Side-Track 6: Rain and Storm Go Hand-in-Hand

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Side-Track 6: Rain and Storm Go Hand-in-Hand

He had seen him looking around, hands together as if in a prayer with a worried look on his feminine face. A growl from his side made him turn his head back to the man he should be talking at the moment. The man he should be talking to had ink-black hair and eyes almost in the shade of cold royal purple currently glaring at him as if thinking of his demise, "Miura Makoto… Pay attention."

Miura Makoto was a man with black hair parted at the side with accompanying side-swiped bangs but was not entirely tamed as a few strands were spiked up naturally. He also had chocolate eyes, currently glaring back at the man with ink-black hair. He wore a black trench-coat on top of a dry-blood colored shirt and black tie. On his tie was the crest of Vongola while on his right middle finger was the Vongola Tempesta Ring. Makoto glared back, "I am paying attention, Murasaki…"

Murasaki scoffed and crossed his arms. Murasaki was a man, who looked younger than Makoto, with unruly ink-black hair that covers his forehead, almost touching his eyes and his cheeks. He wore a straight black jacket buttoned till the end and a violet scarf that had the Vongola crest sewn by the end. On his middle finger was the Vongola Nuvola Ring and his boxes were all on a black belt, ready to be opened if the need arises. Murasaki glanced at the figure Makoto had been looking at, frowning as he saw how he looked like a lost kitten, "Talk to him."

"What? Why should I-"

"I have no interest in rodents like you but that kitten seems lost and it will not do us any good if our Rain Guardian is lost. We already have enough problems dealing with that cockroach." Murasaki said coldly.

"You're the one that has a problem with him…" Makoto mumbled.

Murasaki glared at Makoto and continued, "That kitten has a problem and you owe it to Aniue to help him."

With that said, Murasaki walked away, glaring at Makoto for a moment. Makoto growled and shouted, "What about the mission briefi-"

"We shall talk about it when Aniue has returned." Murasaki replied, not even looking back. Makoto growled and looked at the figure underneath the oak tree. He looked as if he was about ready to cry. With a tired sigh, Makoto approached the boy.

"Oi, Mutsuhi." Makoto called out. The boy, Mutsuhi, squeaked in surprise. Makoto kept his distance as he stared at the boy sitting underneath the oak tree. He had gold-brown hair that had two spikes unusually down by his ears, making it to look like droopy cat ears, and cute big honey-colored eyes. Mutsuhi was smaller and leaner than Makoto and his black coat was too big for him, making him look like a kid. Not to mention that if you gave him a female wig, he'd actually look like a real girl. He wore a light-blue shirt and black tie with the Vongola crest on it while he wore Vongola Pioggia Ring on his right middle finger next to a simple silver ring on his ring finger.

Mutsuhi managed to smile apologetically at Makoto, "I-I-I'm sorry, Makoto-san… I was just surprise to see you-"

"You should be more attentive to your surrounding. Especially outside…" Makoto instinctively reprehended his fellow guardian. Mutsuhi blushed and nodded.

"O-o-of course! I'll be more careful." Mutsuhi stuttered, clasping his hands together once more. Makoto sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"Were you looking for something?" Makoto asked. Mutsuhi chuckled awkwardly.

"I was looking for Mitsuki-san…" Mutsuhi replied.

"Eleventh is with Tenth in the headquarters of Varia located outside of Sicily. They're meeting with the Varia to discuss a certain incident that occurred last week." Makoto told Mutsuhi. Mutsuhi slouched and looked down.

"Oh… I see…" Makoto stared at the younger boy before looking away.

"Well… it's not that serious so Eleventh may be back by dinner." Makoto said, trying to cheer Mutsuhi up. It was not a secret that the Rain Guardian of the Eleventh was soft-hearted, kind, and innocent… for most of the time anyway. Makoto felt like it was his duty to ensure that Mutsuhi wouldn't be depressed in times where the Eleventh would not be around. Makoto liked to think of it as the same way right-hand men tried to soothe their boss' wife while he's away. Of course, Makoto wouldn't sugar-coat the details. Mutsuhi is the Eleventh's Rain Guardian.

Makoto felt relieved as Mutsuhi gave him a shy smile and nodded. Makoto reached out a hand, "I'll accompany you back to your room."

Mutsuhi nodded and took Makoto's hand. Makoto lead the way back to Mutsuhi and the Eleventh's room… which was located on the other end of the mansion. Mutsuhi looked at Makoto curiously and asked, "Um… Makoto-san…"


"Makoto-san must really love Mitsuki-san." He heard Mutsuhi say. Makoto stopped walking, his entire body paralyzed at what his fellow guardian, not to mention the next boss of Vongola's not-so-secret lover, had just implied. Makoto looked at Mutsuhi.

"What the fuck did you just say?" Makoto hissed. Mutsuhi blinked innocently.

"I just… mean… I mean…" Mutsuhi looked at Makoto shyly, "I just thought Makoto-san was in love with Mitsuki-san. I mean… well… you're really… dedicated…"

Makoto frowned, knowing that Mutsuhi had mistaken their relationship. Makoto closed his eyes and sighed, "You're wrong, Mutsuhi. I have no romantic interest for Eleventh."

"Eh?" Mutsuhi seemed surprised at what he heard and blinked rapidly. Makoto sighed and looked away.

"You do know about my… unique conception…" Makoto asked, earning a nod from Mutsuhi. Makoto began to walk once more, slowing down as he continued, "I'm sure Eleventh had told you how I was a product of a drunken threesome of my parents."

"Well… he didn't phrase it as that." Mutsuhi trailed off.

"I'm used to it. The whispering behind my back, the taunts of those fuckers… They've been doing it since I was a kid.

I had been eight then. I had to be transferred to Namimori Grade School as my mother decided to return to Namimori. I was used to being bullied by those fucking upperclassmen simply because of my unusual family background.

"His mother's a slut."

"He doesn't even know who he's real father is. Nobody wants him."

I've heard it all. But I never cared. My mother may be weird, almost insane in some cases, but she loves me. My two fathers were the same. Neither of them cared who is actually my biological father and treated me as their son. For me, the entire world could just fuck off for all I care.

That's… when I met Eleventh…

Those fucking sixth-graders cornered me after class hours. They were the usual bullies, picking on the weak. I could have beaten them but then the rumors would start flying around on how I'm a problematic child and they'll start spreading rumors on how my mother was incompetent. I've already troubled her by living…

So I accepted their beating, their taunts… As I felt my consciousness fading, I heard a cool voice say…

"Bullying those weaker than them is what the weak do." I looked up and saw a boy my age staring at us with cold caramel eyes with a certain silver glint around the iris. Behind him was a hedgehog with white needles, sitting by a school bag as if protecting it.

"Well, well, if it isn't Hibari-san…" the largest of the fuckers taunted, his gang members laughing at the boy named Hibari, "Just because you beat some sixth-graders, doesn't mean you could beat us. They were punks."

"Oh? Then you think you are stronger?" He asked impassively, smirking as he approached us slowly. I could still remember how I shiver as he approached us, as if his mere presence was simply too much for me. I didn't see it coming. The next thing I knew, the largest of them was already down, clutching his stomach in pain. On his hands were a pair of steel tonfas, a bit too large to be carried by a mere boy but he twirled them around as if it weigh less than a feather. He hit the boy that had been holding me right on the head, sending him to the ground with a loud thud. I fell to the ground, gasping for breathe. The remaining fuckers stared at him with wide eyes and I remembered one of them even shitted in fear.

"R-R-Run!!" they all began to run, screaming loudly. He scoffed and looked at me.

"Miura Makoto-kun right?" he asked me, smiling almost angelically. I nodded, dazed at the smile he gave me, wondering if he had been the same boy who beat two six-graders with one strike, "I want to see some fireworks."

"Fire… works?" I asked, unsure at what he meant. He nodded and pointed at the direction of the running fuckers.

"Throw fireworks at them." He ordered. It was during that moment I knew what he had meant by fireworks. I was hesitant, fearing for what may happen to my mother if I did what he told me to. He looked at me and, as if he had noticed my hesitation, his smile became gentler. He took one of my hands and whispered.

"Don't worry… and trust me." His words felt like magic. I took the hidden specialized bomb from my pocket and looked at him apologetically.

"I don't have a match…" I said, feeling guilty. He continued to smile and let go of my hand.

"That's okay. Throw it."


"Makoto-kun…" he looked at the retreating forms of those fuckers and said to me, "Throw it."

I nodded and threw the circular bomb to their direction. As it was just above their heads, my eyes widened as I saw the ring on his middle finger was covered in a bright warm amber-colored flame. I did not expect to see such a majestic sky flame at that age. With a flick of his wrist, the flames scattered at the general direction of my bomb. The bomb exploded. And when I said it was my specialized bomb, I really mean it. The fuckers all screamed when they were hailed by small pieces of glass, appearing like crystal rain. He looked back at me and smiled, reaching his hand out, "That was some nice fireworks."

"It's not fireworks…" I pitifully said, taking his hand as he pulled me up.

"Hayato-jii's fireworks are bigger but yours is pretty interesting too." He said.

"You know my father?" I asked. He nodded.

"I know Hayato-jii and Takeshi-jii. I also know Haru-nee." He let go of my hand and placed his tonfas on his school bag, "Haru-nee has been talking about you quite often. It's nice to finally meet you in person, Makoto-kun. I'm Hibari Mitsuki."

It wasn't after he took me to his home and I found my mother inside, talking to his Papan and Maman did I realize that he was the next boss of Vongola. Hibari Mitsuki… Vongola Undicesimo… Eleventh…

"Good morning, Eleventh!"

"Good morning, Makoto-kun."

Since then, I've been by the Eleventh's side. He was the first person, other than the Vongola Famiglia, that accepted me. He had let me be myself. And… he protected me…

"This boy sent five six graders to the hospital!! He should be kicked out!!" I remembered how my blood boiled as the loud screeching of the voices of the fucking mothers of those fuckers screamed at the principal to kick me out. I had prepared myself. After doing such a thing, I knew that there was nothing left for me to do but to accept the fact that I would forever be a burden to my mother. As the bitches pressured the principal, the door opened and they all grew silent as a young boy entered the room.

"ELEVENTH!" I stuttered, not truly believing that he was here. I looked away, not wanting him to see me at my pathetic state. Eleventh only walked pass the bitches and looked at the principal.

"You will not do anything to Miura Makoto-kun." Eleventh ordered. All of us had our eyes wide-open as we heard him order the principal, "I ordered him to throw the bomb to the six graders."

"YOU WHAT?!" I wanted to hit those bitches for shouting at Eleventh but he was faster, hitting the nearest wall with his steel tonfa. They all flinched and backed away from Eleventh. Eleventh looked at them with his cold caramel eyes, the silver hue glistening in a threatening way.

"They were violating school rules and regulations. As a Hibari, I will not let them destroy the peace and order my father had maintained." He returned his attention back on the trembling principal and added, "Any action against Miura Makoto is an action against me… against the Hibari family."

With that said, Eleventh began to walk away but stopped and looked at me. He gave me a soft smile and ordered, "Let's go, Makoto-kun."

I looked at the principal and noticed how pale he was. He looked at me and nodded before turning his attention back at the bitches, "This school will not do anything to Miura Makoto-kun."

I was surprised at those words and so were the bitches, screaming and screeching at the principal. During the commotion, I felt someone gently grab my hand. Eleventh looked at me with a soft smile and asked, "Let's go?"

It was during that moment… I knew I found the one I would gladly lay my life for…

Eleventh was a bit… eccentric. It was as if he had two personalities. I told him once about how he would be serious and a bit scary for a moment then revert to his usual smiling innocent look. He had laughed it off and said…

"So… Let's give them names. When I'm scary, I'm in my Hibari Mode. When I'm smiling, I'm in my Mi-kun Mode."

We would spend our breaks ensuring that the school was free from individuals that tried to ruin the order of Namimori… or at least that's how Eleventh phrased it. To me, they were just fuckers who should just fucking die.

My mother and I would usually get dinner at their place. It was warmer and Eleventh's grandparents and siblings were kind and cheerful.

"So, Mitsuki-kun, who's coming for the Parent Participation Day tomorrow?" my mother had asked Eleventh one night. Truthfully, I didn't want her to come to school. I didn't want her to be the topic of gossips and whispering. But… I didn't want to lie to my mother. I didn't want to keep any secrets to her.

Eleventh looked at my mother for almost a minute, as if unable to properly answer her. I was surprised to see Eleventh looked down and continued to be silent. Maman patted his back and said, "Don't worry, Mi-kun. We'll come to school for you, right Papa?"

Papan nodded eagerly, grinning, "Of course. I won't miss seeing my grandson make a fool of those teachers."

With that comment, the entire room erupted to a cheerful laughter. Maybe I had been the only one who noticed how my mother and Eleventh was forcing their laugh.

Later that night, I woke up to hear my mother yelling at the person on the other side of her phone in the dead of the night. I began to drift asleep again, the last thing I remember hearing was my mother threatening the person on the other end that he should get his butt back to Namimori by tomorrow morning or she will haunt him down and scold him to death… or something…

I went to school with my mother and met with the Eleventh outside the gates of the school. I rushed to his side and greeted him.

"Good morning, Makoto-kun." He replied, smiling cutely like usual. My mother greeted him as well and asked where Maman and Papan were. Mitsuki only smiled and replied, "Papan and Maman said that they would come later, as they have to look at something first."

I saw my mother's eyes glistened as if she was sharing a little secret inside. My mother nodded and reached her hand out to Mitsuki, "So, why don't you accompany us to your room, Mi-kun?"

Eleventh looked at my mother then at me, "Makoto-kun could do tha-"

"It's decided!" my mother grabbed both our hands and began dragging us inside school grounds. Eleventh only sighed and let my mother drag him to our classroom… which we had to lead her once we reached the corridor because she unfamiliar with the entire building.

First period started with a half-ass joke our teacher made for the parents. They were all hypocrites, preparing slides and power-point presentation when normally they just talk and talk for hours. I would look at Eleventh and saw him with a solemn look, as if brooding over something. I can't say I can't relate entirely. Eleventh may be strong but he was still a kid back then. I was sad because not even one of my fathers could make it and I could only imagine how much greater Eleventh's sadness was compared to mine. We both don't care about the day itself but the fact that there are parents littered everywhere to cheer for their child made us a bit unsettled. At least, I still had my mother. My blood began to boil as I heard the whispering of some of them, mostly about my mother and me. When I was at my limits, I was about to shout at them when the door to our room slide open. My eyes widened and I felt like I was looking at what Eleventh would look like when he grows up.

"Chichiue!" I heard Eleventh call out cheerfully, smiling like a real kid for once. The man, who entered the room, looked around before setting his eyes on Eleventh. He gave a small smile and nodded at Eleventh. Eleventh grinned and nodded as well, returning his attention back on the board. The teacher and some of the parents present were paralyzed at the sudden appearance of Eleventh's Chichiue. It took me a minute to finally realize who he was. Hibari Kyouya, the Tenth's Cloud Guardian, as well as Eleventh's other father… I've only met him once during my visit in Italy.

Eleventh's father leaned by the window and looked at the teacher, "Continue."

"Y-Y-Yes, Hibari-san!" the teacher stuttered and returned to her lesson. I looked at the Eleventh and found him grinning like a kid. Eleventh looked at me and I swore that I was blinded by the smile he gave me. It was the first time I truly saw Eleventh smile so brightly and I suddenly began to smile as well.

The moment the bell rang indicating it was lunch time, all of the parents ushered their children out of the room, whispering something about crowding around. Eleventh jumped off his sit and ran towards his father.

"Chichiue!!" he jumped towards his father, wrapping his little arms on his father's neck. His father cradled him and pecked his temple briefly. My mother approached them and looked proud over something. Eleventh tilted his head and innocently asked, "Why is Chichiue here?"

"This annoying woman called me in the middle of the night." His father replied, glaring at my mother.

"Ha-Hi?! Haru is not an annoying woman! If anything, Kyouya-san is the annoying one here!" my mother shouted. I gulped. I've heard tales of how ruthless the Tenth's Cloud Guardian was and I feared for my mother's safety.

"Repeat what you said, Miura Haru and I'll-"

I saw him approach my mother and I ran towards them. I stopped in front of my mother and outstretched my hands, glaring at the older man currently holding Eleventh, "Don't you dare touch my mother!!"

He glared at me before raising an eyebrow, "Who's the herbivore?"

Eleventh grinned and replied, "Miura Makoto-kun, Hayato-jii, Takeshi-jii and Haru-nee's son and… my very first guardian."

I blushed at Eleventh's words and looked away, "I-I-I have no r-right to be Eleventh's guardian!"

His father stared at me before smirking, "He's definitely those herbivores' son."

"I know." My mother nodded in agreement, "I just wonder who he takes more from. Hayato-san or Takeshi-san?"

Eleventh's father scoffed and put Eleventh down, "Does it matter? He has Yamamoto Takeshi's smile but Gokudera Hayato's passion. But… he definitely has your looks, Miura Haru."

I blushed once more, feeling a bit happy that I resembled my parents. My mother giggled and hugged me, "For course my Mako-chan looks like me!"

My blush deepened, trying to get away from my mother's embrace. It was embarrassing to let the Eleventh and his father see me like this. Eleventh only smiled and took his father's hand. His father paid no attention to us and whispered on Eleventh's ear, "Don't tell Tsunayoshi that you already have one guardian. He'll throw a fit."

Eleventh giggled and nodded. My mother let go of me and we all went to the rooftop to eat lunch. The moment they saw Eleventh's father, all the parents with their child flew out of the rooftop, letting us eat in peace. My mother brought four tiers of obentos and a thermos of hot tea. It was the first I ever saw Eleventh so happy, so lively, as he narrated different stories about our daily lives to his father. At times, my mother would exclaimed how dangerous it was but would laugh it off soon enough, commenting how Eleventh was the Tenth's son so there was nothing to be worried about. I was happy because my mother didn't worry that much about me, saying that I was my fathers' son and I would be safe.

We finished lunch a bit too early and as my mother cleaned our obentos, she looked at us and told us to look around the campus. I had been reluctant to leave her alone but she had persisted and ordered… as in actually order… Eleventh's father to take care of me and Eleventh. Eleventh's father glared at her and nodded. Soon, we were walking aimlessly on the corridors when we saw some fifth-graders bullying a first-grader. His father smirked and crossed his arms, leaning on the wall, "Show me how strong you have become, Mitsuki."

Eleventh nodded, smiling at his father before taking out his tonfas. I was about to assist Eleventh when he looked at me with a smile, "I'll be fine, Makoto-kun. I want to show Chichiue how strong I've become."

"But Eleventh…"

"Miura Makoto, you simply have to observe and believe that Mitsuki can do it." I heard his father instruct me. I nodded solemnly and Eleventh patted my head briefly with a soft smile on his face before facing the fifth-graders with a serious expression.

"Hey… you should behave especially since your parents are here today." Eleventh reprehended. The fifth-graders all look at him and growled.

"Go away! This is between us and this trash over here." One of them said, glaring at Eleventh. Eleventh smirked.

"That's weird… The trashes I see are surrounding the first-grader over there." Eleventh taunted.

"What was that?!" one of them charged Eleventh. Eleventh only side-stepped and swiped the boy's feet with his tonfa, sending him kissing the ground. All the fifth-grader charged Eleventh. Eleventh raised his tonfas and crouched in time to dodge the punch one of them threw at him. Eleventh hit the two fifth-graders on both of his sides with deadly accuracy and kicked the one in front of him. I could see his father smirk proudly at the Eleventh's work. Eleventh wasted no time and hit the remaining one right on the face, sending him sprawling across the hall. The first-grader trembled and stared at Eleventh with fear-filled eyes. Eleventh smiled angelically at the first-grader.

"Go return to your parents." Eleventh softly ordered the frightened first-grader. The first-grader nodded and ran away, crying for his mommy. Eleventh skipped towards us and smiled shyly at his father. His father ruffled his hair and smirked proudly.

"You've grown stronger." His father praised, making Eleventh blush and grin, "But… these tonfas hold secrets you have yet to use, Mitsuki."

"Secrets?" Eleventh tilted his head and his father pressed something on the hilt of the tonfas. My eyes widened as spikes appeared on the tonfas. Eleventh was also surprise, but his surprise looked like that of a kid that was given a brand new toy. His father smirked and ruffled Eleventh's hair, "When we get back home, I'll teach you all of its secrets."

"No, you WILL NOT!" we were all surprise at the order coming from behind us. We all looked back and my jaw dropped as I saw a beautiful woman wearing a soft orange dress. Eleventh's eyes brightened once more and he rushed towards the woman.

"Otto-sama!!" my eyes widened as I heard what Eleventh called the woman. Otto-sama…

As in…

The Tenth Boss of Vongola, Sawada Tsunayoshi!!

The Tenth giggled and let Eleventh hug his waist, caressing Eleventh's black locks before returning his attention back at Eleventh's father. Eleventh let go of the Tenth and rushed to my side, grabbing my hand and pulling me away from his parents. Tenth looked a bit frustrated and I heard him reprehend Eleventh's father, "Hibari Kyouya…"

Even Eleventh's father looked uncomfortable and stepped back. Which didn't do any good as Tenth took a step forward, "I heard from my mom that it was Mitsu-kun's Parent Participation Day today so I forced Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto to accompany me back to Namimori. And what do I find while looking for my son?"

"I find you! I knew I should have stopped you from giving Mitsu-kun those tonfas! I just knew this would come back to bite me!! And I'm not even talking about your catchphrase!"

"Tsunayoshi… Mitsuki was just preserving the peace and order o-"

"Enough! I don't want to hear any excuses from you, Hibari Kyouya! Not only did you not tell me you were in Namimori and made me worried when you didn't return home from your mission with Xanxus, you had the nerve to make our son beat those kids up! You! You! You have one minute, Hibari Kyouya. One minute to get this children help or I swear to Giotto that I will make you spend a month in Varia tied to Lussuria!!" I blinked as Eleventh's father hastily took his phone out and dialed a number.

"I need an ambulance at Namimori Elementary School. You have one minute or I'll bite all of you to death." He growled.

"Forty seconds." Tenth reminded, crossing his arms together while glaring at Eleventh's father. Eleventh's father placed his phone back to his pocket and stared at Tenth.

"Twenty seconds." I gulped at the heavy tension in the entire hall, and I almost cowered to Eleventh. Eleventh looked calm though.

"Fiv-" We heard the loud siren of an ambulance and, soon enough, tired and gasping paramedics appeared on our right.

"H-H-Hibari-san, who would you like us to send to the hospital?" one of the tired paramedics asked, falling to the floor in exhaustion. Eleventh's father pointed at the battered forms of the fifth-graders and they hurriedly placed them on stretchers. Eleventh's father glared at one of the paramedics and hissed.

"If you had been five seconds later, I would have bitten all of you to death." The paramedic trembled and ran, carrying the battered fifth-graders with haste. Tenth did not look happy at all. Eleventh's father sighed and approached the Tenth, wrapping his arms around the Tenth's waist.

"K-Kyouya! Don't think you can get away with this just b- mmph!" Tenth's sentence was left unsaid as Eleventh's father kissed him in front of us. At first, the Tenth was trying to move away but stopped and I swore I heard a moan. Eleventh tugged my sleeve and looked at me innocently.

"You should cover your ears and close your eyes."

"Why?" I asked and turned my attention back at Eleventh's parents as I heard a moan.

"K-K-Kyouya… not in front of Mitsu-" Tenth gasped and I saw Eleventh's father began to nibble his ear.

"BASTARD!! STOP!!" both of them stopped and looked back, the Tenth blushing furiously. Eleventh's father growled and glared at the person who shouted. My eyes brightened as I recognized the silver-hair.

"Father!!" I shouted, running towards my father. Father caught me and pulled me to a hug.

"How are you, Makoto? Did that stupid woman make you wear something idiotic again?" father asked.

"Ha-HI!? How dare you say that, Hayato-san!" mother screamed. Soon enough, father and mother were yelling at each other, insults and curses filled the air. I heard a cheerful laugh and a pair of strong arms lifted me to the ground.

"Dad!" I yelled in joy, hugging my dad. Dad laughed and hugged me back, grinning at my other bickering parents.

"Maa, maa… Hayato, you have to admit. Makoto looked cute in those costumes." Dad said, patting father's shoulder. Father stopped cursing at mother and glared at Eleventh's father.

"You fucking bastard…" father hissed and went towards Eleventh's father. I saw the Tenth cover Eleventh's ears as father began to curse once more, "What the fuck were you thinking?! Were you planning on screwing the Tenth in front of my child and yours?!"

"Gokudera-kun, language!" Tenth reprehended my father. Father covered his mouth automatically and bowed at Tenth.

"I'm so sorry, Tenth! I got carried away because of this bastard…"


"O-O-Of course! B-be-because of t-this poop… head…"

Eleventh's father raised an eyebrow, "Poop-head? That's the best you can come up with, herbivore?"

"What was that, you fu-" father looked at Tenth and Eleventh, "… fu-fu-furry creature…"

At this, even dad and mother were stifling their laughter while Eleventh's father had a taunting smirk on his face. The only person that didn't seem to find it funny was the Tenth. The Tenth looked at Eleventh and smiled, "Mitsu-kun, can you go to your Takeshi-jii and Haru-nee while I scold your Chichiue and Hayato-jii?"

Eleventh cheerfully nodded and ran towards us. Tenth pulled father and Eleventh's father by the ear to an unoccupied room and shut the door. Eleventh grinned at me and my dad and outstretched his arms. Dad laughed merrily and picked Eleventh as well, placing him on his other arm. Eleventh smiled softly at me and said, "It's more fun with everyone, right?"

I nodded and grinned back at Eleventh. Eleventh… was the first person who I wasn't related to who truly looked at me."

Makoto looked at Mutsuhi, who was staring at him attentively. Makoto blushed at the attention and rubbed the back of his head, "I-I-I don't have any romantic attraction for Eleventh. My love for him… if you want to call it like that… is more of a brotherly-boss-like love. I mean… I don't love him the same way that you do."

Now it was Mutsuhi's turn to blush. Looking away, Mutsuhi smiled shyly at Makoto and bowed, "Thank you for sharing a story of Mitsuki-san's childhood."

Makoto looked away, a bit embarrassed, "Well… you should ask Tenth or Hibari-sama if you want to hear more of Eleventh's childhood. Or better yet, ask Eleventh."

Mutsuhi blushed and covered his cheeks, "I-I-I can't. Each time I asked, Mitsuki-san would always tease me and get me to talk about my childhood memories. They're so embarrassing."

Makoto sighed and stopped as they reached the room Mutsuhi was staying with Mitsuki. Makoto opened the door and looked at the blushing Mutsuhi, "Well, I'm sure Tenth would love to tell you all about Eleventh's childhood. You can ask him once they get back from Varia."

Mutsuhi nodded and smiled at Makoto. Mutsuhi entered their room and held the door, looking shyly at Makoto, "Um… Makoto-san…"


"Mitsuki-san really does need you. So… please…" Mutsuhi looked at the ground, unsure on how he should continue, "Please… continue supporting him."

Makoto nodded, "Of course."

"I'll see you in dinner, Makoto-san." Mutsuhi said, closing the door.

"Mutsuhi." Makoto called out, grabbing the door before it could fully close. Mutsuhi blinked and looked at Makoto with confused eyes. Makoto blushed and looked away, "You too."


"I mean… Eleventh may be strong but… he is also human." Makoto looked at Mutsuhi seriously, "In times where Eleventh may become troubled, I'll count on you to be there for him and wash his doubts away gently."

Mutsuhi smiled softly and nodded, "Then I'll count on you to blow his problems away fiercely, Makoto-san."

Makoto nodded and grinned at Mutsuhi. Mutsuhi returned it with a shy smile and Makoto let the younger boy close the door. Makoto smiled at the close door and was about to leave when he saw Murasaki staring at him, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"I was making sure you didn't touch what wasn't yours." Murasaki replied coldly, walking towards him. Makoto frowned and glared at Murasaki.

"It's not like that." Makoto said. Murasaki scoffed and went passed him.

"It's usually the right-hand man who has an affair with the boss' wife."

"Oh, really? I seem to remember it as the boss' brother that would have an affair with his wife." Makoto growled back. Murasaki looked back and purple flames covered his Nuvola Ring.

"I seemed to have heard you wrong, Miura Makoto." Murasaki growled. Makoto engulfed his Tempesta Ring as well.

"You fucking heard me right, Murasaki."

"I'll eliminate you."

"Bring it, butterfly-fucker."

When Mitsuki returned from an otherwise peaceful meeting with the Varia, he found his Storm and Cloud Guardian all battered, wounded, bruised, and burned from head to toe in front of his room while his lover, the Rain Guardian, was crying like the rain, gushing and fearing for the safety of the bruised guardians. Mitsuki sighed and placed a hand on his forehead.

He was so getting scolded by his Otto-sama for this…



The Figlia Rings – This would be officially introduced later in RVDecimo-sama. The rings are imitations of the Vongola Rings and only have three-fourths of the full capacity of the Vongola Rings. In Mitsuki's time-line, the Figlia Rings are given to the next Boss of Vongola and to his chosen guardians. Each Figlia Rings are a representation of its 'parent' Vongola Ring:

Tempesta Ring – with a ruby gem encasing the symbol of the Vongola Ring of Storm, the Tempesta Ring is worn by Miura Makoto, son of Yamamoto Takeshi, Gokudera Hayato and Miura Haru and the right-hand man of Vongola Undicesimo.

Pioggia Ring – with a sapphire gem encasing the symbol of the Vongola Ring of Rain, the Pioggia Ring is worn by Mutsuhi, the lover of Vongola Undicesimo.

Nuvola Ring – with an amethyst gem encasing the symbol of the Vongola Ring of Cloud, the Nuvola Ring is worn by Murasaki, Hibari Kyouya's protégée.

Tuono Ring – with a peridot gem encasing the symbol of the Vongola Ring of Thunder, the Tuono Ring is worn by Nataniele Cavallone, son of Dino Cavallone.

Foschia Ring – with an opal gem encasing the symbol of the Vongola Ring of Mist, the Foschia Ring is worn by Rokudo Kiriku. As of the moment, all information concerning Vongola Undicesimo's Mist Guardian is classified.

Soleggiato Ring – with a jasper gem encasing the symbol of the Vongola Ring of Sun, the Soleggiato Ring is worn by Sasagawa Nichiyo, only child of Sasagawa Ryohei.

Cielo Ring – with an amber gem encasing the symbol of the Vongola Ring of Sky, the Cielo Ring is the proof of the next heir of Vongola and is worn by Hibari Mitsuki, son of Vongola Decimo and his Cloud Guardian.

Miura Makoto – Makoto is written by the kanji that means 'truth'. The real way to pronounce his name is 'Shinjitsu'. Makoto is derived from the furigana of the kanji. Makoto's number would be 30, 3 coming from Mi of Miura and 0 came from 'to' of Makoto which would actually came from the Japanese word 'too' which is the counter for 10 things (so Yamamoto's number actually came from 'ya' (8) and 'to' (10 or 0)). He looks a lot like his mother, Miura Haru, and all of them refuse to get a dna test to know who his real father is.

Mutsuhi – number would be 61. 6 came from Mutsu (counter for six things) and 1 came from 'hi' (from hitotsu). His name is written with the kanji that means (Mutsu)Six (Hi)Days but, by pronunciation, his name can also mean six flames or six faults. As of the moment, his last name is being withheld from the public but he shares resemblance to the dame-version of Tsuna… with cat-shaped spikes and more feminine looks…

Murasaki – number would be 16. 6 came from Mu which came from Mutsu. The origin of the number 1 is being withheld as his last name is classified as well. Murasaki is written in the kanjis that means 'Village (mura) of the First (saki)'. But his name can also mean 'purple'. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he was trained by Hibari Kyouya himself. The butterfly comment may or may not have something to do with his box weapons.

Aniue – a way of calling someone 'brother'. This is usually used by people who uses the terms Chichiue and Hahaue to call their parents.

Notes: Okay. You guys were half-right. The other man in the omake of Task 11 of RVDecimo-sama was Makoto, so you guys got the 8059 child right. You just didn't expect that Mitsuki's lover would be another character whose last name I have yet to reveal. But here's a clue: one of his parents is a canon character. And now, I also briefly introduced Mitsuki's other guardians in the notes. Have fun thinking of theories and such. –grins- Okay, so I'm adding another corner other than 'Reply-To-Reviews' corner. Here, you guys can ask whatever you want to ask from any of the OCs in RVDecimo (which includes Mitsuki, Makoto, etc.). It will be called…

Deci-Decimo Ask Anything Corner (The legitimacy of the answers has not been tested and it is up to the readers to take it as the truth or not):

The first question would be from Ila Way, directed to Mitsuki…

Mitsuki, who looked in his early twenties, entered wearing a suit and smiled at the readers.

Ila Way would just like to know if you have the same Namimori School Anthem ring-tone in your phone as your Chichiue.

Mitsuki looked at the readers and smirked, "It's really none of your business, is it?"

"If that is all, I have a Cloud Guardian and a Storm Guardian to talk to." Mitsuki bowed slightly at the readers before disappearing in the background.

Damn… I forgot how he's more like Hibari when he grows up. GET MITSU-KUN!!

Once more, Mitsuki entered, this time looking like he was just eight. Mitsuki blinked innocently at the readers.

Mitsuki, one of our readers would like to know if you have the Namimori School Anthem as a ring-tone on your phone…

Mitsuki grinned and took his phone out. He showed it to the readers and said, "Call me."

Soon, a very familiar voice started to sing…

"M-mi-midori tanabiku…" the voice sang, off-key and stuttering.

Who the hell butchered the song?

Mitsuki grinned once more and put his phone on his pocket, "Otto-sama."

… … …

"Chichiue recorded it and I got it from his phone." Mitsuki replied.

… … Okay… Thank you, Mitsuki…

"No problem." Mitsuki smiled brightly at the readers before leaving.

If you wish to ask a question, please leave a review or pm me. Oh. And we would usually only have one question answered for each side-track… unless permitted… Samuele…

Samuele appeared and cleared his throat, "We wait for your questions!"


Samuele mumbled in the background, "Why am I not the host?"

Because they can ask you questions too.


And now… The 'Replies-To-The-Reviews' Corner (RVDecimo has 250+ reviews!! YEY!!)

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Stoic-Genius: I hope you were surprise on how I handled Mitsuki's love life. –smiles sheepishly- And Anemone-san being Giotto-san? –looks around- Well, until we heard it from Tsuna's own lips, I can't really say anything. –grins- And the woman was just Haru threatening Hibari for Mitsuki's sake. –flails arms-

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Spoiling the Kid...