Title: The Rhapsody

Author: T'Prillah (Originally published under different name for Spiced Peaches XIII--this is an updated version of 'The Rhapsody' as of OCT 2008)

Codes: S/Mc, Mc/f

Rating: M Explicit Slash.

Warning I: This contains explicit m/m sex. Are you too young? Not into two men?. Then read ELSEWHERE, please!

Time: Star Trek, TOS, towards the end of the Five Year Mission.

Summary: McCoy finds himself accidentally bonded to a strange woman. Spock takes McCoy to Vulcan to break the bond...but things are never that easy. Their luck just keeps getting worse and worse.

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Beta: TEMPEST (thank you!); all errors are my own, an additional thank you goes to Ellen, for her helpful feedback regarding content. I took that feedback and rewrote parts of this story hopefully for the better.

WARNING II: contains non-consensual sex, McCoy/female, implied voyierism, implied threesomes

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Acknowledgements: Thanks to Tempest for: 'Ka'athaira'. The character of 'Sorel' comes from 'The Vulcan Academy Murders' by Jean Lorrah.

Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom/CBS and whoever else, owns most of these characters who appear and more importantly they own STAR TREK. I make absolutely no money from this. None. I merely own this original story.


Chapter 1

Leonard McCoy panted and moaned into the pointed ear; felt the ecstasy of climax as warm hands caressed his bare back. He couldn't believe how wonderful this was and how good it'd felt. And...how much he'd wanted it. "More," he growled. "I have to have more."

Suddenly the buzzer to his quarters sounded.

"No! Go away!" he groaned to the insistent noise. He finally struggled up out of bed and mindlessly shrugged a robe on. He tripped over his clothes on the floor as he staggered over to the door.

He popped the button, hard, with a closed fist, and the doors swooshed open; revealing the form of First Officer Spock.

McCoy froze. "Oh...hi..., what'cha doing here?" he wondered, his Georgia accent coming though very thicky to Spock's ears.

"Ah. Doctor I've been..." Spock trailed off and looked the doctor over suspiciously. Expecting to view a wrinkled blue medical tunic, Spock was instead witnessing McCoy's hastily donned black silk robe which was slightly askew. For Spock knew that the doctor normally slept in his uniform in case he was suddenly called to sickbay during his sleep period. Or that was at least what the doctor had always claimed.

Spock also noted the light in the doctor's quarters was lowered down to five percent. That was extremely unusual. For Spock also knew that the doctor was irrationally frightened of the dark and usually wound up sleeping with his lights set to at least fifty percent. Spock had always considered that action to be illogical as it was an unnecessary power drain, but McCoy had always insisted that he had his reasons. The cabin, additionally, seemed much warmer than usual for McCoy's own comfort level. The heat from the cabin hit Spock's face as it escaped into the cooler corridor.

The Vulcan dropped his gaze and found his eyes traveling down the robe from McCoy's bare chest, to the legs then to the slightly pink bare feet. He looked up and raised his eyebrow as the chief medical officer gazed back at him blankly. "Yeah, Spock?" McCoy asked dozily. "What's on your mind?"

As the Vulcan attempted to walk past McCoy and inside, McCoy impeded his entry into the quarters by blocking the door with his body. McCoy smiled.

"Did I awaken you?" asked Spock. "Forgive me." His eyebrow threatened to reach the bottom of his bangs.

"Well, not exactly..." stammered McCoy. He met Spock's questioning eyes, then muttered a, "hey...Spock, listen, I'm not alone, alright? There's somebody here with me."

"Who?" Spock couldn't help but be genuinely curious and craned his neck in an attempt to see.

"Never mind," cooed McCoy faintly with a smile. "Just go away."

"You're acting very oddly, Doctor. Are you drunk?" Spock wondered. McCoy seemed different. Smelled differently.

"No, I'm not," McCoy whispered back at him. "I'll...just...see you later, okay? Just go."

The first officer slowly nodded, turned to go, then suddenly staggered perceptively as if a wave had knocked into him. He stopped and gaped at McCoy in barely disguised shock.

McCoy hastily punched the button, shutting the doors on the stunned Vulcan. Letting his hand fall, he banged his forehead against the bulkhead in an effort to clear it. His heart was suddenly pounding, hard, in his ears. The room flipped over on itself. He leaned against the bulkhead to steady himself.

Struggling to get his bearings, he turned back to where a figure lay in the sleeping alcove. Waiting for him to return was a woman. A woman? How'd she get here? He must of blacked out from booze, but oddly he couldn't remember drinking anything.

"Oh my god." He gasped as his feet suddenly walked him over in the direction of his bunk. "What am I doing? What is she doing here?" He struggled to remember, something, anything. The woman lay on her side, under his covers. An outline of her breast and hips showed very prominently. "Holy...hell..." he stared. He was shocked. She was beautiful.

He felt an urge to return to this woman in his bed. He stumbled forward towards her, then managed fight against it, sitting himself in a chair in the outer part of his quarters. He then felt the stirrings of an erection and found himself wanting her so badly that he'd kill to have her.

'God, no... what am I doing? Spock...I should really go talk to him, and explain myself. Yes, I should go explain what happened. Yes...yes...that's a great idea. I need to get out of here...' he thought, panicking.

But...after a few moments he realized that leaving was unnecessary. He didn't want to leave. What was necessary, came the thought in his brain, was to have her...again and again. He moved over to the bed, as if in a trance. His vision was hazy. 'Tvi'koh'litak!' he thought to himself, using the Vulcan word for 'trance'. 'Wait a minute...how do I know the Vulcan word...?'

His mind froze in horror. He desperately wanted his feet to flee but he could not move.

Eventually, fleeing did not matter anymore. Nothing did, but his desire for her.

His feet took him back towards the bed. His gaze hardened. He roughly shook the woman and snatched the duvet off, revealing her naked body. He smelled the welcoming sent of alien musk as he bit down hard on her neck. She eagerly responded to him, as he pulled her legs apart and lay between her thighs.

As he felt himself enter her, he gasped at the intense warmth. Each time it happened he was surprised at the heat. 'How many times has it been so far?' he thought aimlessly. 'Six, seven times? Ten, twenty? At least.' As his body forced his mind to go through the motions of lovemaking, he lingered deeply, helplessly into the beguiling eyes framed by slanted black eyebrows. The coldness in her steel grey eyes appeared to him to stare down into his soul, reading his very thoughts. And could he read hers? He felt something inside him then realized he could feel himself enter her from her perspective. It was heavenly, or hellish and very addicting. As he moved, he caressed the luminescent skin, traced the delicately pointed ear, then moved his fingers to splay her head. Nary a hair was on her head. 'Or her body', McCoy noted as he felt himself come inside her. 'Or her body.' He felt her own orgasm spill into his mind.

After he had finished with her, or perhaps she had finished with him, (he didn't know which) he stumbled off of her, and away from her, towards the bathroom. Every time, he did this act, he felt disgusted. The room now constantly spinning; he muttered incoherently as he threw up in the toilet.

The door buzzer sounded. "ah've'krenath'!" he snarled from the bathroom. He walked back to the bedchamber, pulled the woman to him and kissed her savagely, eager to be one with her again.

The buzzer sounded again and he ignored it.

He was scarcely aware of someone overriding his door lock, pulling him off the woman, then ushering him out of his quarters.

End of Chapter 1