A Light in the Dark


The noble house of Moon Elves, Luna Deshonea, finally saw the day that they had an heir. Young Beanea was the only female of a family of nearly all males. Her brothers dotted upon their sister. Then, during a travel camp, a band of Drow attacked the group of Moon Elves. All but one was killed. That one was Beane, and was actually taken by one of the Drow. A year old, Beane cried and screamed until she fell asleep. Among the band of Drow, the members used the hand code to speak with each other.

'Thank Lloth it stopped. Who knows what monsters would ahve been drawn to us.'

After a number of weeks, the Drow returned to their home city and separated to return to their respected houses. The one carrying the year old returned home and went instantly to his private chamber in the training hall. He did not want to put the infant in danger; but that ended the second the band attacked. He would protect the child for as long as possible so she would not serve the damn Spider Queen as a priestess. The male Drow called for a house servant to bring some food fit for a year old infant. When the infant woke, the Drow said an incantation that allowed Beanea to see in the infrad spectrum. For the first time, Beanea could see the one who saved her.

"Don't fear, Little One," he said. "I'll protect you."

AN: A little short, but it explained how she arrived.