Side-Track 14: Enough

Warning: Mitsuki acting very different to how he was portrayed in other side-tracks (especially in the 'Deci-Decimo Ask Anything Corner'), appearance of a Guardian, and butterflies… yeah… killer butterflies…

Side-Track 14: Enough

Mutsuhi opened his eyes and blinked. Sitting up slowly, he moaned softly. Behind him, a quiet voice asked, "How do you feel?"

Mutsuhi turned around and saw his senpai looking at him while he was leaning by the window. Mutsuhi looked away and replied meekly, "I-I feel fine. Thank you."

The light from the window suggested that it was already night time. Mutsuhi smiled, "I-I blanked out again, didn't I?"

His senpai closed his eyes, "Yes."

Mutsuhi chuckled softly, "I had the weirdest dream though. I mean, it seemed something out of a movie."

His senpai opened his eyes and smiled, "Is that so?"

Mutsuhi nodded as he continued to chuckle, "Yeah. It was… really weird… Senpai was fighting using Hedgehog-san."

His senpai did not join in the laughing. Mutsuhi stopped after a few moments and smiled at his senpai, "Well… I should get going…"

"Mutsuhi…" His senpai said his name with a solemn voice.


"It's not a dream." His senpai curtly said, his eyes staring intently at Mutsuhi's.


Mutsuhi was cut short as the door opened and Mutsuhi heard a man's voice, "Get your ass inside now!"

Mutsuhi gasped as a man in a tattered suit was kicked inside, hitting the floor with a loud thud. The man was bloodied all over, breathing heavily. Mutsuhi turned back to face the door and saw Makoto walking inside with an annoyed expression on his face. Makoto turned to face Mutsuhi's senpai and said, "This fucker is the last of them."

His senpai stared at the man with cold eyes and asked, "Your name?"

"Go to hell!" The man screamed in Italian. His senpai smiled.

"Not really a time to say such thing, 'go-to-hell'-san." His senpai said, walking towards the man, "Especially since your life is in my hands now."

The man's eyes widened as his senpai touched the man's cheek and asked, "From which family did you come from?"

"I have nothing to say to a dog of Vongola." The man replied, glaring at his senpai. His senpai closed his eyes.

"I see. How troublesome." His senpai said in a disapproving voice and looked away, "Take him away, Makoto."

"Eh?" Makoto seemed surprised and said, "But-"

His senpai silenced Makoto with a wave of his hand and stared at the man, "You will return to your boss and tell him that we guardians will not be kind enough to give our precious Eleventh to you. Now, run along before I impale you myself."

The man didn't need to be told twice, dragging his feet away from the room as soon as he could. Makoto frowned but did as he was ordered to, following the man away from the room. As soon as the two men were out of the room, Mutsuhi turned to face his senpai as he heard him sigh. His senpai smiled bitterly at Mutsuhi as he commented, "You have such bad luck, Sawada Mutsuhi."

"Eh?" Mutsuhi blinked in confusion and his senpai closed his eyes.

"Sit. We have much to talk about." His senpai ordered. Mutsuhi sat on the couch once more, following his senpai with his eyes. His senpai sat on the coffee table in front of the couch and told him, "What do you know about Sawada Setsuna's job?"

"Father's job?" Mutsuhi repeated, thinking about it for a moment as he placed his hands on his lap. With a soft voice, Mutsuhi replied to his senpai, "Not much, really. All I know is that father works in Italy… Even mother doesn't talk about it."

"I'm not surprised that Kyoko-nee wouldn't tell you about it." His senpai commented as he smiled sadly. Mutsuhi stared at his senpai for a moment.

"Senpai… you know my mother?" Mutsuhi asked him, staring at his senpai curiously. His senpai continued to smile sadly at him.

"My parents know your parents well." His senpai replied, staring at Mutsuhi seriously as he continued, "Sawada Setsuna works for Vongola, a great mafia family that is stationed in Italy."

"… mafia…" Mutsuhi repeated, staring at his senpai for a moment. Mutsuhi began to giggle softly, asking him, "I was wondering what Kusakabe-senpai wanted to tell me… but I never expected to hear a joke from Senpai…"

His senpai smiled back but told him seriously, "I'm not joking, Sawada Mutsuhi."

Mutsuhi stopped giggling and turned to face his senpai once more, staring at him intently as he asked, "Do you have proof, Senpai?"

"Proof?" His senpai repeated, a cold smile playing at his lips. Mutsuhi nodded.

"Proof that father is working for the mafia… or maybe, just proof that what Senpai is trying to say is true." Mutsuhi clarified, clenching his fists tightly, "I may be weak and not that smart but I cannot simply believe in anything you say. Even if I respect you, even if you are my Senpai, I'm sorry but I cannot simply swallow everything you say. Please… understand just that, Senpai."

"You…" His senpai closed his eyes and smiled, "You use words too much."

Mutsuhi looked at the floor as he replied softly, "I'm sorry…"

"Have you ever heard of 'Devil's Proof', Sawada Mutsuhi?" His senpai asked, opening his eyes and staring at the moon once more. Mutsuhi shook his head.

"No… I have not…" Mutsuhi replied. Mutsuhi was surprised when his senpai took out a pair of tonfas from his back.

"You cannot deny something does not exist because you have not seen a proof of it." His senpai explained, smiling at Mutsuhi, "Tell me, Sawada Mutsuhi. Do you believe that a god exists?"

Mutsuhi stared at the tonfas on his senpai's hands as he nodded, "I… believe… yes…"

"Why? Have you seen proof that such a powerful being exist?" His senpai asked once more, standing.

"I… I…" Mutsuhi closed his eyes, "I do not need proof to believe such a thing."

His senpai smiled as he closed his eyes, ordering Mutsuhi, "Open your eyes, Sawada Mutsuhi."

Mutsuhi opened his eyes slowly and stared at his senpai. His senpai continued to smile at him, ordering him seriously, "Clench your teeth."

Mutsuhi's eyes widened as one of his senpai's tonfas erupted into a sea of purple flames. His senpai raised his arm, readying to strike Mutsuhi. Mutsuhi closed his eyes immediately as he felt his senpai's arm coming down towards him.

Mutsuhi felt something hot passed near his ear. Opening his eyes slowly, he saw his senpai staring down at him, one of his arms placed just a few inches away from his ear. Mutsuhi turned his face to his right, his eyes widening as he saw the right part of the couch burned. His senpai closed his eyes as he withdrew his arm, telling Mutsuhi, "I have no proof to show you, Sawada Mutsuhi. All I can show you is my strength but I know it is not proof enough. For what I am to say to you no longer have any physical proof whatsoever…"

His senpai smiled bitterly as he walked away from Mutsuhi, stopping by the window. His senpai opened his eyes and stared at the moon, telling Mutsuhi with a soft voice, "Right now, Vongola is being threatened by a coalition of rival families. Information is hard to come by, especially here in Namimori. A few days ago, we lost contact with Italy… that, of course, includes your father…"

Mutsuhi tried to calm himself as he listened to his senpai, "The men that tried to kill you are part of that coalition. They've been a sore spot in Namimori for a few days now but they only acted aggressively today… about a wrong piece of information no less."

"Hibari… Mitsuki…" Mutsuhi whispered which caused his senpai to stop and look back at him. Mutsuhi looked down, a bit conscious at having his senpai's attention. Mutsuhi continued softly, "Hypothetically speaking, if what Senpai is saying is true, they're looking for a person named Hibari Mitsuki… Why did they attack me then?"

"Hypothetically speaking?" His senpai smirked, humoring Mutsuhi as he replied, "That's because the tenth boss of Vongola is named Sawada Tsunayoshi, a native of Namimori."

"A… native of Namimori…" Mutsuhi repeated, "Sawada…"

"Sawada Tsunayoshi has a son that was said to be living in Namimori." His senpai continued, "All records that he ever existed were destroyed a few years back. No one can prove he truly existed."

Mutsuhi turned towards his senpai, now having an idea what his senpai was trying to save. No one can prove that a son truly existed… but no one can also prove that a son didn't exist. Mutsuhi asked softly, "What… was the son's name?"

"Mitsuki…" His senpai replied, "His real name was… Hibari Mitsuki."

Mutsuhi smiled as he looked away, asking his senpai softly, "Is senpai saying that he knows where to find the son of the boss?"

His senpai gave a bitter cold laugh. His senpai looked away and replied, "Well… You can say I know the son best… or maybe… I don't know him at all."

His senpai looked back at Mutsuhi and told him, albeit distantly, "I am… Hibari Mitsuki…"

Mutsuhi continued to stare at his senpai for a few moments. His senpai smiled bitterly once more and asked, "Is it so hard to believe?"

Mutsuhi looked away and replied, "I… I don't understand one thing…"

"What is it?" His senpai asked.

"Senpai will not gain anything from telling me. So… why should he?" Mutsuhi asked. His senpai walked towards him and placed his hand on Mutsuhi's chin, forcing the younger boy to look at his senpai. Mutsuhi gulped but could not take his eyes away from the young man in front of him, his gleaming caramel eyes staring deep inside Mutsuhi's very soul.

"Shall I tell you the cruel truth? Or should I give you the sugar-coated truth?" His senpai asked, as if teasing Mutsuhi.

"The truth…" Mutsuhi replied, "I just want the truth."

"You will become part of this mafia affair with or without your consent. And I plan to protect you." His senpai informed him, smiling as he closed his eyes, "That's the sugar-coated truth."

"And… the cruel truth?" Mutsuhi asked, staring intently at his senpai. His senpai opened his eyes and smiled sardonically at him.

"You will become part of this mafia affair because you will be the bait." His senpai revealed, "You… will be our little fake Vongola heir."

"… fake…" Mutsuhi remembered the reason why he had been attacked by those his senpai consider as enemies. Mutsuhi stared at his senpai, "You plan on letting them think I am Hibari Mitsuki? That I am you?"

His senpai smiled and nodded, making a gun gesture with his right hand and aiming it at Mutsuhi, "Bull's eye. Not really a creative plan but I'm more of an opportunist than an artist."

"But… why would you need such a thing?! If you are truly the heir of your mafia family, why can't you just say that? You don't need protection!" Mutsuhi countered, "Isn't it a better plan?"

His senpai blinked and shrugged, "Never really thought of it."


"I just thought: 'let's use him'." His senpai continued, chuckling as if he had said a joke.


Mutsuhi's eyes watered and he bit his bottom lip as he asked, "So… it doesn't matter to you if innocent people get involve in all of these? You don't care?!"

His senpai grinned, "Well… I wouldn't say I don't care… more like… Hm… Not that much."


Mutsuhi felt betrayed. The senpai that appeared so nice to him… It was a lie. Mutsuhi had been betrayed by him. Mutsuhi trembled as he stared at his senpai with tears in his eyes. Although his entire body must have been trembling, his voice was steady as he said, "You… are the worst."

His senpai smiled at him once more, an enigmatic smile that was getting on Mutsuhi's nerve, and said, "Better get used to it, Sawada Mutsuhi. You'll be seeing this for as long as I have use for you."


Mutsuhi couldn't take it anymore. He dragged his feet and rushed outside the room, not even seeing Makoto leaning on the wall next to the door of the room. He rushed outside…

He just needed to leave…

He just needed to get away…

Makoto stared at Mutsuhi's retreating form before asking loud enough for his boss to hear from inside the room, "Is it safe for him to be alone?"

Makoto heard him order, "Follow him… but let him be alone…"

Makoto nodded and bowed, "As you wish, Eleventh. But… lying… won't make it any easier."

The man he had been talking to continued to stare at the moon, leaning on the window. With a sorrowful smile, the man whispered, "Its better this way. Hating me… Hating me is better than the alternative."

Mutsuhi stopped as he leaned on the wall. He probably ran for almost an hour already. Looking up, Mutsuhi smiled as he realized that he was by the gates of the Sawada household. As he gripped the gate, Mutsuhi stopped and stared at the house. A cold breeze passed by him, making Mutsuhi shiver. Crossing his arms in an attempt to warm his self, Mutsuhi realized that there was not a single light opened in the house. Even just the light of the gates were off. Mutsuhi felt his body shiver as he thought of an undeniable fact. His mother always leave at least one light open, even while they were staying in the Sawada household.

Fear gripped Mutsuhi's body tightly. If he had been attacked simply because of his last name, what about the people in this house? They all bear the last name of Sawada. It was not surprising if they were attacked.


"Mom!" Mutsuhi shouted as he opened the gate as fast as he could. Running towards the front door, Mutsuhi's fear strengthened as he realized that the door was locked. Mutsuhi patted his pants for his keys, his actions becoming more and more erratic as he realized that they were not in his pants.

His bag…

Of course. Mutsuhi placed it in his bag… which was most probably still be in school grounds…

Remembering his school made Mutsuhi remember the older man with black hair and silver-like caramel eyes. Mutsuhi shook his head, trying to get the man's face off his mind. Mutsuhi began knocking at the door, loudly calling out, "Mom? Mom!"

Soon enough, he began banging the door loudly, trying to stop himself from crying, "Mom! Please open the door! It's me, Mutsuhi!"


Mutsuhi stopped banging the door as he heard the distinct sound of the knob clicking, as if announcing to Mutsuhi that it had been unlocked. Mutsuhi smiled in relief. That meant…

"Mom!" Mutsuhi called out as he opened the door…

… only to be greeted by darkness. Mutsuhi stopped, staring at the dark and empty hallway. Mutsuhi gulped but steadily walked inside, whispering, "Mom? Maman? Papan? Fuuta-san?"

Mutsuhi took his shoes off and walked to the hallway. Flicking the switch on, the hallway lights flickered on and off twice before finally lighting the entire hallway. Mutsuhi gasped as he swore he saw a shadow move away from his sight, leading to the living room. Mutsuhi stepped back, trying to calm his senses.

If it was any of the people living in this house, they shouldn't be hiding, right?

Looking at the entire event, there was a greater possibility that it was a thief. Mutsuhi should call the police. But… the telephone was next to the stairs which made the living room visible. Mutsuhi gulped once more and put his hands together.

He should just leave and call the police outside.


What if the reason why no one was answering him was because something had happened to them? Or something was happening to them?

What if it was one of those mafia people again?

Mutsuhi took another step back. He needed to call for help…


Not him.

Mutsuhi shook his head defiantly. Definitely not him…

Mutsuhi grabbed a long piece of stick from the shoe rack. If he remembered correctly, Fuuta was supposed to use this as part of a project of his. If Mutsuhi broke it, he would just beg forgiveness and replace it.

Although he knew he would be no match for those people with flaming abilities, Mutsuhi will not ask for his help. How could he ask for help from a man who cared less?

Mutsuhi shook his head as his eyes watered. Inwardly, he ordered himself to stop. It was not going to change, no matter how much he wished for it to. The pain he felt was because of betrayal. He will not give that man the satisfaction of knowing how much he had hurt Mutsuhi.

Taking a deep breath, Mutsuhi quietly walked towards the living room. He leaned on the wall next to the door and looked inside. Mutsuhi almost gasped when he saw a single man inside, wearing a black suit. Mutsuhi nodded to himself and silently walked inside, crouching. Mutsuhi rushed to the back of the sofa as he noticed the man about to turn. Mutsuhi peeked from the sofa and heard the man speak in Japanese, "It appears that everything is according to plan. No… I have yet to make contact with him. Ah, you know him. He's probably-"

Mutsuhi returned to hiding fully behind the couch as he noticed that the man had stopped talking. Mutsuhi heard footsteps, sounding as if it was coming closer and closer to him. Once Mutsuhi knew that the footsteps were just a foot away from the couch, Mutsuhi leaped from his hiding position and lunged at the man, slashing diagonally, "YYAAHHHH!!!"

"You-!" The man sounded surprised as he brandished his weapon. Mutsuhi gasped as his weapon was cut in half by one slice of the man's katana.

"Ahhh!" Mutsuhi lost his balance and fell back, landing on the sofa. The man stared at Mutsuhi and was about to speak when-

"Mutsuhi!" Mutsuhi turned around and saw Makoto rushing to the living room with his right hand erupted in red flames, "DISAPPEAR!"

"AHHH!!!" Mutsuhi screamed as a blast of red flame flew passed him, hitting the man. The entire room was covered in smoke. Mutsuhi coughed and felt his arm being dragged, "Ouch!"

"Shut the fuck up, you idiot!" Makoto yelled as he pulled Mutsuhi up, "How can you be so idiotic?! Did it not occur to your fucking mind that you're inviting your own death by recklessly doing such an idiotic thing?!!"


"You fucking IDIOT!" Makoto did not let Mutsuhi speak as he shouted once more, "Had I not been following you around, you would be fucking dead by now! You fucki-"

"I really need to talk to Hayato about your mouth, Makoto."

Makoto stopped talking as they both heard the voice, originating from where the man was standing. The smoke dissipated and Makoto's and Mutsuhi's eyes widened as they saw a barrier of blue flame, moving in an almost water-like movement, encircle the man. The blue flame disappeared and the man sighed, pushing his black hair back. Chocolate brown eyes stared at Makoto and a playful smile appeared on the man's face as he said cheerfully, "Yo."

"… Dad?"

"What the hell happened here?" A man in a black suit asked in Italian as he saw the carnage inside. His bodyguard, two of the greatest Mafioso of his family looked away in disgust. The storehouse he was looking at was supposedly empty but it had been used by his family as a secret storage. Now, it stores the carnage of what appeared to be ten to twenty of his men, all of them would be difficult to identity because of the way they were killed.

"Did someone butcher them?" He asked, covering his nose as the stench irked him. He felt his insides threatening to come out and stepped back, "Fucking Vongola…"

He stopped when he saw something move from inside the carnage. Looking at one of his bodyguards, he ordered, "Check that out."

"But boss-"


"Yes, sir." His bodyguard took his pistol out and walked inside, making squishy sounds. His bodyguard moaned in disgust as he stepped on something… more squishy than usual. After a while, he stopped and kicked one of the remains.


"What?!!" His boss shouted. The bodyguard chuckled and turned to face his boss.

"It's nothing, boss. Just a purple butterfly." His bodyguard informed him, smiling. His boss' eyes widened at his words.

"Did you say… a purple butterfly?"

"Yeah. What's wrong, boss-" His bodyguard stopped when he noticed that there were now two purple butterflies circling him. Soon enough, he was being circled by a dozen, "Wh-What the hell?!"


He looked up but only in time to see a sea of purple butterflies descend upon him rapidly.

"GAH!" His eyes widened as he felt something cold and steel pierced his chest. Looking up, he saw something underneath the sea of purple butterflies. It was a deeper shade of purple…

… eyes…

"No, no, no, NO!!!" The man shouted as the sea of butterflies swarm towards them. Grabbing his remaining bodyguard, he pushed him towards the incoming assault and ran.

"AHHH!!!" He heard his bodyguard scream as the butterflies assaulted him, piercing him everywhere.

Just as he was about to reach his car, the man screamed as something cold and steel hit his leg. He fell on the floor, grasping in agony as he held his leg. He heard a clank and saw a long steel rod a few feet away from his leg. Turning around, he saw the butterflies condense and scatter, leaving a figure of a young man with unruly ink-black hair. He was wearing a black trench coat that was designed by belts and a violet scarf. The young man approached him silently and the man spat, "ACCURSED DEVIL!!! You did that, DIDN'T YOU?!!! YOU-! YOU-!!!"

The young man side-stepped and evaded the man's attempt to punch him. The man fell down once more, his leg giving up, "AHH!!! MY LEG!!! YOU-!"

The man gasped as the young man kicked him on the stomach before placing his foot on his head. He heard a cold voice inform him, "I only have one question for a useless insect like you. Answer it and you may live."

"INSECT?! AREN'T THAT YO- AHHH!!!" The man screamed in pain as the young man placed his other foot on the man's stomach, distributing his height to the man on the ground.

"One question: which Famiglia planned this?" The young man asked, hissing as he dug his foot deeper on the man's stomach.

The man began to choke as he tried to reply, "STOP! STOP! IT'S- IT'S-"

"Who?" The young man hissed once more.

The man smiled and mocked, "The president of the white house."

The young man stared at the man before smirking, "Your last words would be a joke, I see."

The young man jumped back and the man screamed as a sea of purple butterflies' descent upon him. The young man moved back as blood and remains splattered the concert ground. The young man glared at the remains before walking, grabbing the steel rod. He dismantled the steel rod into a set of three equally sized steel parts and placed them inside his trench coat. He took out a purple box and clicked his fingers. The sea of purple butterflies surrounded him and condensed, leaving a single small purple butterfly, fluttering towards him. He took the butterfly to his hand and placed it inside the box, closing it.

Suddenly, he took a pistol from his trench coat and aimed it at his right. His eyes narrowed as he realized who he was aiming at, "Cockroach…"

"H-H-Hey, Murasaki." Nataniele smiled as he raised his hands as if surrendering.

"What do you want?" Murasaki hissed, not lowering his gun.

"Co-Come on, Murasaki. At least, lower your gun." Nataniele asked, gulping. Murasaki glared at Nataniele.

"What do you want, cockroach?" Murasaki hissed once more, his finger itching to pull the trigger.

Nataniele's hazel eyes turned serious as he replied in a calm voice, "Vongola has a job for both of us…"


"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!" Mitsuki shouted, smiling.

Makoto leaned forward and whispered, "Eleventh… it's already past Christmas Eve…"

Mitsuki sighed and shrugged, "Well… if our authoress didn't forget that their connection could cut off before Christmas Eve, then this wouldn't be awkward."

Nataniele smiled and said, "Well, there's nothing we can do."

"Actually, there is." Mitsuki clicked his fingers, "Ta-da!"

The entire room lighted and everyone was in a room filled with Christmas decorations. All of them were wearing a Santa-like outfit. Mitsuki was wearing a traditional Santa outfit. Makoto wore a traditional Santa outfit but kept it open so that it shows a black shirt. Murasaki opted to wear a trench coat-like Santa outfit but still kept his purple scarf, making a contrast with the red, white and black color of the Santa outfit. Mutsuhi was wearing a Santa outfit but seemed more like Little Red Riding Hood with the red hood tied by a red ribbon. Nataniele wore a traditional Santa outfit but looked a bit uncomfortable because the sleeves hid his hands. Emilio wore a Santa outfit but wore a funny Santa hat.

Mitsuki continued to look at Emilio and commented, "Emi-nii… That certainly changes your image."

Emilio sighed and shrugged, "The authoress said I was too… in her exact words: 'meh'…"

Mitsuki laughed, "Oh well… Let's annoy her later."

Mutsuhi handed the box to Mitsuki who immediately took one piece of paper. Mitsuki looked at everyone and said, "Well. There's a lot of questions today so get ready… This is… umm… Shiroi-chan… 'Mitsuki-chan and Murasaki-chan! Have you guys ever hated each other... ? And please list out those times'."

Mitsuki and Mutsuhi looked at each other. Mitsuki grinned and answered, "Well… We… do fight… but hate… I- Well… it would spoil the plot that we actually have."

Mutsuhi sighed, "Mitsuki-san, please don't make fun of us having a plot…"

"I'm not. I'm enjoying it." Mitsuki defended, smiling.

Murasaki looked away but kept quiet. Mitsuki smiled, "See? Even Murasaki doesn't want to talk about it."

"I don't want to talk about it." Murasaki said.

"Why are you repeating what Eleventh said?" Makoto asked with annoyance.

"I'm not repeat-" Murasaki glared at Makoto, "I am not you, dog."

"What did you say-"

"'Mutsuhi-san will you ever wear a female maids uniform with cat ears and tail?'" Mitsuki asked, already on the next question. They all looked at him and Mitsuki smiled, "Well, considering that you guys were about to kill each other, I thought a question from ToonyTwilight would be better."

As if not paying attention to Murasaki and Makoto, Mitsuki turned towards Mutsuhi and asked, "Well? Female maid uniform with cat ears and tail?"

Mutsuhi gulped and looked away as he stuttered, "I-I-…"

Mutsuhi pulled his hood in an attempt to cover his face as he replied, "I… don't mind…"

"Hoh. You guys heard that!" Mitsuki smiled happily and said, "Now there 'exists' the possibility that Mutsuhi will wear a female maid uniform with cat ears and tail!"

"Ehhh!?" Mutsuhi looked at Mitsuki, "Mitsuki-san!!!"

"Another question from ToonyTwilight: 'Mitsuki-sama, is it true that there is a Mafia Yaoi site that had fan lemons of Mutsuhi-san with anyone but you!?'…" Mitsuki turned to face the other people in the room as Mutsuhi's face reddened like a tomato. Mitsuki grinned and asked, "Anyone know about this?"

"I saw one…" Makoto replied, "But don't worry, Eleventh. I had it removed as soon as I could."

"Awww…" Mitsuki frowned and mumbled, "I wanted to read it…"

"Mitsuki-san!" Mutsuhi shouted once more, making Mitsuki laugh.

"Well, it would be interesting to know who they were pairing you with other than me." Mitsuki reasoned and then turned to face Makoto, "Do you know who?"

"Uhhh…" Makoto looked away and replied, "I'm sorry, Eleventh… I didn't pay that much attention to… it…"

Murasaki frowned when Makoto looked at him and quickly looked away, as if he was afraid of something. Mitsuki nodded and smiled, "Third question from ToonyTwilight! Ohh… This one is fun… 'Who is the worst and best in cross-dressing? (And would Purple-sama make a good girl? (Please don't hunt me down!))'."

Murasaki growled but Mitsuki stopped him with a quick: "You are forbidden to neither kill ToonyTwilight nor even hunt ToonyTwilight down."

"But Aniue-"

"Who's a better cross-dresser: Mutsuhi or Na-nii?" Mitsuki asked while looking at Murasaki with a tight smile. Murasaki grumbled and looked away, frowning.

"Well… we all know that Emi-nii is the worst cross-dresser." Mitsuki said without a second thought.

Emilio looked amused and smiled, "Really?"

"Yeah." Mitsuki nodded and explained, "You have this tall pretty boy thing going on but… yeah… you're pretty much a pretty 'manly' boy so… nah…"

Emilio shrugged and commented, "I don't know if I should be happy or not…"

"So! Na-nii or Mutsuhi?" Mitsuki asked, smiling at them.

Other than Mutsuhi and Nataniele, everyone said, "Mutsuhi."

"Sorry, Na-nii." Mitsuki smiled at Nataniele as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand, "You can pass but Mutsuhi wins hands down."

Nataniele laughed and smiled, "Oh, I also believe Mutsuhi-kun is the best. Although… I am surprise that you guys considered me too…"

"Well… It was either you or Kiriku and Kiriku's gender is a secret so we can't really consider 'cross-dressing' at the moment for Kiriku." Mitsuki explained but continued, "Although if we did consider Kiriku-"

"Eleventh…" Makoto whispered, "We're not supposed to say anything about Kiriku… remember?"

"Yeah, yeah. Off-limits, silence, blah, blah, blah." Mitsuki mumbled and continued, "As for ToonyTwilight's last question: 'And to everyone, what was your most embarrassing and/or romantic moment?'"

"Okay, let's go Emi-nii first!" Mitsuki said, smiling at Emilio.

Emilio sighed and answered, "I do not think if this can be considered as 'most' but I was horribly embarrassed the first time mother introduced me as 'Eri'."

"What's embarrassing about that?" Mitsuki asked, "I find it cute."

"She said it in front of other children who thought then that I was a girl. I was four." Emilio replied, staring at Mitsuki.

Mitsuki smiled, "Well… Mama does a knack for creating traumas. What about you, Na-nii?"

"Ah…" Nataniele thought of it before replying, "Getting beaten by a boy younger than me?"

"Which time?" Murasaki asked but with an expression that seemed to suggest not giving a damn. Makoto frowned.

"What makes you think he's talking about you?" Makoto hissed.

"Um… I am… talking about Murasaki…" Nataniele replied and answered Murasaki, "All of them."

Murasaki smirked and Makoto growled. Mitsuki snickered and asked, "Does that count as embarrassing or romantic?"

"Eh?" Nataniele blinked before stuttering as he felt Murasaki's glare, "O-Of course embarrassed!"

Mitsuki laughed and nodded, before asking Murasaki, "What about you, Murasaki?"

Murasaki frowned as he thought about it. He opened his mouth but Mitsuki cut him off by saying, "And no, you can't 'not' answer it."

Murasaki frowned and crossed his arms. Mitsuki smiled and turned to Makoto, "I'll get back to you on that later. Makoto?"

"The ones… where my mom used to dress me up in weird costumes..." Makoto covered his face with his palm as he cut whatever Mitsuki was about to say by adding, "And, no, all of them are too embarrassing to pick just one."

Mitsuki smiled and shrugged, "Aw. I was hoping to get at least one. Mutsuhi?"

"Um…" Mutsuhi looked down as he answered, "… When… I was… forced to wear… girl's clothes…"

"And that one can constitute to being both embarrassing and romantic…" Mitsuki said, remembering the incident all too clearly. Mutsuhi blushed.

"Mitsuki-san! Please don't say it!" Mutsuhi pleaded, making Mitsuki laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. I won't say it." Mitsuki said before crossing his arms, "I realized that all of you… well… except Murasaki because he has yet to give an answer… only gave 'embarrassing' moments. So, I'll give a romantic moment. It's actually when Mutsuhi 'confessed'…"

Mutsuhi whispered something to Mitsuki and Mitsuki nodded. With a sigh, Mitsuki frowned as he said, "It appears I can't talk about it… Our authoress just takes the fun out of everything."

Mitsuki clapped his hands as he turned towards Murasaki and asked, "Well, then, Murasaki. Your most embarrassing or most romantic moment?"

Murasaki frowned and looked away, "Our first meeting…"

"Oh?" Mitsuki blinked.

"It makes me want to kill myself every time I remember it." Murasaki growled, covering his face with his hands.

Makoto looked at Murasaki and mumbled, "Then just kill your self."

Murasaki faced Makoto and growled, "Care to repeat that, dog?"

"AHH! No fighting!" Mutsuhi shouted, taking a piece of paper from the box and read, "From Nhi2k: 'When will Rokudo Kiriku show up?'"

They all looked at each other before Mitsuki looked at the ceiling as he mumbled, "Well… considering our authoress' 'blueprint'… Hmm… three to four more side-tracks before Kiriku?"

Makoto frowned, "And that can change."

"Well, considering Rokudo Mukuro appeared after a few volumes, is it really that surprising?" Nataniele asked, "I mean… Well…"

"We can't answer that with 'certainty'." Emilio commented before turning towards Mutsuhi, "Next question."

Mutsuhi nodded and read, "Nhi2k also asked… eh?! W-W-'When will Mutsuhi be given the Rain ring? I want to see Mutsuhi be so cool...' … … Um…"

Mitsuki laughed and smiled, "Reminds me of your first battle."

"Please don't say it, Mitsuki-san!" Mutsuhi shouted as he blushed.

"Let's see… considering Kiriku's earliest appearance may or may not be after three to four side-tracks… I guess, Mutsuhi fighting will be… four to five? And the Rain ring? Uh… considering that during the side-track timeline, Otto-sama is still the don, it would mean that the Rain ring would still be with Takeshi-jii."

"But not the Pioggia ring…" Emilio commented.

"Shhh." Mitsuki hushed Emilio teasingly with a smile and turned towards Mutsuhi, "Continue Mutsuhi."

"Y-Yes." Mutsuhi read the last question of Nhi2k, "Um… 'BIG QUESTION: what is that incident in Side Track 11: Complex that Tsuna and Setsuna talk about?'"

"Ah. That." Mitsuki's eyes darkened and he looked away.

"Mitsuki… san?"

"Well…" Mitsuki looked back and smiled, "That would be one of the most 'important' incidents that will tie RVD and RVD Side-Track together. For hints… Hmm… let's see. I know! Three words hint: 'Setsuna', 'Sin' and, of course, 'Mutsuhi'."

"M-Me?" Mutsuhi pointed at himself.

Emilio frowned and commented, "That's hardly helpful, Mitsuki."

Mitsuki smiled apologetically, "Well… Considering that I can't say it out right, they'll just have to read about it, right?"

"Next set of questions…" Mitsuki placed the box on Murasaki's hands. Murasaki frowned and Mitsuki smiled, "We have a lot of questions here and I want everyone to have a chance to read them. Murasaki…"

Hearing Mitsuki's ordering voice, Murasaki took one piece of paper and frowned, "From… Hamtaro… chan…"

Murasaki growled slowly but continued, "'To Mitsuki: You would do anything to keep your family safe. What sacrifices would you be willing to make?'"

Mitsuki smiled and answered briefly, "Everything."

Makoto felt tears in his eyes and whimpered, "E-Eleventh…"

Murasaki glared at Makoto, "Are you going to cry, dog?"

"Shut up!" Makoto wiped his eyes with his sleeve, "It-It's just- Eleventh plans on sacrificing everything for us!"

Emilio sighed and said, "It doesn't have to be that way if his guardians do their jobs… Isn't that what guardians are for?"

They all stared at Emilio. Emilio looked at them and Makoto commented, "For a side-character, you do know what to say."

Emilio smiled beautifully and warned, "Be careful, Miura. There are a lot of stories where side-characters play a more major role than main characters."

Nataniele chuckled nervously and said, "Onii-sama, please don't pick a fight."

Emilio turned his smile to Nataniele and asked 'nicely', "Now where would you get that idea, Nataniele?"

Nataniele gulped and looked down, "I-I… I don't know…"

Murasaki sighed, not really caring about the conversation, and continued, "' And for Mutsuhi: Aww, Mu-chan, what a boring answer. You really will say yes to'…"

"… To…?" Mitsuki asked, knowing that Murasaki was not finishing what Hamtaro-chan wrote. Murasaki crumbled the paper and threw it.

"There was no question left. It would be a waste of time reading it." Murasaki said, dropping the box to Makoto. Mitsuki smiled.

"That was rude of you, Murasaki. Hamtaro-chan wrote something and it shou-"

Murasaki frowned and looked at Mutsuhi. Mutsuhi blinked and Murasaki closed his eyes, "Hamtaro-chan was simply…"

Murasaki furrowed as he continued, "… complimenting… the kitten."

Mutsuhi blushed and whispered, "T-Thank you."

Mitsuki placed his arm around Murasaki and whispered in a voice only his brother would hear, "Liar. It was probably another one of those 'let's-tease-Mutsuhi', right?"

Murasaki smirked and whispered back, "Well… I have you to thank for that, right… Aniue?"

Mitsuki laughed and nodded as he turned towards Makoto, "Next question, Makoto."

Makoto nodded and smiled, "Yes, Eleventh!"

Makoto frowned immediately as he read, "This is from MsDuck."

Sensing Makoto's hesitation, Mitsuki ordered, "Makoto, I order you as Vongola Undicesimo to say the question."

Makoto growled and recited as fast as he could, "A Question for Makoto: Would you, for \20 and a chew toy, kiss Murasaki? And for Mutsuhi and Mitsuki: What do you think would happen if the two of you traded places for the day?"

Nataniele frowned and asked, "What does '\20' means?"

Mitsuki shrugged and said, "Maybe 20 dollars?"

Makoto shouted, "Why the fuck would I kiss this butterfly-fucker for 20 dollars and a chew toy!!! STOP TREATING ME LIKE A DOG!!!"

"You are a dog." Murasaki commented, making Makoto glare at him. Murasaki glared back but did not say anything.

"Okay… umm… how about answering the other question, Mitsuki? Mutsuhi-kun?" Nataniele urged, trying to keep the two from fighting by changing the topic.

"Funny that MsDuck asked that… since Mutsuhi would be trading places with me for a… maybe more than a few Side-tracks. Right, my cute fake Vongola Undicesimo?" Mitsuki teased, patting Mutsuhi on the back. Mutsuhi smiled sardonically.

"Well… it's the plot…" Mutsuhi mumbled.

Nataniele took the box from Makoto and picked a piece of paper. Nataniele read, "This is from Chibbi Nations Ruler… 'Since we've seen both Mitsuki-san's past and future in this Fic, I think I should point out that there are no FEMALE Mafioso in Vongola Undicesimo's Family. I mean, even though there were very few, there were still female Mafioso in Tsu-Chan's Family, namely Chrome, Bianchi, Lal (Even though I know Lal's Arcobaleno). So why does Mitsuki-san not have females in his family? Could he have a phobia or something?'"

Mitsuki blinked, "Wow. I never thought anyone would ask that. Well… we do have a female Mafioso… right?"

They nodded. Nataniele reasoned, "She just hasn't made her appearance…"

Makoto frowned, "I hope she never does."

"Aw, come on, Makoto. She's cute." Mitsuki said, grinning, "And I do not have a phobia. I had a crush on Chrome-nee when I saw a kid."

"That's a nice question." Emilio commented, "It would appear a bit unfair if you do not have females in your Famiglia, Mitsuki."

Mitsuki grinned at Emilio, "I don't want to hear that from you, Emi-nii."

Emilio shrugged and urged Nataniele to continue. Nataniele nodded and read, "'One more thing, Are there any Hetero people in Mitsuki-san's Family? Besides Samuele, of course.'"

"Oh." Mitsuki smiled and shook his head, "I thought someone's finally going to ask a question for Samuele but guess not. Samuele is part of Vongola but I don't think he could be considered as part of my immediate Famiglia… I mean… he's more part of Otto-sama's Famiglia."

They nodded and Mitsuki continued, "Nichiyo's hetero… I'm sure of that."

Makoto snorted and mumbled, "Of course."

Mitsuki turned to face Emilio and asked, "Are you part of my Famiglia, Emi-nii?"

Emilio shook his head and answered quietly, "I am part of the Cavallone Famiglia. Although we are a family and I will come to your aid any time you need it, I am not officially part of your Famiglia."

Mitsuki nodded, "Okay…"

Nataniele thought of this as his cue to read the final question and read, "'Oh and one more thing, sorry, are you ever gonna do a fic with Makoto-san and Murasaki-san. Sorry I'm a total sucker for those two. if you're mentioning that to them, please ensure to tell Makoto-san that I'll route for him to take the Seme spot.'"

Makoto grinned and looked at Murasaki, "See? Even the readers think you're the uke."

Murasaki looked unfazed and asked, "Is that what you're looking at? That one just asked if our authoress would make a fic out of the two of us."

Makoto's widened and he shouted, "I'LL FUCKING KILL HER IF SHE DID!!!"

Mitsuki blinked and commented, "If you kill her, you kill all of us."

Makoto stopped and frowned, knowing at Mitsuki was right. Makoto mumbled, "Damn it."

Murasaki crossed his arms and mumbled, "Dog."

Before Makoto could answer back, Emilio had already taken a piece of paper and said, "This is from Lala-tan."

Emilio frowned as he read and Mitsuki said, "We are supposed to read it the way that they were written, Emi-nii. Don't leave anything."

Emilio asked, "What about emoticons like 'O-underscore-O'. Do I still have to read them?"

Mitsuki smiled and said, "You can skip those… I guess…"

Emilio shrugged and read, "Question 1: 'Mut-chan! Would you mind Mitsuki going to some mafia-controlled brothel?'"

"Eh?" Mutsuhi blinked and looked down, "I-If it's 'mafia related'… I don't… mind…"

"I'm so lucky to have someone so understanding as Mutsuhi." Mitsuki commented and hugged Mutsuhi, "Don't worry! I will never cheat on you… without asking permission first."

"MITSUKI-SAN!" Mutsuhi shouted as he pulled Mitsuki's cheeks.

Mitsuki laughed, "It was a joke! A joke!"

Emilio looked uninterested and read, "Question 2: 'Mukimuki-tan(Murasaki)! What is it that actually makes you hate Makomako-chin(Makoto, obviously) so much? Don't just say 'Everything about this mutt-face' or something equivalent. Elaborate!'"

Murasaki frowned, "Did she just call me 'Mukimuki-tan'?"

Makoto glared, "Did she just fucking call me 'Makomako-chin'?!"

Emilio smiled beautifully once more and 'asked', "Please answer the question, Murasaki."

Murasaki glared at Emilio but answered, "What's more to elaborate than everything? I hate this dog's very existence!"

Emilio shook his head and said, "Elaborate."

Mitsuki commented, "Yeah… Murasaki…"

Murasaki looked away from Emilio and shouted, "He gets in the way! He's so passionate about Aniue! He- He- He… There are many reasons why!!!"

"Why you… butterfly-fucker…" Makoto hissed, readying to tackle Murasaki.

Emilio, noticing Makoto was about to attack, read the next question, "Question 3: Makomako-chin. What do you like to eat the most? I found that 'tako' rhymes with your name... So does 'miso' and 'otoro' and many many others! But I find that 'tako' sounds nicer with mako! ! See? OctoMako! LOL!'"

Hearing Emilio say that with a deadpan expression looked so weird… Mitsuki couldn't help but laugh. Emilio frowned and asked, "Did I do something wrong?"

Mitsuki shook his head and said, "We should definitely have Emi-nii read more questions. But… Makoto, please answer the question."

Makoto, too shocked about Emilio reading it, could not even shout at the fact he was being teased. Makoto stuttered, "Uh… I… I like to eat cake… most…"

"I can't believe it." Murasaki continued to stare at Emilio, "It's just… It's…"

"How about you read the next piece, Emi-nii?" Mitsuki asked, smiling. Emilio did not notice the hidden intention of Mitsuki and nodded.

He read the next piece of paper he took, "This is from Moons-chan: 'I've been wanting to ask, why Mitsuki took Kyouya's names instead of Tsuna. Is it because Kyouya is more of the father figure??'"

Mitsuki chuckled and smiled, "Well. Chichiue is more of a father figure but… I took Hibari because of various… hm… I guess… you can say circumstances… concerning Vongola."

"Eleventh…" Makoto whispered but he stopped when Mitsuki smiled at him, silently telling him to stop. Mitsuki nodded again and faced Emilio.

"Next question?" Mitsuki asked.

Emilio took another piece and frowned as he said, "I'll just recite all the questions since they all seemed connected to each other. This is from –usagi018-: 'Will Mukuro show himself?? Or at least Chrome, Ken, Chigusa? i mean i know they're out in the world somewhere but they do need to show themselves once in a while especially now since Tsuna is missing right? Or will the mysterious girl arrive?.. can you also tell me who's younger than who?..'"

"Ah. Well…Mukuro-jii and the rest are in a bit of… well… They're in a 'secret' mission. But Mukuro-jii will be mentioned. Especially… after Kiriku is officially introduced." Mitsuki replied, "But… what mysterious girl?"

They all looked at each other and shrugged. Mutsuhi tilted his head, "Did we ever talk about a mysterious girl?"

"Huh. That's a question I can't seem to answer." Mitsuki laughed but continued, "Concerning who's younger than who... the oldest of my guardians would be Na-nii. Makoto and I are both seniors. Mutsuhi is a sophomore. Murasaki is the same age as Mutsuhi. What else… Well… Nichiyo is the youngest out of all of us. And… Kiriku… well…"

"Classified information." Makoto said with a growl.

Mitsuki laughed, "Sorry. Guess Kiriku is still off-limits."

Emilio had already picked the next piece of paper and read, "This is from Rin.A."

"Wow… You're really working in a fast pace, Emi-nii…"

Emilio didn't pay attention to Mitsuki and read, "Question 1: 'Mako-chan, I've just look at Lala-tan's question for you and I couldn't help but agree with her. What do you think of takoyaki? I really think that the image of you and Goku-chan holding two boxes of takoyaki is amusingly hilarious.'"

Mitsuki grinned and commented, "That does sound cute."

Makoto frowned and answered, "Well. I like the takoyaki that mom makes."

"Of course. When it comes to cooking, Haru-nee is just one of the best." Mitsuki commented, remembering the days Haru would make him a lunchbox.

Emilio continued, "Question 2."

Mitsuki whispered to Mutsuhi, "Is it just me or do you feel pressured to answer it seriously whenever Emi-nii reads it?"

Mutsuhi nodded as Emilio continued, "'Mura-chan and Mitsu-kun, beside your father and "mother", who in the Tenth generation of Vongola family do you pay respect to most? (And don't you say something like 'I look up to them equally")'."

Murasaki frowned and answered, "I don't really care. But if it concerns fighting capabilities, I respect Xanxus."

"That's because you're more exposed to Xanxus than the rest." Mitsuki commented, smiling, "I guess I would respect Hayato-jii most."

"Eleventh…" Makoto whispered, happy that one of his fathers was mentioned.

Mitsuki grinned, "Well. Hayato-jii is always there for Otto-sama. Oh. That would also mean I respect Kusakabe-san as well. You got to respect Kusakabe-san for sticking with Chichiue all the way."

Murasaki and Nataniele nodded in agreement. Taking Mitsuki's words as his cue to continue, Emilio read, "Question 3: 'Mitsu-kun, would you mind if I borrow Mutsu-chan as my pet for a day? 'Cause he does look like a cat and I really like cats... (but my mama and papa won't let me have even a fish as a pet)'"

"Eh? EH!" Mutsuhi shouted, moving away from Emilio. Mitsuki laughed, "I think I would mind. I mean, having a pet is a huge responsibility. Even if it was just for a day…"

"That's what you're thinking about, Mitsuki-san?!!" Mutsuhi shouted.


Mutsuhi took the box from Emilio but Emilio had already one piece of paper and read, "This is from SimplisticSky. 'If you never met Mitsuki but met all the others who would you choose as a lover? Makoto? Murasaki? Nataniele? Or maybe Emilio?'"

Emilio raised his eyebrows at the question, "What a curious reader…"

"A what? I mean… what?!" Mutsuhi shouted.

Emilio blinked and repeated, "If you met all of us but was unable to meet Mitsuki, who would you have chosen as your lover."

Mutsuhi blushed, "T-That's- Well… I mean… I-"

Mutsuhi's eyes caught Murasaki's and Mutsuhi looked away as fast as he can while shouting, "I DON'T KNOW!"

Mitsuki chuckled at Mutsuhi's antics. Mutsuhi took one piece of paper from the box and read it in an attempt to change the subject, "This is from Riznao. 'Why almost everyone name start with an M? and I dont know if this question goes to Mitsuki and Hibari , or it is general but who would be the MOEst (is that even a word?) Tsuna or Mutsuhi?'"

Mitsuki smiled as he answered, "Well. My name was the first to be created and it was because of the meaning that it became that. Mutsuhi's name was done because of the plot. Makoto's name was… I think… because our authoress was watching Maou too much and ogling over Ohno Satoshi. Similarly, Murasaki's name was because of a song of Akanishi Jin."

Murasaki glared and asked, "That's serious? I was named after a song?"

Mitsuki shrugged, "Well… It wasn't your first 'chosen' name but it was your final 'chosen' name."

Murasaki frowned, "What was the first?"

Mitsuki smiled, "Ah. Well… it's not really connected but you were supposed to be named 'Setsuna'."

"Like my father?" Mutsuhi asked, blinking.

Mitsuki laughed and shook his head, "Nah. She got it from Setsuna F. Seiei. But changed it to Murasaki later on… I think it was supposedly because of a character… 'Lady Murasaki'…"

"I think I prefer to think my name was derived from a song by a male Japanese idol." Murasaki growled.

"Well… At least I was derived from a character played a male Japanese idol…" Makoto said, making Murasaki glare at him.

"How is that any better?" Murasaki sarcastically asked.

Mitsuki chuckled and continued, "Concerning who would be MOE-st… That really depends on who you're asking. I mean… there are those that would consider Otto-sama as the MOE-est, while others… like me… would think Mutsuhi would be MOE-st."

"That's just your way of avoiding the question, Mitsuki." Emilio commented.

Mitsuki smiled at Emilio and asked, "Okay then. For Emi-nii, who would be the MOE-st?"

"Mutsuhi." Emilio answered without blinking. Mutsuhi blushed but Emilio simply reasoned, "For me, Vongola Decimo is better to be classified as 'beautiful' than 'moe'."

Mitsuki smiled and countered, "But that's because our timeline states that Otto-sama is beautiful. What if we take into consideration Otto-sama as he is described in the timeline before ours?"

"I find it irrelevant since we are living in this timeline and not there."

"That's what I was explaining!" Mitsuki said.

"Oh. Is that so…" Emilio shrugged, "Forgive me, Mitsuki. I must have gotten the wrong impression."

Mitsuki smiled back, "No harm done. Next question?"

Mutsuhi took a piece of paper from the box and said, "This is from MidnightBlueCake x3. 'Question for Mura-kun: What If Makoto was the person you were in love with and you were uke and he was seme?'"

Murasaki growled and replied, "That question is annoyingly impossible to become reality. For one, all I feel for this dog is hate and annoyance."

Mitsuki mumbled, "There's a thin line between hate and love…"

"Did you say something, Aniue?" Murasaki asked, making Mitsuki shook his head.

"Nothing. Shall we continue?" Mitsuki took a piece of paper from the box and read, "This is the last piece for this Side Track. This is from Cathy Rin. Oh. It's directed at me… 'Why did you choose Mutsuhi as a lover? Why not Makoto instead?'"

Makoto stared at Mitsuki and Mitsuki scratched his cheek. Mitsuki smiled and said, "Well… I guess you can say I chose Mutsuhi because of… destiny?"



"That was a bit too cheesy…"

Mitsuki laughed and rubbed the back of his head, "Well, I couldn't find a better term for it. I mean… it's like I was attracted to Mutsuhi from the very beginning."

"Like love at first sight?" Nataniele asked.

Makoto looked at him and frowned, "Also cheesy, Cavallone."

"Sorry…" Nataniele apologized, smiling sheepishly.

"And why I didn't choose Makoto…" Mitsuki thought about it before answering, "Because with Makoto… love is there but just not the same love I feel for Mutsuhi."

Mutsuhi blushed and whispered, "Mitsuki-san…"

Makoto was simply nodding, as if he understood and agreed to what Mitsuki was saying.

"Still too cheesy." Emilio commented.

Mitsuki laughed and said, "Ah. Let's go to the next question before we all become too cheesy. This is for Emi-nii. 'Why did you react that way on the last question? Don't tell me you like Murasaki...suspicious...'"

Emilio raised an eyebrow and asked, "React in what way?"

"I think Cathy Rin is talking about your 'I feel uneasy' reaction when Murasaki said he doesn't like you." Mitsuki reminded him.

"Oh." Emilio nodded in understanding before saying, "Well. It felt uneasy because it seems that Murasaki finds me un… unattractive."

"I don't." Murasaki growled.

"It made me feel uneasy because I, for one, like you, Murasaki." Emilio continued, making most of the people in the room surprised while Mitsuki smiled.

"What?!" Murasaki shouted, a blush creeping unto his cheeks.

"How interesting." Mitsuki mumbled with a smile.

"Why is it such a surprise? We are a family." Emilio reasoned, "Is it not natural for me to uphold such feelings for you?"

"Um…" Nataniele smiled sheepishly, "I think Onii-sama got the wrong idea with the word 'like'."

"How can I get a wrong idea?" Emilio asked, "I am absolutely sure that I like Murasaki."

"STOP SAYING THAT!!!" Murasaki ordered.

"Oi! Why the fuck are you blushing?!!" Makoto shouted, pointing an accusing finger at Murasaki. Murasaki growled.

"Just shut up, you dog!"

Mitsuki continued to laugh as his Storm guardian and Cloud guardian began shouting at each other. Mutsuhi sighed and smiled, "That concludes Deci-Decimo Ask Anything Corner. We'll be waiting for your questions."


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: Yes –nods- -nods- Tsuna is just so feminine. –nods- -nods- And yeah, someone finally said they like Anemone-san. –claps-

Masuda-san: -grins- Yeah. –nods- cross-dressing Tsu-kun is the best. Hahahaha. Shojo Hibari… -thinks about it-

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akuma-river: -bows down- I'm so sorry for being evil! I never thought of Elm street before you said so. –laughs- Hmmm… well… how can I say this without spoiling it… Um… -thinks- Your theories about the plot are… on the right track. A bit off in a few sides but definitely on the right track… -grins mischievously- but which theories is the one of the right track the best is… well… secret… -grins-

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HibariKyoya4ever: Hahahaha… I think school killed me then resurrected me so just they can kill me again. –smiles- And yes. Hibari-san's new song fits him so well. (pride –grins-) LONG LIVE 1827! –grins- And thank you for such –sniffs- -sniffs- beautiful words.

Kei: -laughs- Yeah. I also do that… but with folders… Just last time, I deleted my entire copy of Ghost Adventures. –sniffs—sniffs-

hibatsuna1827: kufufufufufu… well… Before Kyouya… it should be Kyouya-san… -grins-

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Dementra: -bows- Please don't die… figuratively…

Lulu 'Gelanto' Vongola: No. As I know it, the anime made one of them a tall guy while the other is a big guy. But I made Koenig a woman because… well… ummm… -smiles sheepishly- It's sexist if all scientists are males… but Koenig reminds me of a female game character that has the same last name. –smiles-

YaoiFanGirl2ndnature: Do not worry. I have not abandoned RVD! –laughs-

Author's End Notes: The preview for last side-track was deemed invalid because I sorta changed this entire side-track from scratch (thanks to my nephew). So… next side-track would be…

'The rings meant for the successors…'