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Smoke and Mirrors

Royama Akari has been in the Fifth for a long time and is one of the few who can remember Hirako-taicho. Back then, she was just an unseated ordinary shinigami. When she tried for one of the twentieth seats fifty years ago, Aizen-taicho came to watch her himself. He said then that he is interested in people with the same type of zanpakuto as himself because they're very rare and they'll probably stay that way, Royama-san. She shivers and decides that he is warning her.

So she goes to Hinamori-fukutaicho for kido lessons and hides her zanpakuto up her sleeve like Ise-fukutaicho. She doesn't tell anyone that her zanpakuto's abilities are illusion-based.

After his betrayal, she worries about what people will think if they know about her zanpakuto. This is why she keeps a close eye on the young rising star, Yamawaki Masahiro. His acceptance as the third seat of Second brings her hope that illusionists will eventually recover from the damage Aizen's actions did to their reputation.

This will be a series of drabbles about various Naruto characters as shinigami. None of them will keep their original names although it'll probably be easy to guess who they are.

This one is obviously Kurenai. Akari means red as does Kurenai.

And yes, I do think Aizen arranged for people with illusion-based zanpakuto to disappear.