A Jackie/Hyde fic.

Chapter One.


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A/N: So I've just started watching That 70s Show again, starting from season 5. I absolutely adore the Jackie/Hyde relationship, and wish they had never ended it. Fez is awesome, but Hyde rules all!

So this fic is taken from 5 years after Hyde cheated on Jackie, and she left right after graduation.

She started out a whole, happy girl, and 5 years later, when she comes back for Eric and Donna's wedding, she's barely a shell of the girl they used to know.

Is there anything Hyde can do to bring her back? Will Jackie even want him too?

Hehe, let's find out!

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Jackie opened the letter addressed to her by Donna's writing. She kept in contact with her old friend by letter mostly, but a few times she called home, mostly when she was drunk enough to not care.

She knew her old friends worried about her, but she made a point of not being close enough to anyone to let them worry.

She hadn't been back to Point Place in 5 years. And now, as she opened the letter from Donna, and the thin invitation fell out, her heart dropped momentarily.

It was a wedding invitation.

Eric and Donna were getting married. She skimmed the invitation, hopeful for a second that she wouldn't have to go back, but she found the address of a Church in Point Place, and sighed.


But, she picked up the phone and dialed Donna's number.


"Hi, Donna, it's Jackie. I just got you invitation."

"Oh, hey, Jackie, that's great, I can't wait to see you! Everyone's so excited to see you!" Donna told her.

"They aren't excited for your wedding?" Jackie asked.

She could practically hear Donna nodding and bouncing.

"Well, yeah, but it's been a long time coming," Donna explained. "You coming home ... well, it's exciting."

Jackie closed her eyes, but forced a smile into her voice. "Yeah, I can't wait."

"So, when can you get here?" her old friend wondered.

"Well, I'll have to make some calls into work, tell them I won't be in for a couple weeks," Jackie said, knowing there was no way she could get away with only being there for a few days.

Hell, Donna would march all the way to New York City and drag her ass back to Point Place in chains if Jackie even joked about missing out on any part of the wedding.

"So, I should be there in a couple days."

"That's great, I can't wait!"

"Me neither," Jackie said. Well ... actually, I could.


"Dad, she's coming," Donna said. "Jackie's going to be here for my wedding!"

Bob smiled at his daughter. "That's great, Sweetheart, I'm happy for you."

Just then Hyde walked in.

"Hey," he said, grabbing a beer out of the fridge. "What's up?"

Donna looked at her father, then back at Hyde. "Oh, just going over wedding stuff. Invite lists and stuff."

"Cool," Hyde said. "You guys still doing the small ceremony?"

Donna nodded. "Yeah, just family and friends. Which reminds me, please don't forget to pick up Eric's grandparents at the airport."

Hyde rolled his eyes. "When have I ever forgotten?"

Donna raised her eyebrows at him, and he put up his hands.

"Don't worry about it."

Hyde stood up, beer in hand, and turned to walk back out. When he reached the door, he stopped and turned back towards Donna.

"Hey, um did you invite ..."

He trailed off, looking out the window.

"Hmm?" Donna wondered, looking down at her guest list, and putting a check by Jackie's name.

"Uh, never mind," Hyde said, and left.

"You're not gonna tell him?" Bob asked his daughter.

"Are you kidding me?" Donna said. "I'm not that stupid."


Jackie sighed again, hanging up the phone. She had just finished calling the magazine to tell them she wouldn't be in the next couple of weeks because of a family emergency. It wasn't technically a lie. Donna had been like a sister to her, and weddings could become an emergency if not planned right.

She started packing her bags, ending up with only two suitcases and her purse. She was ready sooner than she would have liked, but eventually she had to call the airline to book her flight.

The stupid airline people were way too perky, and were able to get her a seat on the flight leaving the very next day.

"Gee, thanks," she had said before saying her forced polite goodbyes.

She had almost hoped there would be a problem with bringing her dog on board, but apparently they offered separate dog travel, that was entirely humane, so she couldn't even back out because of Copper.

"Well, pup, it looks like we're going back to Hell," she commented, and her Bernise Mountain Dog/Australian Sheppard perked his ears at her.

"Yeah, you look all cheerful now, just wait until you meet Red. One bark and his foot is up your ... yeah."

She scratched her dog's ears playfully and he panted happily in response.

She sighed once more. I so don't want to go back there. I don't want to see ... I don't want to go back there.


Okay, short I know, but I just wanted to set everything in motion, and I didn't want the suspense about Jackie and Hyde possibly seeing each other again in the same chapter as Jackie coming back.

Also, I do actually have a bernise mountain dog / australian sheppard named Copper, named after my favorite kids movie, The Fox and the Hound. He's pretty much awesome.

I have no guarantees that this will follow "what happened after they graduated" as it did in the series, because I haven't watched much after season 5. I love the Jackie/Hyde relationship, and hate watching stuff after they've broken up.

Anyways, this was chapter one, I hope you liked it so far, I'll try to update as soon as I can!

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