. After they manage to get out, they ran for their lives, Sam literally dragging a still clinging Clover with her.

The smitten girls notice that their object of affection is no longer there and notice the escaping trio. "There she is! Sammykins, wait! I wanna take you to the mall! Go to my house and watch a movie and be all romantic! I love you!" Mandy squealed and run after them. The other girls followed them while declaring their love for Sam and the things they wanted to do with her.

"They're gaining on us!" Sam breathed heavily having to run for so long with Clover adding to her own weight. "Clover! Would you please run by yourself?! You're tiring me out!"

Clover quickly got off of Sam and ran with them. "Anything you say," looks at Sam lovingly, "my love." Clover intertwines her hands with Sam's. "W-Wha.. Clover, not you too!" Sam exclaimed incredulously, blushing a little.

"What the heck is happening?! It's like they are infatuated with me or something!" Sam said.

"Yeah, seems like it and BOY, they sure are in love with you!" Alex inserted catching her breath. "This is one of those times I wish to be WOOHPed! I'm reaching my limit!"

"Alex! Turn around to that corner!" Sam commanded and Alex complied, quickly dashing to a dark corner followed by Sam and Clover. The fanatical girls run past their hiding place and the three collapsed on the floor.

"I think we're safe here for a-WAAAAYL!" Sam screamed when a secret door opened on their back and they slide down to a very familiar passageway. They have been WOOHPed again but this time, they we're really glad they we're.

Someone who is peeking at a corner saw all this unfold. "I can't believe that Samantha is still alive!" The person gritted his teeth. "And it seems she manage to use the potion I've work hard for! Grrr. Now, she's going to pay." The person smirked and left the scene.


"Wahh! Eep!" Sam fell on the floor completely missing the couch.


Clover and Alex managed a more decent landing, lying upside down on their WOOHP couch landing pad. Sam sits up while rubbing her aching head and butt. On the other hand, Clover jumped on Sam as soon as she recovered and hugged her. Then out of nowhere, Clover kissed Sam. On the lips.

"Oh my!" Jerry exclaimed while Alex gasped.

Clover released Sam from the lip-lock and happily rested her head on Sam's chest. Sam was wide-eyed with shock. Her face was a mixed of emotion but the last expression that hit her was a face of apprehension of what just transpired. Black lines appeared on her eyes and she sighed. "My best friend just kissed me! Could this day get any weirder?!" She asked to the Gods pathetically.

"I may have an explanation for that." Jerry cut-in; blushing a little himself, after the rather awkward event. Alex patted Sam's shoulder. "Don't worry Sammy. I'm sure Jerry might have an idea with all that's happening AND if we're lucky, a solution to all this."

Sam smiled a little and her face return to normal though a little restless. "So what is it Jer? I really need some kind of explanation."

"Of course! But before that, I need you to answer this." Sam nodded, curious. "Did you had some kind of spasm or full-body shiver before Clover became like that?" Jerry looked intently at her reaction and was quite surprise when Sam made an outburst.

"That's exactly what happened to me! It's a full-body shiver actually, and I think it lasted for about 3-5 seconds. After that, I was back to normal. But not Clover and all the other girls at school." Sam explained, happy that this conversation is going somewhere.

"I see. If that's the case, I think it's best if you read this." Jerry walked over and handed Sam a stack of papers in a folder.

Sam opened it. Alex sat on the floor beside Sam and read the first line, "P.T.A.F. potion. It stands for Pheromone That Attracts Female potion. Hmm, the way the acronym was made, I'd thought Jerry was the one who made this, or did you?" Sam and Alex raised an eyebrow suspiciously to Jerry.

"I can assure you that it's definitely not me but I do know who. But I'll explain it later." Both nodded and continued reading.

Somewhere it read:


A pheromone is a chemical that triggers a natural behavioural response in another member of the same species. There are alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, sex pheromones, and many others that affect behaviour or physiology. Their use among insects has been particularly well documented, although many vertebrates and plants also communicate using pheromones. The term phero…….


This potion will make your body emit pheromone that will attract females, specifically. Just like…

After preserving the potion, and you open it, make sure it was use in 1 minute or the solution will lose its effect.

P.T.A.F works 16 hours after applying. Six hours after taken; the user will undergo major body pain but will only last for 5 seconds.

You will know when P.T.A.F. works when you feel a spasm or a full body shiver. It's a sign that you're already emitting pheromones.

It will take effect as long as the user doesn't take the antidote…

"Antidote? There's an antidote?!" Sam asked hopefully.

"Yes there is." Jerry smiled happy to give the good news. "Dr. Kilts, a scientist, manage to find this rare item called the pheromone liquid. After reading what a pheromone is, you already have an idea of its characteristics and what it can do. Dr. Kilts manage to take control what kind of pheromone to emit like insect pheromone, male, animal, plants and the one you have right now, Sam, the female pheromone. The doctor didn't really plan on using it for evil purposes but an apprentice of his did and managed to steal all his work. The effect was very bad that the truth about the event that time remained a secret. The only thing we know is that Dr. Kilts manage to make an antidote that stopped that chaos. After that, he destroyed all of his invention along with him and it seems there were some that got save. Those items are the P.T.A.F. potion document, a bottle of the pheromone liquid and the antidote. It was locked on one of the high security facility in America. We already investigated the whereabouts of the antidote and found that it is located at a secret facility in Netherlands. Our agents already went to retrieve it."

Sam sighed happily. "Thanks Jer."

"But why didn't they destroy it in the first place? When they found it?" Alex asked.

"Apparently, the people, scientists, who found it, thought it would be such a waste to destroy such amazing items and decided to store it, thinking that it may be of good use in the future. The NBI manage to discover this just last week and didn't agree and scheduled it to be demolished. And this is where our superhero thief enters. You know the rest of the story."

A small red light somewhere on Jerry's desk began glowing signalling he has an emergency call. Jerry pushed a button and a man in a typical WOOHP suit and black eyeglasses appeared on screen.

"Boss! The antidote was taken! Here's a video message from the thief!"

"Hello Sam, Clover, Alex." Everyone gasped at the familiar face of the superhero thief. He's voice was low and mechanical like it was being change by a device so it's hard to know who he is if ever they do know him. "I know you three are some kind of spy from a secret organization and currently watching this. I know you're planning on getting this," he shows the bottle of the antidote in the camera, "so I took it before you do. You know why? This is for revenge, Samantha! If you hadn't come, my plan would have been perfect! But NO, you appeared and ruined it! I had to leave my lair and left with it was my potion! Do you know how much work I've done to make that?! Now it's nothing but shattered glasses! I was quite surprised that you have survived that but I underestimated you. After what I saw in school, you seem to be having a hard time with that charm of yours so for my revenge; I plan on destroying this antidote so you will suffer forever! Haha! You do know this antidote is one of a kind. Since I'm a very nice person, I won't destroy it for 3 days. So try and find me, IF," smirked, "you can." He laughed maniacally and the screen flashed black.

"HEY! He's the one who forgot his damn potion! AND it's not my fault he almost killed me with that bomb of his who is also the reason why it broke in the first place!" Sam fumed her fist shape in a ball, enraged by all this.

"Sam, chill out! Rather than getting angry over it, we should find a way to locate this evil psycho!" Alex encouraged, her own determination showing in helping Sam in every way possible.

"What I find odd is how he knows you three and the event that unfolds in your school. We are quite sure your schoolmate Mr. Green and Mr. Frost are innocent and Arnold Clark is a fake identity. I can only think of two possibilities. Our superhero thief is watching you're every move or he is a student from your school." Jerry put a hand on his chin, thinking.

"Huh? What do you mean Arnold Clark is fake?" Sam asked.

"Well, we found out the person, Arnold Clark, doesn't really exist. But he did manage to fool us with fake documents and citizenship entry at first. This is serious spies. It seems we are facing a very smart and clever villain." Jerry was very distressed that everything turns out like this.

Sam huffed. "Well, no matter how clever he is, I'm sure we can put a stop to his plan!"

"Now that's the Sammy I know! Let's kick butts then!" Alex cheered but heard mumbling.

"I will definitely find you, you freak! My normal life is at stake here!" Sam whispered angrily to herself, fists clenched, her eyes in flames. Also the background.

Alex back up slightly. "You sure are getting fired up, Sammy. And what kind of normal life are you talking about?"

Jerry just sweatdrop at the exchange.


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