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"We were sitting around in the living room, eating leftover spaghetti, during the black out. We had candles lit all over the place, but the mood in the room wasn't super romantic.

"We were talking nonstop, conversation just flowing. It was just a really good day with him. We were just having one of those nights where we couldn't get enough of each other. When you look at each other and realize how amazingly lucky you are to have that person, and how incredible it feels to be in love with them, but at the same time it's so casual and free feeling that it doesn't overwhelm you.

"So I bent down over the food and had another bite from the plate we were sharing and when I looked up there was a little white jewelry box opened up in the middle of the coffee table. The way the candles cast the light over the diamond made it look even more perfect. When I looked up at him he was just smiling contently at me. This is the point I realized I still had a long noodle hanging out of my mouth, so I slurped that up really quick and wiped away the sauce on my chin. He laughed, before he got up, walked around the coffee table and got on one knee next to me, grabbed my hand and said, 'You are everything in my life. When you smile I smile, when you laugh I laugh and when you cry it breaks my heart. I don't ever want to lose you, so I hope you will agree to spend your life with me.' "

You could feel the anticipation as we all sat around the table. Listening intently, so as not to miss a single moment of the tale that in its own right sounded like a fairy tale. Silence rang so thick with the anticipation that you could hear a needle drop. I, myself, found it hard to grasp the reality of it.

"So at this point I could feel tears streaming down my face as I stared up at him with wide eyes. He casually reached over and took the ring from the box before grabbing my hand and said, 'Alice, will you marry me?' "

She held her hand out to Rosalie and me, displaying the rock that looked like it would make tiny little Alice topple over. Her smile stretched across her face, threatening to tear it in two. Her tiny squeaks of excitement sounded as we grabbed her hand and inspected the beautiful ring that would forever link her to the man she loved. I couldn't be more happy for her.

Jasper of course called me and told me he was planning to do this so I could help him with choosing the ring. I wasn't much help. He picked it out all by himself after my only opinion was that the shiny little rocks attached to shiny silver bands was probably the best way to go. Of course when he finally found the ring and called me over for my opinion I was speechless. That's right, not a single smartass remark left my lips. There was nothing I could say. The ring screamed 'Alice!' He said that my reaction alone told him he had the perfect ring. He had also made a trip to Forks, under the pretenses of a trip to LA for a business thing, and formally asked her father for permission to ask Alice for her hand in marriage. Obviously he got the ok.

The excitement of the whole thing about drove me over the edge. Every time I was around Alice I had to make a point to not smile like a madman, and the fact that Jasper was going to do it when it felt right, instead of setting up a big extravagant event made the anticipation unbearable. I didn't know when I would get that phone call from a screeching Alice telling me she was getting married. But I kept the secret. If I hadn't, Jasper would have killed me.

The real thing that killed me was that I had to keep the secret from everyone. I couldn't tell a soul, lest the information was leaked to someone important. Edward, though he had his suspicions, well, more that he knew without actually knowing, got the idea when Jasper asked me to hang out for a day without anyone else. A normal boyfriend might get jealous, but not my Edward. He hit the nail on the head with the first guess and I of course had to feign ignorance. Edward would just smile at me, highly amused by the obvious torture the secret was causing me, and ask if Jasper had asked yet every time we were around each other. It was hard not to spill the beans, and even harder not to kick him in the shins when he teased me about it.

But now Alice was officially engaged, and that meant I could officially talk about the subject that had been trying to rip its way out of me for close to two months now. Never in my life had I ever thought that I, Bella Swan, would want to have a girl talk about things like this, but low and behold the day is here. I smiled brightly at Rose and Alice.

"I'm so glad I can finally talk about it now!" I sighed with relief. They both stared at me confused until comprehension dawned on them. I just waggled my eyebrows in response.

"You little SNEAK!" Alice screeched, swatting my arm. "I can't believe you kept a secret like this from me."

"What did you expect me to do?" I asked, indignant. "You really would have preferred if I came up to you and spilled the beans, so that Jasper couldn't surprise you with the great, romantic blackout proposal? Yes, I believe me telling you instead of Jasper asking you would have been a much better story to tell your future children. You're right Alice. Will you ever forgive me?"

Rosalie smiled proudly at me, then stared at Alice as if daring her to deny my perfect logic. And it was perfect. Jasper did a good job! Any girl would just be happy to get such a good guy, especially such a good-looking good guy. But to top it off, lets add romantic and hopelessly in love. If I didn't have what I consider an even more perfect boyfriend, I might be jealous. Thankfully, Edward has all of those qualities, and then some.

"Fine." Alice said in defeat. "Still, I can't believe he told you."

"WHY NOT!?" I asked offended. "And he didn't just tell me, I helped him pick out the ring." I wanted to stick my tongue out at her and shoot a 'so there' her way but I held back, deciding to play the mature hand instead.

Alice smirked at me then smiled brightly as she gazed down at the ring. "And what a perfect ring it is." She said happily. "I knew there was no way a guy could pick out such a beauty, though I have to admit I am even more surprised that you of all people did. You are pretty much as bad as men with this kind of stuff."

I started to defend myself but then, when I thought about it, I realized she was right. I sighed and shrugged giving her a small nod. "I actually wasn't much help." I admitted. "He picked it out, then called me over to look and then WALA! Big shiny rock on your tiny, little finger. I was really just along for the ride."

"That's sounds a little more believable." She said still gazing at the ring. "Well Rose, any advice?"

Rose and Emmett had gotten married earlier in the summer. She had been a Mrs. for nearly two months now and she seemed to be handling the change very well. She and Emmett both seemed even more in love than before, which is hard to believe.

Their wedding was not only beautiful, but also the most fun I have ever had at an event I had to dress up for. Getting to see Edward in a tux only made things better. Their actual ceremony was short and sweet. Emmett looked incredibly handsome, and of course Rosalie was the most beautiful woman anyone had ever seen. Her dress was elegant, yet form-fitting enough to show off her amazing body. She looked like a modern day princess. In fact the actual ceremony was very extravagant but in an elegant way. It screamed Rosalie. Big, but not too big, with lots of dark red roses to set the mood. The reception, on the other hand, had Emmett written all over it. From the big, and I do mean big, dancing area, to the classic rock streaming through the speakers. Oh and did I mention the limbo pole? The reception was just a big party.

"What about you Bella?" Rosalie asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. I stared at them confused. I had no idea what they were asking.

"What…" I said lamely.

They just rolled their eyes. "Bel-laaa!" Alice's whine emphasizing the syllables. "Pay attention would you!?"

"Yeah, yeah. Sure." I said with a dismissive wave of my hand. "Now what was the question?"

"We asked when you and Edward were going to tie the knot." Rosalie snickered. I stared up at them from the muffin I was picking apart with wide, confused eyes.

"I don't know!" I said quickly. "Why in the world would I think about that?"

"Well, you and Edward are going to get married someday," Alice said, trying to get me to grasp something I wasn't quite catching. She sighed. "Why prolong the inevitable? Think about it. The sooner you get married the closer you are to your fiftieth anniversary."

I cocked my head and stared at Alice, trying to figure her out. "Do you really think like that?" I asked. I had never really thought about Edward and I getting married. I mean, I assumed that someday, but I have never imagined the actual ceremony. Alice and Rose stared at me like I was an alien.

"You seriously never thought about what your wedding is going to be like? What would be the perfect ceremony for Edward and you?" Rosalie asked looking truly curious. "You never thought about your wedding day when you were little, thinking prince charming would be your groom?"

"Well I guess." I said slowly. I felt my eyebrows draw together, as they looked at me expectantly. "I mean, I think that, yeah, someday Edward and I might get married. I'd hope if I ever get married it's to him. And you know, the whole, saying 'I do' thing."

"That's all you have thought about?" Rose still looked completely baffled by my total lack of interest.

"Well, no actually I kind of was thinking about one thing." I said. They both leaned in closer, excited to get a glimpse into the wedding plans in my mind. I leaned in closer to them and smiled. "Well, ever since the thought of marriage entered my mind, I always thought about how, maybe, I could skip the whole walking down the aisle thing, and possibly the first dance. Dancing all together actually can just be cut from the whole reception. That is if we even have a reception."

They both slumped at my confession. Their mouths hung open in complete shock. "What in the hell is the matter with your mind?" Alice always had such a way with words. She thumped her finger against my temple to emphasize her annoyance.

"Nothing! What?" I couldn't imagine why we were talking about me getting married someday, in the distant future when Alice was sitting there with a rock resting heavily on her finger. I swatted Alice's hand away, stopping the persistent, and slightly painful, poking. "You both know that I have issues with balancing, and well, walking down the aisle, with everyone watching me, in what I'm sure will be heals, is just the perfect recipe for disaster. And dancing. I would probably look like I was having a seizure. No good, my friends. Besides, I hate being the center of attention, especially with such a high risk of falling to my death. Skipping the reception would just be easier."

"Edward doesn't know what he got himself into." Alice muttered. I rolled my eyes and threw a piece of muffin at her.

"You know Edward will want to have a big day of declaring his love for you when you guys get married." Rose said as she sipped her coffee. "He is very into theatrics."

"Why are we talking about this?" I said bitingly. "Alice is the one who got engaged, not me! Why am I being interrogated when we have a perfectly good bride to be, who probably had her whole wedding planned long before Jasper even proposed?"

Rose smiled and looked at Alice in question. Alice sat in her seat, not making eye contact with either of us, while she fiddled with the straw in her drink. When she finally looked up she just smirked.

"Fine! I admit it! I have had my wedding planned since I was ten." With that she pulled her industrial sized purse from the back of her chair and yanked a thick binder out of it. She set it on the table with a thud. "You are both going to be my maids of honor. Rose, I believe you will have to do most of the duties that the maid of honor has because, let's face it, Bella just doesn't have the drive." I thought about being offended by the jab, but couldn't really argue with that. Plus, that just meant I wouldn't have to deal with all the wedding stuff that would bore me to tears. Alice gave a single nod as if to say 'that's what I thought' when I shrugged at her statement. "This binder has everything you will need to know. Everything. All you have to do is follow the binder and you will be fine."

Rosalie just stared at Alice like she was crazy. "You two are as different as night and day. Polar opposites. How you are friends has to be one of the great mysteries of the world."

"Naw," I said offhand. "Us awesome people have to stick together."

Alice giggled and gave me a high five. "And we are definitely awesome."

When I got home I could hear music coming from the guest bedroom. Edward was playing the piano. I loved coming home to him playing. I walked to the guest room, kicking my shoes off on the way to quiet my approach, where the door was left ajar and poked my head in quietly. I preferred watching him play when he didn't know I was there. The way he moved as his hands glided over the keys was incredibly sexy especially with how passionately he played. My favorite, though, was when he would stare off as though he was daydreaming as he played flawlessly, occasionally closing his eyes. I smiled as I opened the door wider and leaned against the wall as I listened quietly. He turned his head slightly, and smirked. I was caught.

I walked over and put my hands on his shoulder, running them down his chest, and hugging him. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and sat next to him, straddling the bench so I could face him. He continued his playing, but now had a big smile on his face as he flowed flawlessly into the song he had written me more than a year earlier. My lullaby.

"So, is it official yet or do you have to continue acting as though I am completely oblivious." I sighed heavily and kept my smile back. I pressed my lips together and stared defiantly at him. He smiled that beautiful crooked smile at me. "What? So now that you get to tell me, you won't? Seems a little masochistic to me."

"He asked her last night." I admitted with a smile. Edward smiled widely and looked over at me. "It was very romantic, the way he did it. It's hard to imagine something like that actually happening other than in a fairy tale. I couldn't imagine a more romantic way to be proposed to."

Edward stared at me with his eyebrows knitted together with a smirk on his beautiful lips. "You sound kind of like a girl." He said amused. "Who would have known that Bella Swan would be so taken by the thought of a fairy tale worthy proposal?"

"Not you too." I whined.

"What did I say?" He asked as he wrapped up my lullaby.

"Alice and Rose already gave me the third degree on marriage, and then were all offended by what I actually have planned out for my own wedding." I said shaking my head. "Seriously, I don't get it! Alice is sitting there with a big shiny rock on her finger talking about the proposal and then I get interrogated about marriage. Has the whole world gone BONKERS!?"

Edward looked away from me, down at the piano with an amused smile playing at his lips. He rested his hands in his lap, then turned to face me. He looked at me skeptically. "You've thought about those things? About marriage, the actual wedding?"

I shrugged and nibbled on a hang nail that had been tormenting me for the past three days. "Just little things."

"Like what?" Edward pressed, swatting my hand away so I couldn't chew on my nail anymore. I sighed and felt my shoulders slump. Why did everyone want to talk about this stuff?

"Well, like, not wanting to do the whole walking down the aisle thing and not dancing at all."

"Whoa, whoa." Edward said, holding his hands up and looking at me confused. "You think you are going to get out of walking down the aisle? You think I won't make you dance with me? Are you crazy?"

"With you?" I whispered, smiling. "Really?"

"Of course!" Edward scoffed. "Who else would you marry if not me? Don't you want to marry me someday?"

"Well, yeah, someday." I said with smirk. "I just didn't know you thought about that stuff."

"I don't usually, and I certainly don't have the ceremony planned out as I'm sure Alice does, but there are a few things I imagine." I waved my hand gesturing for him to continue while trying to sneak the antagonistic hang nail back to my mouth. Edward held my hand down when he caught my attempt. "Well for one, I fully look forward to that moment when I am standing at the altar waiting for you, then seeing you in your dress for the first time as you come into view escorted by Charlie. And of course our first dance." He sighed as he picked up my hand, and played with my fingers idly. "The two things I look forward to most, and you want to cut them completely out of the whole thing." He shook his head in disbelief.

"Well, thankfully we don't have to worry about that for awhile." I said with a smirk. "Maybe by the time we get there, to that point in our relationship, I will have changed my mind or at least talked you out of needing them."

"You're going to have to change your mind, because my mind is already set in stone." He said pulling me closer to him. "I will require that both of those things happen."

"We'll see." I said, standing from the bench. "Maybe by the time we actually get married we will be so tired of weddings we will just take a trip to Vegas and have a quickie wedding. That way I could wear tennis shoes and jeans!" I stopped and looked at the ceiling thinking about how that particular scenario would work then smiled widely down at Edward, who was still sitting on the bench. "OOH! Edward let's do it that way! Can we?"

Edward shook his head and buried his face in his hands. He let out a sigh and pulled me to him, sitting me on his lap. "Bella, I don't care how much you beg; when I marry you I am going to do it properly. It may not be for awhile, but I am certainly not going to be married to you by some guy in an Elvis costume."

"Oh Edward," I sighed resting my head on his shoulder, "They don't all dress like Elvis. I have even heard you can go to a drive through at some. I wouldn't have to walk at all then."

"I love you Bella Swan." Edward said simply. For some reason I took that as a hell no to the drive through wedding idea.

"I know, a lot of people love me." I said as I lifted my head off his shoulder and kissed him on the cheek. "I love me too!"

"You are very lovable." He said with a smile and a light tap on the rear as I stood and started walking away. "I'm just going to wrap up a composition I'm doing, then I will be out there. It won't take long."

Nodding, I walked out of the room and plopped on the couch when I got to the living room, switching on the TV, which now had more than just sports channels. As weird as this may sound, at least it would sound weird to Alice and Rose, I was relieved Edward wasn't planning on asking me that particular question for awhile. The way I see it is, just because Edward and I know we want to and are going to get married someday, I don't see a reason to rush it. It will happen when it happens, but for right now I am content with our relationship. Ok, more than content, I love where we are in our relationship and I don't see the point in rushing anything with him.

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