A/N: Just a one shot based on the song "Sometime Around Midnight" By The Airborne Toxic Event


You glance down at your watch absently, the hands showing you that it's a little bit after midnight and you sigh, bringing your drink to your lips slowly.

This club isn't really your scene. Smoky and dark with music that's all flowing strings, melancholy piano and thudding drums that people don't so much dance to rather than just move to.

You lean against the bar, the lip of the wood digging into your back and your thinking about telling your friends that your leaving, even though you know they'll whine and call you no fun and a homebody but you're okay with that at this point.

Your eyes stray to the dance floor carelessly, searching the throng of twisting, sliding people for your room mates and then you see her.

She's right in the middle, dancing and laughing like a beacon in a white dress with thin straps that you'd never imagine her wearing, in a sea of black leather and dark denim.

And you know its her because you recognize her blonde hair, brackish under the club light, and her loose limbs and her blue blue eyes. You know its her.

You're clutching at the bar before you even realize it because you haven't seen her in a lifetime and even then she didn't look like this. She was teary eyed and sobbing while you walked away and the memory makes you down the rest of your drink quickly and order another.

And you drink and drink as memories wash over you. Memories of kisses and expanses of skin and even further back when everything was innocent.

You're well into your third drink when she comes up to you. Its sort of like you blink and she's just there and you didn't know how much you missed her until now.

"Carls." She says your name like she's been holding it in forever.

"Sam." You says, tasting her name and she smells good an she looks good, even clutching her own drink to her chest like a cross. Like a shield.

You tell her so and she smiles that smile you remember and you make small talk, try to make her smile some more before a tall guy you don't know comes up behind her and tells her its time to go.

She looks sad then but nods. Says "It was good seeing you, Kiddo." Before she takes that guys big hand in hers and then she's gone in a beautiful slip of white and your just standing there watching her go.

You see the way she looks back at you before she slips out of the club, over the rim of you glass.

"What's up with you, Carly? You look like you've seen a ghost." Your room mate says suddenly beside you and you ignore her, down the rest of your drink and make your way towards the exit.

By the time you get through the twist and grind of people and into the crisp, clean air, you realize how drunk you are but you keep going, glancing around at the small clumps of people for that flash of white and blonde hair.

You walk under the muted streetlights, alcohol making the wet pavement dance in front of your eyes and you just need to see her. To talk to her. Anything.

But you can't.

You're standing on the street corner, drunk and desperate and lost and God, you just need to see her.

Suddenly a rock dances past your feet, propelled by some unknown force and when you turn, there she is. Pale and golden even in the darkness and she's hugging the light pole watching you like you guys have all the time in the world.

"Hey Carly."