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Harry Potter was bored… bored and pissed is what he was. For two weeks now he had been couped up at Dursleyban, forced to wander the streets and look through the rubbish bins for any newspapers that might say what Voldemort was currently up to, but the strange thing was that no deaths were being reported, no strange accidents or dissapearances.

You see Harry Potter was a wizard, a wizard who had survived an attack by the most powerful Dark Lord of the century when he was but a year old, and said wizard who had fashioned the name Lord Voldemort for himself had been truck by his own curse and fled the house as something less than a spirit. However Harry had met him again in his first year at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and defeated him. In his second year he encountered him again as an imprint of his sixteen year old self, and once more he had emerged triumphant, his third year was relatively peaceful since he didn't encounter Voldemort, if you take away the fact that he meet the supposed mass murderer Sirius Black who was actually innocent and Harry's Godfather.

In his fourth year he had been entered in the Triwizard Tournament, and at the end of it he and fellow Hogwarts Champion Cedric Diggory had been portkeyed to a tournament where Peter Petigrew, the real betrayer of Harry's parents and also the one who framed Sirius Black for the mass murder which apparently made people believe he was dead as well. Pettigrew or Wormtail as he was know had killed Cedric and used Harry's blood in a ritual that managed to give Lord Voldemort a body.

Voldemort had then proceeded to call in his faithful followers the Death Eaters, and then he had mocked and tortured Harry before duelling him. Harry managed to get the upper hand on Voldemort when their wands forced them to enter a battle of wills that Harry extraordinarily won and then managed to escape back to Hogwarts where Barty Crouch junior, who had been posing as Dumbledore's close friend Alastor 'Mad Eye' Moody was caught and then kissed before he could testify about Voldemorts return. Minister of Magic Cornelius 'Bribe me Please' Fudge had blatantly refused to believe Harry and Dumbledore and had now started a witch hunt to destroy Harry and Dumbledore's name to the wizarding world, and now two weeks later Harry was tired.

Ever since he had gotten back to the Dursley's he had been having weird… 'Dreams' he supposed, that seemed to last years at a time, however when he woke up it had only been a few hours, and what's even more strange was that he could remember them as vividly as his own memories. But they couldn't be memories… could they? Honestly how in the name of Merlin could he have memories from someone who apparently lived in a far future where mankind ruled an Imperium that stretched from one side of the galaxy to the other.

But even as the so called 'Dreams' continued Harry admitted that it had to be real, it was too vivid not to be, besides the memories were dead useful, his body was already getting loads better thanks to the gruelling hard training he performed, after all if the person he was receiving memories from could survive on a world composited entirely of jungle, and had a death rat so high that ten to fifteen percent of the children lived to see ten years, then surely he could do it.

Three weeks later Harry had finished with the memories and he had an idea that they had been unwittingly sent to him when a huge monster with baleful red eyes, dark harsh skin, enormous wings and a breath hotter than hell had blasted his apparently other or former self with some kind of sickly blue energy that had given him a short stab of unbearable pain before he had felt himself blasted away and then blackness. So more than likely the person was stone could dead, but his memories and knowledge had somehow strangely been picked up by Harry, not that he was complaining, receiving memories from a person who had grown up on Catachan and become one of the very best of their armed forces, before being recruited by the inquisition to enter training as a Vindicare Assassin, was all good with him, and now Harry had tons of new ideas and skills he would like to use against his ever faithful enemies, the Death Bitches and their Mistress…er Master Tom ' I-Suck-At-Anagrams-' Riddle.


Gringotts: 9 PM.

Harry had (with considerable ease mind you) to slip past whomever was following him, at Privet Drive, and taken the knight bus to the Leaky Cauldron, where he had then gone up to Gringotts.

Moving forward to one of the Goblin tellers he handed over his key. "Tell me sir, would it be possible to receive something like a muggle credit card, that I could use in the muggle world"?

The Goblin frowned, as he looked at the key and then back to Harry. "That would be possible, but there would be a fee of twenty Galleons for the card", "Do it", Harry stated with a tiny hint of reproach and impatience in his voice.

Thankfully ten minutes later Harry had exited Gringotts, with his new credit card in his pocket, and his wand in his sleeve. 'Now for a little shopping', he thought to himself as he walked towards a shop that sold various stuff for health and muscle improvement.

Eight hours later Harry was finished with his shopping, including a few potions back in diagon alley to help to build up his body to what it should have been had he not suffered from malnourishment because of the Dursley's . He had also managed to get some contact lenses that gave him perfect vision without having to wear glasses that was prone to fall off at the most inopportune times. Sneaking back in to Privet Drive had proved more difficult since Alastor 'Swivel-me-Eye' Moody was prowling around and once he spotted Harry he rudely grabbed him by the shoulder and prepared to drag him away to talk to him.

Harry however was not the scrawny scared kid he had been a few weeks ago, really after seeing (from a personal point of view) yourself assassinating hundreds of persons from long range with a sniper rifle that could blow a mans head off, or engaging enemies and monsters twice or thrice as big as you with guerrilla tactics that often left the enemy in much more manageable pieces to remove. So instead of being dragged off Harry delivered a powerful right jab into Moody's face, before sweeping his legs out from him, causing Moody to hit himself into unconsciousness as his head impacted on the ground.

With what many would have called practised easy Harry slung the limp body over his shoulder before heading up to his room. There he dumped Moody in a chair before tying him up so good that it would make a bondage freak become jealous. Then he started to search the retired Auror's body for any hidden trinkets.

When he was finished he had been able to find three wands, one was hidden inside his walking staff that could also function nicely as a club, one had been found inside his peg leg alongside with several different potions including veritaserum and a shrinked grenade that harry would rather not know where he had gotten, the last wand had been found inside a fake tooth, after that discovery Harry had done a more careful search that found four more faked teeth, that included a shrunken knife, a small bezoar, and antidote to veritaserum and Harry believed that if all hope of escape was out, he would crack the vial that held a very deadly amount of cyanide which would effectively prevent him from giving away information.

Grinning for himself Harry pocketed the grenade, bezoar, veritaserum and its antidote as well as the cyanide, the rest he put out on his small bedside table, before putting the false teeth (without it's contents) back into Moody's mouth, a whispered enervate from Moody's wand woke the retired Auror up.

"Potter what is the meaning of this"? he growled at Harry. Harry just smirked before he began twirling one of Moody's wands. "Interesting collection Moody, some of these items came from places I wouldn't think of at all if I didn't know how paranoid you are. So, Constant Vigilance first", Harry said, before pointing the wand at Moody's throat, a cutting curse at his lips. "at Igor Karkaroffs trial you mentioned something to Dumbledore about what had happened when they took him in, what was it"?

Moody actually looked shocked for a second before a grin came to his face, "Very good lad Constant Vigilance, I told Dumbledore that he didn't go in before he took a piece of me with his, and because of that damned curse my nose still doesn't work properly after he cursed a bit of it off, but he got it worse though, I managed to get his brat bags in revenge, so that's one thing we know won't happen, Karkaroff will never be able to rape someone again", Moody said with a vindictive grin that Harry returned.

"Okay Moody, after seeing most of your stash I know that you're the real deal, so before I release you I need to ask you of something", at Moody's nod Harry continued. "I've checked the news these last weeks, both muggle and magical, and since nothing strange have come up with the exception of the magical news trying to crucify mine and Albus ' For-The-Greater-Good' Dumbledore's reputations, I have come to the conclusion that Voldemort and his doggies are laying low, and I want to know why".

Moody looked at Harry with acceptance. "I'd like to tell you Potter but I'm afraid I cant, secret stuff and all tha…! Fucking HELL Potter what was that for"? Moody yelled as Harry's cutting curse tore into his already bad knee.

"Moody cut the crap, both you and I know that Dumbledore is too naive to force something like a secrecy oath on his co workers, beside I'm here with an unregistered wand with no trace and no witnesses, as well as a silence room with blinders on, and a whole amount of frustration and pent up anger inside of me, so Don't FUCK WITH ME", Harry yelled as he stabbed the wand into the wound on Moody's knee, the burning hot tip of the wand burning Moody's flesh and cauterizing the wound in a crude and painful way.

"You think this will get you anywhere Potter, I've had worse pain than this, for example when a Fiendfyre spell fired by the Dark Lord himself burned my leg off almost to the knee", Moody growled angrily at Harry who stared back.

"Of course I know it won't help much, but if you see how far I would go on a friend of Dumbledore, one of the people who are no doubt watching and protecting me behind my back, then perhaps you get an inkling to what I want to do with the Death Eaters, both Dumbledore and the Ministry have the names of several of them, but refuse to do anything about them, and if I know you right, then you have VERY detailed files n most of them from your own private investigations over the years".

"So, what do you want Potter"? Moody asked though Harry could see that he already had a clear idea.

"Kill them of course, they have probably committed crimes that are beyond humanity, but I can't do it alone, and of all the people I know about, you are the best one to help me, your paranoia and survival instinct are top rate, and I don't think you have any qualms about murdering and or torturing Death Eaters, either to get them out of the way or getting info before disposing them".

"You've got balls kid, talking to a retired Auror who reports to Dumbledore and still have loads of contacts in the ministry, so of course I'll help you, if you can prove that you are worthy of my help of course, I won't help a lost cause that'll drag me down with it", Moody said with a sickening grin.

"Ah, Moody, watch the papers two or three days from now, if you could my guards from noon till midnight for the next days that would also be excellent", Harry answered back with a grin of his own, with that he released Moody from his bonds and gave him back his effects, while holding his own wand at him just in case.

"God luck Potter, but if I'm right about you, you won't need it any more", and then he had thrown an invisibility cloak over him and disappeared.

As soon as Moody was gone harry set to work, amongst the stuff he had bought, he had procured enough material to create something similar to the standard Imperial Guard flak armour, he had then fashioned it with a camouflaged pattern, that when mixed with a certain potion he had bought from knockturn alley should, give his clothes an effect similar to a disillusionment charm, only that it couldn't be dispelled, though the potion had to be re applied every week, still thanks to the Goblins (and the usual hefty fee when it was something 'shady') he had gotten enough info on the ministry and many of the persons there that he should be able to locate Fudge for example in a loo 'polishing' his 'wand'.

Digging deeply into his trunk he dug out a black knife about eleven inches in length. The blade was black as the night and it reflected no light at all. The blade was triangle shaped at the tip that would prevent a stab wound from clotting, not that it would matter now the he polished it with the bottle of cyanide, whomever he wounded with this would die within seconds. Putting the blade aside, he started to assemble various parts he had bought into a replica lasgun with an elongated barrel and scope on. While not exactly a lasgun, it worked with the same principle of firing a small beam of superheated gas that would make a small explosion once it hit the target, and while it's firing rate was a bit slower, it's strength and beam density had been improved, so it should be effective for his uses, besides if everything worked out he would only need one shot. When he checked the watch he realized that it was almost 4 AM, so he decided to get some sleep, he would scout out the ministry tomorrow.

Waking up at 7 AM, he started to make his breakfast and take his vitamins that he had bought, before dressing up in a pair of khakis and a white wife beater, he took off for his morning exercises. Three hours later his sweat soaked body had been properly washed and he had changed into a spare black robe and pants. Walking out and away a few blocks (again avoiding his guard) he summoned the Knight Bus to take him to the Leaky Cauldron, from there he flooed into the ministry, before walking seemingly innocently around.

As he rounded a corner he hid himself in the shadows and pulled up his hood before he started to sneak around, checking that the info he had bought from the Goblins was genuine. It was actually by pure coincidence that Harry stumbled into Walden McNair ten minutes after arriving, and it seemed that McNair had just arrived as well, and it was only Harry's reflexes that allowed him to avoid smacking into McNair, grinning to himself Harry followed McNair for the entire day until McNair left at 7 PM. After McNair left Harry saw no real point in staying so he headed home as well, winking to the bush that Moody was hiding in.

The next day happened exactly like the day before, McNair arrived at the ministry at 11 Am and left at 7 PM, all the places he visited happened at the exact same time as before, even the visits to the loo was the same time as the previous day, and what was more interesting was that McNair met up with a guy named Travers at the loo both days, and what's more Harry remembered those eyes that were on Travers face, last time he had seen those eyes had been behind a Death Eater mask, another thing he learned was that tomorrow night Travers was going to work overtime by taking over at the security bench from 7 AM, the exact time that McNair would be leaving. After McNair left, Harry returned to Privet Drive to formulate his plan.

The day after, Harry stood ready outside the ministry employment entrance, his knife was in it's scabbard at his side, and his lasgun was hidden under the chameleonic gillie suit he was wearing over his camo clothes, and whatever skin he was showing had likewise been painted on with camouflage patterns in the same dark colour that the inside of the ministry was made up with. Quickly stepping into one of the toilets and flushing when nobody was there. Inside he quickly made his way over to a dark statue that was standing a few feet away from the security desk. It was as good spot as any, and the colour on his skin suit and clothes made him blend in perfectly, and the dark cloth wrappers he had propped his lasgun with made him practically invisible where he was, many witches and wizards, including two unspeakables and seven aurors passed him by a few feet while looking straight at him without seeing him, and so Harry waited.

Anthony Travers was not having a good day. He had said something that had pissed Fudge off, and Fudge being the greedy bastard he was had demanded more money or else he would make sure that he was sent to Azkaban for various crimes as a Death Eater. You see Anthony had been one of these who had bought their way out of Azkaban, and only their monthly 'donations' to various ministry and wizengamot officials kept them outside of Azkaban. Which was why Travers actually had a job here at the ministry, since he lacked the huge fortunes of other Death Eaters like Lucius or Nott, he kept a paying job just in case he should use up all his money (unlikely, but forewarned is forearmed), but why he was still keeping his job now that the Master had returned he did not know, but he knew that the Master would like to have people in the ministry so that was probably it.

Cursing his tongue (and luck) he took the place that Eric the guard he was taking over for had occupied, when he was finished he was probably going to find himself a nice little muggle preferably a young boy and have his way with him.

A few seconds later he saw his friend Walden walk towards the Floo to go home, and he was just about to wink when something happened.

Harry watched out of the corner of his eye that his secondary target had just sat down behind the security desk, now that he had verified where his secondary target was he scanned the large atrium for possible friendlies and civilians. He could see two Arurors drinking coffee next to the elevators, and as such they were so far away that they would not be able to catch him before he escaped, the only interesting thing was Moody, who was standing not too far away from the floo stations, discussing something with a big bald dark Auror, and a young female Auror with shoulder length green hair, it did not matter though, no one was in the way of his line of fire, and everybody was too far away to catch him should they spot him.

Returning his eye to the scope on his rifle he watched as Walden McNair came strutting out of an elevator before heading towards the floo station. When he was passing the fountain of the Magical Brotherhood he stopped as he spotted who was standing close to the floo station. His face formed a sneer and he was just about to say something when Harry gave the trigger a slight squeeze. The standard energy pack he used for his lasguns had been replaced by a magazine that fired small razor sharp darts that he had dipped in snake venom from an Inland Taipan, which he had located on the black market. Each dart gave out a venom dose of 50mg, which would be enough to kill 40 to 50 men. The small dart made a silent fwhump noise as it left the barrel before flying straight and narrow, through a small gap between the house elf statue's head and the wizard's left leg, and then burying itself into his back before penetrating and coming to a stop in his heart.

Normally the poison the dart was tipped with would take as much as up to 45 minutes to kill a man, however a dose right into his heart was lethal immediately.

With a strangled gasp McNair fell to the ground and started to seizure as the dangerous neurotoxin was pumped out from his heart and through his body, before he could even ask for help his heart stopped, and his body lay still, before the three startled Aurors (ex-Auror).

Travers looked on in shock as his friend Walden suddenly fell to the ground and started twitching violently before stopping. Not thinking clearly he jumped over the desk and ran towards his friend, wile the four Aurors and one retired ex-Auror did the same thing. Just as he was passing the big black statue of some long dead wizard he was stopped as a fierce pain came from his chest, and before he could scream a strong hand with dark painted stripes clamped on his jaw and prevented him from making a sound.

With panic he looked down and saw a dark knife had buried into his chest and heart, and he could already feel the deadly hydrogenised cyanide poison flow through his body, giving him trouble to breathe, and his heart started to pump erratically by the damage done to it by the poisoned knife. With a smooth movement the knife was drawn back out causing more pain and a flood of blood to erupt from his chest, and almost slowly the knife was cleaned on his own robe before his attacker sheathed it. As he was dying, his panicked head lifted upwards to see the face of his attacker.

With shock he noted that it was the satisfied face of the 'boy-who-lived', painted in dark camouflage like his hands. Travers could not believe that Potter would dare to go this far, but before he could think more his body slumped as his life and soul slipped out of his body and blackness overcame him.

Harry shrugged at the second life he had taken today was dropped soundlessly to the floor, quickly grabbing his rifle he exited through the visitors entrance, before soundlessly running off into the night, and back towards Privet Drive.

AN: Well this is just a preview of what is to come, as you see this is a crossover with Warhammer 40k. Instead of doing something really High Tech and profiled like a Space Marine or and Iquisitor, I chose a Catachan Jungle Fighter who was later recruited to becoma a Vindicare Assassin (badass sniper in other words). So far this is looking like fun to write, and I can't wait til I can get some more gory stuff into the story, tell me what you guys think alright.

Till next time.