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Pokémon: The Next Generation

Chapter One: Sixteen Years Later

Everyday it's the same old boring routine, Aurora Waterflower thought as she hauled herself out of bed, Get dressed, go to the gym, and stay out of the way and help Mom with all of the running around she needs done. Nothing fun ever happens.

Positioning herself in front of her mirror, she pulled her long red hair back into a ponytail. Unlike most kids her age, she didn't leave Cerulean City at age ten to become a Pokémon trainer. No, Mommy's little girl had to stay close to home and help her out at her Pokémon Gym. She pulled on her blue bathing suit and threw a light-blue t-shirt and jeans over it.

Time to go.

"You're late," Misty Waterflower said as her daughter arrived at the Cerulean Gym an hour later, "I need you to clean the pool, we have that trainer's clinic today and the pool needs to be in top-shape for all of the Water Pokémon and their trainers that are coming today."

"I had to eat something Mom," she said as pulled off her t-shirt and jeans and climbed into the pool.

"Don't use that tone of voice with me young lady," Misty said.

Aurora gave her mother an eye-roll and gestured for a Pokeball, "I'd like a little help please," she said.

Misty sighed and handed Aurora a Pokeball, although her daughter didn't have any Pokémon of her own, she felt safe letting her borrow hers to help Aurora with her errands around the gym. This way she didn't have to worry about her running off on some adventure like a certain someone she knew.

Misty watched as Aurora and the Seel that she had lent her began to clean up the pool. She'd never told her that Ash was her father. How would she take it? One of the greatest Pokémon Masters and the current head of the Elite Four in the Kanto region was her father? It would make the girl's head explode, not to mention she'd hate Misty for never telling her.

"Seel," Aurora said as she changed the filters on the side of the pool, "Why do you think she's holding me back here? I mean, most of my friends left when they were ten for the Pokémon League, I love Cerulean and all of you guys of course, but I wanted to get out of here."

"Seel!" the Pokémon rubbed his head up against her shoulder.

The young girl let out a laugh, "I know, I know. Don't worry, I don't mean any offense."

Misty busied herself with arranging everything for the upcoming clinic. She felt a tap on shoulder as she aligned a set of forms and jumped in the air. She turned around to see who it was and a grin crossed her face. "Brock."

The tall trainer grinned and gave wrapped his friend in a hug, "I knew that would get your attention," he said, "It's good to see you Misty."

Misty smiled, she hadn't seen Brock in a few years, and he'd been on an assignment to complete his Pokémon Breeder certification. "When did you get here?"

"A few minutes ago, your sisters told me that you were having a clinic for Water Pokémon Trainers, so I thought I'd stop by before you got too busy." He then looked over in the direction of the pool; "Aurora's gotten bigger since I last saw her." He couldn't help but feel a little sorry for the kid, he knew that neither one of her parents had spoken to each other since that day when Misty told off Ash on her front steps. Brock also felt a little guilty that he was sworn to secrecy and could never tell Ash that he had a sixteen-year-old daughter.

"Yeah," said Misty, "She's come a long way, but I get the feeling that she resents me a little for not letting her go and compete in the Pokémon League."

Brock sighed; Misty brought a whole to meaning to the term, over-protective mother to a whole new level. "If she's not doing anything," he said, "I'd like to take her out to lunch, I'm sure she's just dying to see her Uncle Brock."

Aurora, who had been underwater helping Seel to finish cleaning the pool, popped up for a breath of air. "Uncle Brock!" she said rushing out when she saw Brock standing there with her mother. She wrapped him in a hug, "How are you? It's been a really long time!"

"Hey kid," he said hugging her back. Not having any children of his own, Brock took every opportunity to spoil his "niece". "Get dressed, I'm going to take you to lunch."

Aurora breathed a sigh of relief; she had been growing a little tired of always working in her mother's gym. "Okay," she said, "It's okay with you…right mom?"

"Yes," Misty said as she saw her daughter's eyes light up.

Brock had missed everyone while he was away, but he didn't like the fact that now Aurora seemed to be going through her rebellious teenager phase.

"I mean, she never lets me stay out later than nine-thirty and freaks if I walk in a second later after. I'm not allowed to have any of my own Pokémon, I have to work everyday in that gym of hers, and keep up with my home schooling. I want to get out of here and go compete in the Pokémon League," Aurora said as she bit into her sandwich.

Brock took a sip off his soup, Aurora may be the spitting image of Misty, but she was restless and didn't like to stay in one place like Ash.

"You sound just like you father," Brock said absentmindedly.

Aurora spit out her soda, "What did you say?" she asked, not caring that Brock had been hit with a full blast of her soda attack.

"Um…. you sound like your mom when she was your age."

Aurora rose up from her spot and pointed at Brock, "Uncle Brock you said 'father'. You know who he is. Tell me."

Brock put up his hands and began to sweat, "You really should ask you mom…"

"She never tells me, she always says, 'You're better off not knowing.' But I think she's lying. Please Uncle Brock, you don't know what it's like not knowing something for years, it's like having a whole inside of you that won't close."

Brock sighed; the kid did have a point. Misty couldn't put off never telling her. "Ash Ketchum," he said looking down at his feet. Misty was going to murder him.

Aurora felt her jaw drop and swore that it was going it the floor, "Ash Ketchum is my father. The Ash Ketchum is my father!" She gathered her purse and threw her coat on, "I'm sorry Uncle Brock, but I have to go!"

"Aurora wait," he stood up, "Please don't tell your mother I told you!"

Aurora was already out the door. One of the best Pokémon Masters in the entire world was her father. She headed back to the direction of the Cerulean Gym. Clinic or not, her mother had some serious explaining to do.

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