Yay. Today I wrote my second story. I had fun with this one. I hope you guys like it too.

Disclaimer: I still have to think of a good way to steal Naruto-tachi from Kishimoto-sensei.

Warnings: Just a little bit of ooc.

Summery: How Naruto got Sasuke back to konoha with the help of a cookie.

Naruto: Sasuke come back to Konoha with us!

Sasuke: No

Naruto: If you won't come with me willingly.I'll just have to force you.

Sasuke: (smirks)I'd like to see you try.

Naruto: I'll get you back, even if I have to tear every limp of you…

Author: How many times are you going to use that speech. It's starting to become boring.

Naruto: (pouts) It's not my fault Kishimoto-sensei likes to make me an Sasuke-obsessed idiot.

Author: That's true. Well let's go on with the story.

Sasuke: A stupid story that is. It doesn't even have any plot.

Author: (pouts) Yes it does. It's a wonderful story with a great plot. Even though I still have no idea what the plot is.

Sasuke: Idiot.


Naruto: Hey! I'm not an idiot!

Sasuke: He's right. He's a dope.

Naruto: Teme! Well at least I'm not a stupid bastard with a stick shoved up his ass!

Author: You guys aren't even married and you already act like a married couple.

Naruto and Sasuke: We do not.

Author: Well anyway, let's continue our story with my wonderful plot I just thought of. (Gives Sasuke a evil smirk)

On with the story

Sasuke: Hn. Don't get your hopes up high.

Naruto: Hhmpf. I could easily beat you.

Sasuke: Right. That's why you lost to me how many times… I lost count after number 22.

Naruto: Teme! I guess I'll just have to use my special weapon.

Sasuke: (Face filled with disbelief) You have a special weapon?

Naruto: Yes! (pulls a cookie out of his jacket) Come here Sasuke and I'll give you a cookie.

Sakura: Naruto, what are you doing? There's no way that's going to work.

Naruto: (Surprised) Sakura-chan, since when have you been here?

Sakura: I was here the entire time.

Naruto: Really?

Sakura: Yes. But let's talk about the cookie. There's no way that's going to work.

Sasuke: (Jumps on Naruto and devours the cookie) COOKIE!

Sakura: OMG

Sasuke: Do you have more cookies?

Naruto: (Thinks of a plan) Sure. But I don't have them with me. You'll have to come back with me to Konoha.

Sasuke: (Smiles happily) Ok.

Sakura: OMG, Sasuke is smilling.

Sasuke: (Glares at the annoying pink-thing)

Sakura: Naruto how did you know it would work.

Naruto: Huh? Oh… It worked on Gaara, so I thought it might work on Sasuke too.

Sakura: Gaara?


Sasuke: I don't act like that.

Author: It's payback for calling me an idiot. Never insult your author.

Sasuke: Hn.

Author: But if you stay nice, I might write another sasunaru story.

Sasuke: How are you today my fine looking writer.


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