AN: Major props to Akito-Aya for mentioning La Dame à la licorne! I don't know if anyone else is familiar with it – I didn't have it in mind when I started this fic and obviously this has nothing to do with unicorns or even ladies. But I was reminded of the tapestries about halfway through and since I was going with the senses theme, thought I might represent the sixth. So here it is, both a prologue and an epilogue and the conclusion of this piece.

À Mon Seul Désir

You really are quite beautiful. Not a term most men would appreciate and I'm sure you wouldn't either, but it's the truth. You're not handsome and I don't think I could really call you attractive, although you do attract me.

Your skin is ghostly pale, but all I notice is how smooth it seems. You're too thin, but all I see when I look at you is lines of carefully-sculpted muscle. The shadows underneath bring out the glimmer and keenness in your eyes. Even your hair – if you really tried it could probably be more of a mess but it's still so shiny and soft-looking like the feathers of some exotic bird. Your crazy, twitching toes, your long, spindly fingers … the pieces of you don't seem to amount to much but when you put them together, when it's you…. That is where the beauty lies.

Of course I've never said this to you and I probably never will. Even if you believed I was speaking with any kind of sincerity you either wouldn't care or you'd think I was attempting to sway you toward … something. Well, I can't say you'd be wrong. But I wouldn't be trying to divert your attention from this case as you'd undoubtedly suppose. I have no reason to do that.

You interest me. You're like a puzzle box, with many more boxes inside, each more complicated than the last. I wonder what I would discover if I managed to figure them all out, crack open each layer. What lies at your center? Do you even know? Do you truly understand what drives you? I'll probably never find out but that doesn't mean I won't try.

I've been with you long enough now, worked with you, watched you and studied you for enough time to devise my approach. While I'm sure that the constant defensive posturing is an act, or at least mostly an act, I'm also sure that you haven't had much physical interaction. Really no surprise and it might work against me, but … I also think that you're the type of person who would crave it once you got it. If it was done the right way. You have an easily-spoiled nature and I'm sure I can use that to my advantage. If I'm careful, don't let you think about it too much, take it step by step….

It will be a game to me, I won't deny that. But please believe that is not all it will be. I don't want a body to screw; I don't want your obedience or submission (not entirely); I don't want to break you. I just want you. I want you to understand … surely you can feel it, too? That we belong to each other. That you are mine and I am yours. It's so blindingly obvious – we suit each other in a way that no one else ever possibly could. I'm sure you realize this, too, although I very much doubt you've admitted it to yourself or even actively thought about it. But if I can make you realize, make you think about it ... then maybe I can keep you. It's all I want, the only thing.

Tonight will be the night. I'm sorry but I just don't want to wait any longer. And you certainly won't be expecting it. I've given you no indications what my thoughts have been about and you've grown relaxed in my presence, I can tell.

I can barely repress a smile as the anticipation builds in me, especially as I watch you at the wardrobe, water dripping down the lines of your elegant back, your wet hair framing your face in odd but appealing ways. If you flicked your eyes just an inch you would see me staring at you through the mirror – but you barely seem aware that I am even in the same room. Well, I will certainly be changing that.

Still toweling my hair, I open my mouth and casually ask,

"Where did you get that scar?"

AN: Did you think I would spell out for you exactly what happens between Light and L? :) Sorry. The clues are there, but ultimately it will be up to your inner Angst Queen (or King) and Die-Hard Romantic to duke it out.

Thank you so very much to everyone who read and most especially those who gave reviews. You don't know how happy you made me and how you made the writing process even more worthwhile. :)

7 Dec. '08