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Hot chips

Salty, greasy, deep fried potato goodness.

Now as far as she was concerned it was wholly disgusting. The chips were literally dripping in oil, piping hot and a crispy golden brown guaranteed to go crunch.

Her mouth wasn't watering. No.

Think of the calories.

She crinkled her nose when he reached for the tomato sauce and added-

No, he did not simply add tomato sauce to hot chips.

He smothered them with it, buried them deep beneath an acidic, tangy red that clotted thick and delicious.

Now Sasuke liked his tomato sauce-

Correction, he loved his tomato sauce.

It needed to drip off the chip, ooze and dribble before it was popped into his delectable mouth.

What a nightmare.

She sighed thinking of an odd question that sparked an actual answer from the boy across from her a long, long time ago. Well not really an answer in the worded sense as that was much beyond Sasuke's limited (lacking) communication skills at 12.

She had been nervously sitting next to him in the lunch room. She nearly trampled a few people for the seat but every time she had gotten within pouncing distance of her crush she would become tongue tied and a stuttering mess.

"What do you have for lunch?"

Small talk had merely burst into her as she wondered at the inconspicuous slices of bread almost glued together in his hand. Three fourths were already eaten, the crust dangling in his fingertips.

He had summed her up lazily before peeling what was left of the sandwich back. She had literally gagged.

Tomato sauce, nothing but tomato sauce on plain white bread.

"How can you eat that?!"

It was rather disgusting.

And he was rather done with her shoving the rest in his mouth and heading outside. Leaving her alone on the large table. He had always been a very blunt boy. Not in touch with the needs of others and their teetering dignity.

He still was.

"You don't intend to share that do you?" she said, abandoning her memory of twelve. Sasuke had the most unfulfilled yet intoxicating eyes she had ever seen. He raised them, his silky fringe hiding his impassive yet eerily handsome face. She didn't miss the way the excess sauce on his newly seized chip dropped to 'Catch of the day's' flimsy cardboard packaging.

"Like you'd eat it, Sakura."

Sakura arched her eyebrow; he had actually considered her for a moment there, possibly knowing the aroma was too beckoning.

"Hmph, how can you eat that stuff?" she muttered. She looked away from him quickly when he licked his salty lips, content and utterly satisfied.

Not like a tease, temptation, carnal persuasion-

Why would Uchiha Sasuke ever look like that? Sakura could only groan mentally, her thoughts stretching again to an earlier memory.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach… well at least Ino pig did. It had been animal cunning on Sakura's part in her youth to note Sasuke had a simple tomato sauce sandwich on a regular basis. He rejected droves of other girls that gave him boxed chocolates. She created a ploy on a field trip to put an edge on the competition. She had slid next to him, an apple inches from his lips with a cheery greeting of 'I love fruit!'

He had given her a 'to hell' look.

"Wanna swap?"

And he had looked to her outstretched hand as she peeled back white bread to reveal her cheese, lettuce and wait for it tomato sandwich.

Freshly chopped by her mother but who was to know.

It didn't take a genius. By deduction her crush liked tomatoes but was too lazy in the morning to cut them himself.

It had been a swift swap and as she had shifted closer thinking invitation but a 'we are done here' was said monotonously at her lingering presence (which he clearly did not appreciate).

He still liked his own space.

Sakura stretched as she watched him eat, he was wearing that navy blue shirt she loved. It clung a little at the sleeves, complimenting his muscular form. She had to pinch herself when her mind wandered to him taking it off if he spilled any sauce.

Stupid sexy Sasuke with his toned-body-six-pack.

"Don't drop any," she tried anyway.

She was always teasing herself like that.

She fidgeted because Sasuke made junk food look so damn good. She shivered as he licked his fingers before frowned at her focus.

"What?" he spoke cuttingly.

Slight why-is-she-looking-at-me-like-that-always-and-forever irritation.

She moaned mentally at her reckless choice. "You got a little on your face."

He wiped the back of his hand over his lips and she shook her head. "Still there Sasuke."

Like lightning.

She gave an indignant huff as her face was smeared in sauce.

"No, let me get it," Sasuke said smoothly, thumb ghosting her lip. He gripped her chin angling himself like the devil he was and devouring the sauce before settling on her rounded pink lips.

He knew her to well. Knew a 'don't worry Sasuke-Kun, I'll get it for you' was coming.

They kissed deeply and he made that flavor so addicting. He made anything tomato her craving. Lost in the moment she remembered he hadn't always…

At 15 she had given up on Uchiha Sasuke.

Of course when she finally took a step back and stopped flaunting herself it had clicked in his head (after many, many agonizing months) that they would be good together. That she kept him up at night in the worst/best way and his concentration in class was shot to hell when she was in the room. When they were suddenly just friends, not great one's even, acting hostile towards her became second nature (in case she actually looked him in the eyes and figured out he had feelings for her because damn her she would do that).

So at 16 it was a war against telling her how he felt or potentially losing their pathetic mutual friendship through Naruto forever.

She remembered that day walking back from the market her arms full of grocery bags, excited to be acting so grown up with her parents away on business. She remembered banging into him at the butcher and he had snapped;

"Watch out."

That had translated 'you're in my way' as opposed to 'you could have got hurt'

"You're so clumsy."

She had been too focused on picking up her scattered things, to embarrassed to notice he was helping her collect them.

"Women aren't very strong."

She had taken that as an insult and a sexist comment, not a request to hold her bags for her.

"I have to go to the library… the one near your house."

She had taken that on his academic merit, not the fact that library near her house was 2 bus rides away from his.

"I hate that we have to finish our History project over the holidays."

He hated that he had to be her partner… wasn't hinting to spend more time with her eager to start. He had walked all the way with her to her house as well, not walked her to it. She had been irritated with him the entire trip.

"This is my house."


"Can I use the bathroom?"

Well that was okay so he came in while she started dinner. Afterwards he didn't just leave like she expected. Instead he stood in the arch of her kitchen door curiously observing her. She remembered the way her blood heated and she told him mindlessly she was making Spaghetti Bolognese. Why she always found the need to explain herself to him was beyond her.

"It's made with pasta-" she had blurted awkwardly "which is like noodles and you already know what those are like so..."

It's wasn't her fault he made her ramble. She still thought of him some days trying to coin affection off on another, any other. It wasn't her fault old habits die hard.

And it certainly wasn't her fault she was in complete and utter denial as to the remains of feelings still surfaced every time she saw him. She was crushing on Sai for the love of all that was holy, someone so close looking to Sasuke they were really secretly twins in some kind of genetic-lottery-winning conspiracy.

"Then it's got some minced pork, you know the one that comes from pigs... topped off with a tomato based sau-"

She stopped. Uchiha Sasuke had sat down at her counter instantly. She could tell he was as shocked (horrified) at the sudden movement.

"-ce…" she finished lamely.

"I like tomatoes," was offered up gruffly in explanation. That night when she admitted he was much, much more than a wretched friend to her and he had responded, taken aback with 'same'. They had been dating since.

She was still dazed when Sasuke broke away from their kiss. All the telling moments in their relationship seemed to resolve around tomatoes.

"Damn it Sasuke," she said indignantly, he was plain unfair and she could feel her resolve breaking. "Give me one of those!"

Sakura hissed as she stole a chip, smearing it in an atrocious amount of sauce. Sasuke merely smirked.

AN: Inspired by my mother who enjoys eating tomato sauce sandwiches.