A Light in the Dark

Chapter 12

Beanea knew that, from what Vierna had told her and young Zaknafein of Zin-carla, that Malice had failed in the killing of Drizzt. How that came about, the former high priestess did not know, but deep down, Beanea was overjoyed at this. Yes, she and Drizzt were a mirror image of each other at fighting, but so where they mirror fighting images to Zaknafein the elder.

The journey that Beanea led them took them to Blingdenstone. The guards at the gates were startled at seeing Vierna, such as they were familiar with Beanea and Zak. Beanea explained that Vierna was no more a Drow like the others in Menzoberranzan, but more like Drizzt. After some time convincing the guards, Vierna had been allowed into the city; only under the complete watch of Beanea. If Vierna did anything against any of the svirfnebli, the consequences would be given to Beanea.

"Beanea! Zak," came the calls of young children. The two looked around and saw Seldig and his friends rushing to greet them. "Where did you go? We looked all over for you."

"We had something to tend to back in Menzoberranzan," Beanea explained. "Has Drizzt and Belwar returned yet?"

"They have. But they have not emerged from Belwar's home. We can..."

"No, there is no need, Seldig. I know the way there. You go return to your game."

The children smiled and returned to their game as the three made their way to Belwar's home. Beanea did not even bother knocking before entering the front room. There, Drizzt and Belwar were sitting at the table in silence. It was the sound of the door closing did the two realize who was there. Neither dear friend wished to speak of the happenings in the few weeks they had been apart until they were in a more private area. But it was told that Drizzt had agreed to remain a week before leaving for the surface.

"The surface," Vierna said in shock. "That is no place for us."

"Nor is the Underdark a place for someone like Zak and myself," Beanea argued. "I'm going with you, dear friend."

Drizzt was not going to argue Beanea's decision. He accepted the fact that Beanea no longer had a place down here, nor did Zak.


The week had passed quickly for the small odd group of friends. Supplies were packed and Belwar gave Drizzt a map that led to the surface. Vierna had argued that she did not wish to travel to the surface; but it was pointed out that if she returned to Menzoberranzan, she could be killed. Vierna finally gave in, knowing that whatever rank she held over the other three Elves had been lost the second Malice died. In fact, it was Beanea that held rank over Vierna; and the two females knew it. After saying their good-byes, the four Elves left Blingdenstone and entered the Underdark.

A lone figure was seen at the entrance of a cave looking out at the landscape that sprawled before it. It remembered the last time it came to the surface; but shook the memory from its mind. There was no place for something like that here. Nor will there be a place for that memory in the future; for the memory was part of the figure's past. With the moonlight shining down on the landscape, the figure knew that now was the time to complete the spell it had started over a month ago. Pulling the words from memory, the figured spoke the final words to the spell that it knew would end its curse in an unknown amount of time. Yet, for this it knew it would miss the traits it has had its whole life.

Another figure came up beside the first figure accompanied by a five hundred pound panther; on the other side stood two more figures, one shorter than the other three. All four looked out over the moonlit land that was before them. This marked the beginning of a new life for them, they all knew. Little did they know how this new life would differ from the ones that they had led for all those years in the Underdark.

To Be Continued...