A/N: Dude, I just played the demo for the PS3. But this game made me pee. Told from a clueless person's POV.

"OH MAN LOOK AT THAT WHALE!" I pressed my face up against the cool glass. "It's so cute!"

The pod I was traveling in lurched forward. I slid off of the glass and hit the floor. I quickly leapt to my feet and brushed my shirt off. My pod started moving up, passing slowly over various colorful signs. I surfaced into a dark room. My pod was completely still now, but the foggy glass shield remained tightly shut. "Dude... This sucks." I was about to doodle a smiley face with my finger when suddenly, I heard a man whimper. His silhouette was clear and defined to me now, he was... backing up?

There was something behind him, a blurred figure. It was crouched and slowly approaching the man. I heard begging. "Please... Don't kill me!" The figure ignored his pleas and shot forward, slicing the man through the stomach. "AUUGH!" He screamed in agony and the thing shoved him against the glass of my pod and drove his blade deeper into his gut.

With a disgusted snarl, it hurled the man out of sight. I heard the splashing of water as the man landed. I didn't hear him get up. The thing remained there, just inches of cool glass separating me from IT. I moved my hand to scratch my butt, which was ITCHY AS HELL. The thing flinched and growled deeply when it heard my fingernails scratch against my tender flesh.

"Is it someone new..." It cooed softly, gently laying it's bloodstained hand on the glass. By this point I was about to piss myself. My face contorted as I tried to suppress my calls for mother. The creature leapt out of sight after a couple moments of silence. I sighed and continued to scratch my butt in satisfaction. "Wooo... Now I can -"

"RAGH!" I heard a sudden clanking at the top of my pod. "HOLY CRAP!" I screeched. "It's trying to get in!" I tried to steady my vision as I stared intently in the direction of the continuous noise. The noise grew louder and louder. My pod started the bust. "SWEET HOLY HELL! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHGGGGG! I DON'T HAVE A WEAPON! NYAAAAHHAAA!" I started hyperventilating at sparks showered down from my poor pod. The clanking stopped, and I saw the thing leap away in disappointment. "Oh shit... That was scary." I looked down and realized that I had soiled myself.


I heard a voice next to me. "WHO IS THAT?" I whirled around and saw that it was only a radio. "Oh.. scared me for a minute." My glass doors opened. The stale cold air rushed in to meet me.

"Aw man. That's messed up. DID YOU NOT SEE WHAT HAD HAPPENED A FEW MINUTES BEFORE?!" I cried, grabbed the radio, and shrunk to the back of the pod. "Radio, help me!" I stroked the radio and prayed.

"Jack, I'm going to get you out of here."

"RADIO! Thank you." I sobbed. "For this I am forever grateful."

"Take a deep breath and step out."

"Hell no radio, get your rescue team in HERE. I ain't goin' out there."

"Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you dangling in the wind."

"Thanks, but could you come get me?" My radio was unresponsive. "Radio?" My radio didn't answer. "Awh man."


I ran out of the pod screaming, jumping, and lashing my arms out in all directions. "Back! Back the hell up! I'M INSAAANE!" I slipped on a puddle of water and hit the ground. It was completely silent. I rolled across the floor and onto drier land. "Okay radio... It's good. It's all good." Cautious and without courage, I lifted myself off of the ground. "Hah! This is nothing!"

"I'm gonna wrap you in a sheet..." I heard a voice echo off the walls.

"This totally sucks." I patted my radio and advanced into the darkness.

A/N: Please no corrections. It was hard to remember the demo.