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Spoilers: Through Season 4 - Quarantine.

1 - Let's Suit Up

Rodney walked down the hall towards the Armory. His mind had already skipped ahead to the planet they were visiting. He didn't look forward to going off-world all that often, but this was definitely an exception. He and Radek had discovered a reference to an Ancient outpost in the ancient database and although there was not much information on the planet, it did hold some promise of treasure due to the lengths they had to go to just to get to the planet. The team would have to take a Puddle Jumper and gate to a planet and then fly to the next closest planet.

Several teams had already scouted the planet and deemed it safe. What had Rodney almost skipping down the hall was that one of the teams had reported a facility that looked to be in great condition and had high energy readings. He was more excited than he wanted anyone to know. He was looking forward to exploring the Ancient outpost and hopefully making a new discovery, better yet, finding a ZPM.

As Rodney walked into the infirmary his excitement was dampened a bit to discover Cadman suiting up. "What are you doing, Cadman?"

"Why Rodney, I'm gearing up for our mission." She smirked knowing that Rodney wasn't happy to see her. His reaction was her fault. She knew they both had gained a respect for each other when they had unfortunately shared his body. But that didn't change the fact that she enjoyed needling the scientist. She watched Rodney whirl around to look at her CO.

"What is she talking about?" Rodney asked Sheppard while maintaining a glare that he was now giving both of them.

"Well Rodney, this is an exploring mission. That being said, I asked Cadman to accompany us in case there is any cool explosive-type stuff. I asked the good doctor to accompany us in case there is any cool medical-type stuff." Sheppard was using that exaggerated patience voice. "Lorne over there," he said pointing at the Major suiting up by Teyla and Ronon, "just didn't want to be left behind."

Lorne smirked at Sheppard's comment but spoke up anyway, "My team has been to the planet a few times now checking on the condition and safety of the planet so I thought you may want a tour guide."

"Well boys and girls," Sheppard called out to capture everyone's attention, "Let's meet at the gate in 5 minutes. I'm off now to help Doctor Keller get her gear to the gate. Ronon, you comin?" Sheppard shook his head and laughed as they turned to leave the room, "That woman packs so much, she seems to be under the impression that we run into a lot of trouble off-world."

Lorne had to chuckle, "At least the feeling's mutual."

Lorne, who was leading the way to the outpost, turned to walk backward as he talked. "The buildings start just around the next bend. We've gone into several of them…"

"You what!" sputtered Rodney.

"Calm down, McKay, we didn't touch anything. We merely assessed that the equipment was of Ancient Tech and noted it in our reports. My men wouldn't dream of bringing your wrath down on themselves," Lorne quickly assured while rolling his eyes.

"You just can't be too careful. Who knows what this tech is for. Makes you wonder what the Ancients had going on out here that would warrant this much secrecy and protection."

"Believe me Rodney, my guys with the gene have learned the hard way to be very careful."

Rodney looked a little relieved, but Lorne saw him turn his gaze on Sheppard and glare, "I wish all of our gene fortified personnel would exercise more caution."

"Hey, it is not like I try…" Sheppard began, only to be interrupted by a still ranting McKay.

"That is the problem, you need to leave the touching to us geniuses. It can get tiring to be constantly trying to fix things that you have touched." Rodney's hands were gesturing wildly by this time.

Lorne cringed as he saw the look on Cadman's face that said she was going to jump into this conversation.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Rodney, but I seem to recall your gene fortified self touching lots of things that you had no idea what they did." As Lorne watched McKay start to defend himself, he heard Cadman plunge ahead. "In fact the ascension machine you touched nearly killed you."

There was a pregnant pause in the bickering and so Lorne jumped in hoping to distract them all. "Well it looks like we have arrived. The three buildings are ahead."

"I don't detect any other life signs, but the building off to the right is emitting the strongest power readings." Rodney stated while studying his scanner.

"Ok," started Col. Sheppard, "Rodney, why don't you go check out the building on the right. I'll send Ronon with you so you don't have to worry about anyone touching anything."

Rodney glared at Sheppard before turning back to his scanner screen and heading towards the building.

When Sheppard looked over at Ronon, he was glaring at him too. Sheppard glared back at Ronon for a second before lifting his shoulders in a shrug while smirking.

"The rest of us," Col. Sheppard continued, "will check out the other two buildings and meet up with Ronon and Rodney. Everyone stay alert."