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Chapter One: Wings, Pompoms and Fangs


"Alice! You look so adorable. That costume is sooo cute on you! I can't believe your luck!" I exclaimed. She really did look adorable in that Tinker Bell costume. It fit her looks and personality perfectly. Rose and I always called her our little pixie. Alice and Rose were my best friends in the world. Alice and I went to high school together and were best friends. We met Rose our first year of college; she lived in the same dorms with us. After graduation we all ended up getting jobs in the Seattle area and continued to see each other on a regular basis.

"Thanks Bella!" Alice said in her beautiful voice. Alice really was a pixie. She was only about 4 feet 10 inches tall, waifishly petite and so full of energy that sometimes she resembled a three year old on a sugar high. She had short, black, spiky hair and inky black eyes that sparkled. Alice really was lovely and she possessed a such natural grace that even when she was walking she looked like she was dancing. Her costume was a pale green straight dress that flared slightly at the bottom than fell mid thigh and was hemmed in a zigzag pattern at the bottom. The dress had spaghetti straps the whole thing was covered in a sparkly see through material that had an iridescent quality to it. That same sparkly fabric also covered the little wings on the back of the dress. Of course Alice found the perfect stiletto heels in the exact color of the dress. Her make-up was flawless and she completed the look with a shimmery body spray that made her skin look like it was covered in fairy dust.

"Where's your costume? Don't tell me you're not going?" Alice said looking at my jeans and t-shirt. I really wasn't looking forward to tonight's Halloween party. Mostly because of my bad luck with getting stuck with complete boneheads when it came to 'blind date' type situations. And tonight's party seemed to fit the bill of 'blind date' material.

When Alice convinced me to enter the Halloween Costume Couplings Contest at our favorite nightclub, Eclipse, I was more than willing thanks to consuming more alcohol than I usually did. I had my suspicions that Alice and Rose had a hand in that so I would agree to the idea. The contest consisted of all the participants drawing a Halloween costume idea out of a hat that would have a male and female counterpart to the costume. The idea was to dress in the assigned costume and show up at the club for the party on Halloween. The rules were simple. No prior knowledge of who your costume partner was, no cross dressing, and you were expected to spend some time with the person you were paired with as a blind date of sorts. You just had to show up at the club in costume and find your 'mate'.

Alice, of course, drew Tinker Bell, therefore we were assuming that her mate was Peter Pan. Rose was going as a cheerleader so she would be looking for her football player. Cheerleader was perfect for Rose's look. She was a tall, leggy blond with gorgeous blue eyes and a body that stopped traffic. Her silky hair fell in a halo of curls down her back. And me, well I drew the vampire costume. It's really kind of funny too, since I already have freakishly pale skin and a widow's peak. Of course Alice and Rose altered my 'too conservative' costume to make me into a 'sexy' vampire. Luckily I was on hand to rein them in, telling them I wouldn't go if I didn't feel somewhat comfortable in it. I certainly didn't want to give my 'date' the wrong idea if he was a complete pervert.

Before I could respond, Rose came skipping into the living room of my apartment shouting 'Rah Rah' and 'Go Team' as she did suggestive moves with her pompoms. Her hair was pulled into a high ponytail at the back of her head and it swung back a forth as she pranced around my living room. Her costume, though innocent enough, looked anything but on Rose's killer body. Every guy in the club tonight was certainly going to have their eyes on her very short, very tight skirt. It was one of those cheerleading skirts that didn't have all the pleats, but was form fitting with little chevron cut outs on the front hem to allow for easier leg movement I'm sure. Of course Rose altered her costume so the cutouts went up almost to the bottom of her lacy underwear. The top was nothing but a button up vest two sizes too small that was so skin tight it barely looked like it would contain her full breasts. The vest didn't come all the way to her skirt, leaving her flat mid section bare. The whole outfit was red with gold accents and trim. She finished off the outfit with red stilettos and sultry make-up.

"Where's your costume Bella?" Rose yelled.

"Stop shouting, Rose! I'm right here." I said pulling on the ear she shouted into trying to get it to stop ringing.

"Sorry. I guess I was still in cheerleader mode." Rose said looking a little sheepish. She quickly snapped out of it. "Come on Bella, we've got to get you dressed so you can find your vampire and swap blood or let him suck on your neck!" Rose quipped.

"Stop it Rose! What if he's a total loser. You know my track record with blind dates." I said blushing. "Can we at least have an escape plan if our dates suck." I pleaded. I was suddenly getting really nervous about tonight.

"Come on shweetie, let's get you dressed for your dwate." Rose teased.

"You know we're not going to let you get out of this, especially after all those great improvements we made to your outfit." Alice chimed in.

"Humph." I said as I trudged down the hall to get changed. "Stupid evil pixie and her slutty cheerleader friend." I mumbled. Of course this resulted in the giggles from Alice and Rose as I retreated towards my bedroom.

But before I could get to my room, that evil little pixie was at my side. "What are you going to do with you hair and make-up? Hmmmm?" Alice asked looking up at me with her puppy dog eyes.

"I smell a makeover!" Rose called from the living room.

"Alice!" I whined, but before I could open the door to my room, I was shoved unceremoniously into the bathroom and onto the lid of the toilet.

"Don't move!" a suddenly fierce Alice growled at me before she ran out of the room. But before I could respond, she was back with a large bag full of her tools of torture for my make-over. "Rose! Can you work on her hair while I do her makeup?" Alice called as Rose rounded the corner into the bathroom.

"Sure thing, honey." Rose said with a grin.

"Guys, I don't need a make over. I'm sure my costume match will be a complete idiot, as usual. Why torture me needlessly?" I argued

"Bella, Bella, Bella." Alice sighed shaking her head like a disappointed parent scolding an unruly child. "You realize that you don't have to stick with your mate the whole night, just for the first hour or so. Then if you don't hit it off, you are free to create a new vampire mate, if you will." Alice laughed.

"And I'm sure there will be plenty of skanks paired with a few decent guys who don't want to spend the night fighting off their advances." Rose added with a conniving grin. "If vamp boy is a jerk, we'll get you a new one. We will just have to see who catches your fang vamp girl!" Rose said like it was the easiest thing to get any guy you wanted.

I gave in, as usual, and closed my eyes while Alice and Rose got to work on my 'makeover'. A half hour later they were done. And as I gazed at my reflection in the mirror, I have to admit, they did a really good job. I was quite pleased with the results. My usually unruly wavy hair was transformed into a cascade of shiny curls hanging down past my shoulders. My hair framed my pale heart shaped face. Alice's expert application of makeup turned my usually boring brown eyes into smoky, sexy pools of chocolate. Since my skin was already pale, there was no need to make it whiter. Alice highlighted my cheekbones to make them look even higher. My lips were covered in a deep muted red and finished off with shiny lip gloss.

"Wow, ladies." I almost whispered. "You are miracle workers!" I smiled brightly, suddenly getting excited for tonight, as faint stirrings of butterflies started to awaken in my stomach.

"Bella! You. Are. Beautiful." Alice said a little exasperated as she enunciated each word.

"All we did was enhanced your natural beauty." Rose added fiercely. We had been having this same argument for years. Alice and Rose were always insisting that I didn't see myself clearly. They were always telling me I was beautiful, but I had a hard time seeing it. "Please sweetie, I wish you could see what we see." Rose said softly.

"Thanks guys!" I said gratefully. I felt guilty sometimes that I could not see what they did. "Tonight I will try to see myself as beautiful and try have more self-confidence. Of course the wonderful job you have done with my makeover will certainly make that a little easier." I said with a smile. "How did I get such good friends!" I said as I pulled them both into a group hug.

Alice was the first to break out of our small bonding moment. "Oooo! look at the time. Hurry and get dressed Bella or we're going to be late!" She said as she pushed me out of the bathroom and through the door of my bedroom.

I rushed to my closet and pulled out the dreaded costume. The costume was a such a deep purple that at first glance, one would think it was black. But when the light caught the slightly shimmery fabric the deep purple glistened. The tight straight skirt fell to my mid thigh. Rose and Alice had decided this was too conservative and would be hard to really dance in, so they added side slits that went to the top of my thighs. The inside lining of the skirt was blood red and would reveal itself only when I was seated. The top was a strapless bustier that laced up the back. It was covered in black lace and hugged my body like a glove. I was quickly self-conscience of the sudden amount of cleavage I had in this outfit, but Alice and Rose had assured me that I looked beautiful. The outfit was rounded out with a knee length black cape with a high collar and blood red lining to match my skirt. I was grateful I had it, just in case I wasn't comfortable with my date and could use it for 'cover'. Alice took pity on me and let me wear two-inch strappy heels instead of the usual four inch ones she was always trying to get me into. My fingers and toes were painted to match my red lips.

As I stepped into the living room, I was greeted with a chorus of whistles and catcalls from Alice and Rose.

"Damn, girl, you look hot!" Rose quipped.

"What she said!" Alice added with a huge grin. "Oh, I almost forgot. I found the perfect jewelry to go with that outfit." Alice proceeded to show me the earrings and chocker she got for my costume. The earrings had what looked like two-inch wooden stakes dipped in blood hanging from a one-inch black bow at the top. The choker was a three quarter inch wide black satin ribbon with a bow in the middle to match the earrings. From the bow hung another black wooden stake dipped in blood, only this one was three inches long and hung just above my cleavage.

"It's perfect Alice! Although are you trying to get me staked through the heart?" I laughed as I pointed to the little stake hanging around my neck.

Alice only smiled wickedly while Rose said, "I don't think it's your heart that necklace is pointing too, Bells!"

"Come ladies; let's go before I change my mind." I said with fake sternness as I headed for the door.

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