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Chapter 2. Harry 'Iron Hand' Potter.

As soon as the sun broke over the horizon Harry jumped out and shot a stunning spell at the single guard who dodged to the side. "You and the rest of your fellows are under arrest, we have five aurors here and the rest of the department is on the way, if you give up now we won't have to kill you".

The werewolf guard growled angrily when he heard those words, and predictable he turned tail and ran as fast as he could into the cave to rapport to his pack leader.

Werewolves in the cave.

Fenrir Greyback snarled with triumph, another large pack had gotten into the caves a few days ago, and after negotiations had failed he and the leader of the other pack had duelled each other. Not the boring duels with wands but pure animalistic fighting with claws and teeth, and the sound of his opponent's neck breaking had been most satisfying, and by the rules of the packs he was now the leader of both, HE Fenrir Greyback now had the largest and deadliest pack on the continent, almost fifty werewolves, some of them magical and some of the were not magical, his moment of triumph however was broken when his guard came rushing in to explain about the Ministry aurors that had come to arrest them.

Snarling with anger he tried to apparate only to be slammed back into the ground. Apparently the aurors had already placed anti apparition wards, and if that was the case he was sure that they had also placed wards that would make portkeys unusable.

For the first time in his life he felt a flicker of fear, if what his guard said the entire DMLE was heading down on him, and he knew what awaited should he be caught, the Dementors Kiss. Fenrir shuddered at the thought.

"Alright everyone, we smash through the few aurors up there, and escape past the wards and then apparate to the nearest safe place", his order was answered by several howls, before the werewolves ran towards the entrance en masse.

Harry's Perspective.

He could hear them coming, but from the sound there had to be a whole lot more than they had initially calculated. "This is Potter, fire at will once you can spot your targets".

After giving the order, he put his rifle up to eye level and waited. After less than a minute the first werewolf made himself visible, and Harry immediately aimed for his head before opening fire.

The bright red lance of energy flew towards the werewolf and hit him in the eye, blowing the back of his head out and killing him instantly.

Harry could hear the rest of his team open fire as well, but even such concentrated fire was not enough, and he was forced to jump into the wooden foliage to take cover from the many killing curses that were fired blindly towards him and his other hidden team members. He heard the sound of his hidden knife trap and the resulting agonized wail of pain as a werewolf was stabbed by the silver knives.

Calmly he stepped away from the tree trunk he had used as cover, and hosed down five werewolves at point blank range with las fire. All of them were thrown back but two of them immediately got up and jumped on him.

He managed to pump two shots into the eye of one of them before the other one knocked into him and threw them both to the ground. Immediately he abandoned his rifle and dragged out his knife but he was a second too slow as the crazed werewolf raked his hand over his face, and bit down hard on his left arm.

The pain was agonizing but Harry forced his anger to help him, and with a scream of rage he stabbed his knife deeply into the head of his attacker and killing him.

He snarled angrily as he looked on his now useless left arm, he would be unable to hold the rifle now and he was bleeding heavily from his face, and he suspected that his right eye was ruined.

He quickly retreated further into the forest, hearing gunshots, screams and explosions all around him. Once he was in relative safety he managed to get a bandage over his right eye and left arm, and after getting his bearings he climbed up into a tree with the aid of his knife.

After less than a minute he spotted three werewolves walk carefully through the woods. All three of them were battered and bloody, and had barely escaped from the many traps with their life intact too bad that they wouldn't be able to savour their triumph. Once they were directly below him Harry jumped down from the branch he was standing on.

He delivered a fearsome kick to the neck of one of them killing him instantly, and before they could figure out what was going on he had killed the other two with quick thrusts of his knife to the back of their heads.

The sound of branches snapping made him turn around and he could spot two more walk carefully through the forest. With a skill that only a catachan possessed he melted into the wood and worked his way around them before sneaking up to them. He killed one easily with a thrust to the head but the other one was apparently prepared because he dodged Harry's attack and jumped on him.

As they fell to the ground he lost his grip on his knife, and before he could pick it up his arm was pinned by a strong hand while another hand grabbed his throat in a vice like grip and started strangling him.

"Do you know who I am you fool"? The werewolf asked with a smirk. "I am Fenrir Greyback and I'm going to be the last thing you see on this planet".

Harry struggled as best as he could, but he was unable to shake off the strong werewolf, and his grasp on consciousness was slipping due to the lack of air, but he had one last plan. With a herculean effort he smashed his face into the face of Greyback, momentarily stunning him, but that was all Harry needed. He grabbed one of his grenades and removed the pin, and threw it behind Greyback, before he planted a kick with both of his feet into Greyback's chest, which threw him backwards and onto the grenade. Greyback managed one small glimpse of panic to reach his eyes before the grenade detonated and sent chunks of flesh, blood and bone all over the place, leaving behind a bloodied crater, as well as a pair of feet and Greyback's head. "If you want to kill someone do it quick and without mercy, once your opponent is dead you can gloat over his corpse", Harry spat at Greyback's corpse and the started to stalk forward.

The forest was completely silent now and as Harry looked a bit more closely he could see dead werewolves or pieces of them at least scattered about. "Potter here, all men rapport".

One after the other they reported inn until there was only two left. "Sanches, Greis rapport", Harry barked into the headset, but he knew instinctually that they wouldn't. "All men rendezvous back at the cave entrance". As he walked back towards the cave he checked his booby traps, and realized how lucky they had been, not a single one was still untouched. Every one had been activated, and he could guess that it was the same with the other zones as well.

Once he came into the clearing he could see that the rest of his men had already arrived, and most of them shoved some kind of injury, though none were as serious as the once Harry had.

"Sanches was hit by a killing curse sir, and Greis was mobbed by seven of them, though he took them all with him by pulling the pins on his grenades", Jones said with a respectful tone. "But if I may say so sir, you look like shit". The rest of the men grinned slightly at his words, and Harry was unable to hold in his own snort.

"Don't worry, the cruciatus is worse than this, but now we have to get out of here, all of those unforgivables must have made the Ministry detectors light up like Christmas trees, remove any booby traps that haven't been set off and head towards the camp".

"Yes sir, Malfoy Prewitt, you heard the captain, remove the traps and meet back at the camp".

The two squibs snapped off quick salutes before they started to scour the forest of traps, and after half an hour they arrived back at the camp where they watched Harry try to argue with Moody.

"Listen Alastor, I'm not going to Mungo's or Pomphrey, there is a muggle hospital thirty minutes from here, so I'm sure I'll be fine, if you really want to be of any help you can get me an eye similar to the one you have, since my right one was blinded".

"Fine Harry fine have it your way, and about the eye, I'll se what I can do. I need to make a new one anyways since that bastard ruined this one", Moody snarled, no doubt referring to Barty Crouch Jr.

"Sergeant get me to the closest hospital, and if you want to you can also inform the families of Sanches and Greis".

Jones nodded and then started to drive the truck down towards Godrics Hollow where they were stopped by the local police whom it appeared was on full alert. "What is going on up there sergeant we heard gunshots and explosions, and we have not gotten any notices about the military doing an exercise up there", one of the police officers said after he had stopped the truck.

"Captain Potter of the SAS, here officer", Harry said as he stepped out of the truck. With his uniform jacket on his injuries looked less severe, tough the sight of the bloodied bandages and the heavily scarred face was probably a gruesome enough sight for the poor police officers who had gathered around the truck.

"We received viable information that a group of terrorists were hiding in the woods, planning a larger terror attack on our country, and so due to matters of national security my team was sent in to eliminate the threat. I apologise for not warning your department about it, but at the time it seemed like the best cause of action".

"Oh", the poor bobby looked a bit spooked when he heard that a bunch of terrorists had been hiding practically on his doorstep. "That's alright Captain, you can carry on then".

Harry nodded his thanks and walked back to the truck and after he was seated he was driven to the closest hospital where they rushed him off to critical.

It took three days before Harry woke up, and he knew instantly what they had done to him. "Ah Captain Potter, I'm glad to see you're awake. We had to remove what was left of your right eye and amputate your left arm, though some army doctors came over and grafted a new mechanical arm on you, apparently some army scientists have figured out how to make mechanical replacements for lost limbs… bionics I think it's called".

That wasn't really surprising to Harry considering that he was the one who had given the army detailed blueprints and instructions on how to make several things that had existed in mankind's future Imperium, and bionics was only a small part of it.

Sure enough when he looked down he could see a shiny mechanical arm that had been grafted to some metal plates on his chest. "Ah yes I forgot about that, additional surgeries were made so that the arm could be fastened and function properly, I think they said something about the bionics improving the overall toughness of your body and organs, I don't know much more I'm afraid", the doctor looked enviously at his new arm.

"Don't worry doctor, I'm sure that bionics will become accessible in the foreseeable future for civilians as well, but it's still in the testing phase, now when will I be released, and what the hell happened to my voice", Harry suddenly realized that his voice had taken a much rougher tone.

"Whatever caused the wounds on your throat managed to damage your vocal chords I'm afraid. As for you leaving the hospital you were apparently to be released as soon as you woke up, though I would like to have you for observation there is nothing I can do".

Harry simply nodded his thanks to the doctor and then got out of the bed. His clothes were lying on a chair newly cleaned and pressed, and fifteen minutes later he had checked out of the hospital, and once he had gone outside he could see a military car waiting for him.

"Captain Potter, I have orders to take you to the Prime Minister, please get inside the car", the soldier said as he opened the door. Harry saluted him and spent the entire drive to 10 Downing Street in silence.

Upon reaching 10 Downing Street he was immediately ushered into the Minister's office. "Well Captain, care to tell me what went wrong on your operation"? The Minister said as he poured two glasses of scotch.

"Well, it appeared that another werewolf clan arrived a day or so before we arrived, so instead of two or even three to one odds we face five to one. The two casualties my team took as well as my own injuries were unfortunate though not unacceptable. Both myself and Moody are alive and while I'm at loathe to say it the rest of the team are expendable in the long run", Harry took a careful sip of the glass and allowed the strong alcohol to burn down in his throat.

"While I can teach them everything I know about Voldemort or his Death Eater, they cannot compete with mine and Moody's instinct and experience against them. I have survived several encounters against Voldemort and his Death Eaters, I know them better than they believe, though fortunately the most dangerous task has been dealt with. The really big challenge will be to take out Voldemort, even through his arrogance he has a keen sense of self preservation and I doubt that we can ambush him, so my plan is to take out as many of his followers as possible before eventually going after him… that should make sure that he has few if any 'shields' to use against us".

The Minister nodded thoughtfully while he nursed his glass. "I must agree with you. You and Moody are probably the best hope we have to take down this terrorist, and while I am unwilling to expend the lives of our soldiers it is more acceptable to loose them instead of yourself".

"Thank you Minister, now unless there is something else you're wondering on I should be going", the Minister nodded at him and Harry gave a short nod in return before venturing outside where he hailed a cab to take him to privet drive.


Werewolves slaughtered.

A few days ago the Department of Magical Law Enforcement reacted to a large number of Unforgivables that had been cast close to Godrics Hollow. Once the Ministry forces arrived they were met by a gruesome scene.

"There were bodies and body pieces everywhere and the forest was filled with blood", one Auror who wishes to remain anonymous said.

"I fought against You-Know-Who and his Death Eaters in the war, and I never saw anything like this carnage… it looked like a massacre", was the comments of another Auror.

"This was a deliberate and meticulously planned attack. Wards to prevent apparition and portkeys had been set up in advance. I can only guess that whomever did this holds a grudge against werewolves, and it has been confirmed that Fenrir Greyback is amongst the dead werewolves, and so far we have managed to identify thirty two bodies all of them werewolves, and judging from the various limbs we have found we expect that there is at least another ten dead", was the statement of Amelia Bones the Head of Magical Law enforcement.

This reporter was at the scene and I have newer seen such a scene of devastation, and because of the graphic material no pictures have been included. So is there someone out there who have started to exterminate werewolves or is it something else?

-Jeremy Williams, reporter from the Daily Prophet.

"This is most disconcerting my friends, is it any clues to who did this"? Albus Dumbledore asked the gathered members of the Order.

"Kingsley and myself have been asking discreet questions around the Ministry but so far we have no idea, we only know that Fudge is angry that someone killed Greyback before the Ministry could get their hands on him", Arthur Weasley said.

"I might have an idea to who it is", Alastor said suddenly, startling the gathered Order.

"What, who is it? Who does he work for"? Dumbledore asked quickly.

"I'm afraid I don't know his name, only that he is called Iron Hand. He is a professional soldier who works for various western governments, I can only guess that he is working for our own government at the time".

Several Order members looked uneasily at each other before Remus Lupin dared to ask the question they were all thinking. "But why would the Ministry claim that they don't know who it was if he is working for them"?

"Not the Ministry of Magic Lupin. The muggle Government, I can only surmise that they have somehow gotten a hold of the news that the Dark Lord is back, and have decided to nip the war in the bud this time. If you wish it Albus I'm sure that I can get in contact with him and bring him here".

"Yes thank you Alastor, I believe that would be best, here is the note".

Alastor nodded and then left the house to apparate to Privet Drive. A quick scan of the house revealed that Harry was not inside only his uncle. Seeing no other option he walked up to the door and knocked.

"Yes can I he-! what are you doing here"? Vernon said as he fidgeted nervously on the doorstep.

Alastor grinned inside, his looks weren't exactly for the faint hearted. "I'm looking for your nephew, any idea where he is"?

"Oh", he visibly perked up when he learned that Moody wasn't out to do something to him. "He mentioned something about a knot to unravel in Diagon Alley".

"Knot? What the…'ah he is after Nott is he', then you won't mind if I wait up in his room until he returns"?

"C-certainly not, would you like some tea"?

"No I believe that I shall manage without it Dursley", and then he pushed past the fat man and walked up to Harry's room and waited.

Diagon Alley, rooftop.

Harry and Ruiz were lying on the top of a roof in Diagon Alley which gave them a perfect view all the way to the bank, there really was no better place to take a shot from.

"All is clear sir, wind is down to zero", Ruiz who was acting as Harry's spotter looked around the alley again with his rifle, scanning the crowd for their target.

"Target Alpha has entered the Alley sir, and Beta target has just left Gringotts".

Harry nodded and popped open the scope on his rifle, and Nott was indeed moving towards Gringotts, and the Goblin who was waiting there for him".

"Sir, may I ask why we're eliminating a Goblin"?

"We're eliminating this Goblin because he have been giving secret documents to the Death Eaters, these documents include schematics of Gringotts, Azkaban and the Ministry, we know for certain that today's drop will be for the wards of those three places, so we need to eliminate both of them before that happens, you take the Goblin while I'll take out Nott".

"Yes sir", Ruiz snapped as he looked into his own scope.

"Wait until the Goblin gets the money from Nott, it will be more damning that way".

The next minute was spent in complete silence as the two of them held their targets in their sight. Nott and the Goblin met each other and exchanged a few words before the Goblin handed over a small satchel that no doubt contained the ward schematics, and Nott reached into his pocket and drew out a heavy money bag, as soon as the goblin held the bag in his hand they both pressed the trigger.

The bright red bolt of energy flew from the muzzle of Harry's rifle and hit Nott in the back and killed him almost instantly as the superheated energy cooked his heart and lungs while the bullet from Ruiz' rifle hit the Goblin in the chest and sawed him in half with a spray of blood before the sound of the shot even came. When the loud bang from Ruiz' rifle sounded everybody in the alley panicked. Everyone had either thrown themselves to the ground or they were running like headless chickens around.

"Lets go 'Saw' we can use the panic to get out of here through the "Cauldron", Harry said to Ruiz as he slung his rifle onto his back.

"Yes sir". They both jumped down to the ground, rolling when they hit to reduce the impact, and then they both followed the mass of people towards the "Cauldron". Harry was almost at the barrier when he spotted a face a little behind him that made his blood fill with fire again.

'Gallaghan, so there you are you son of a bitch', he stopped and fished a thin metal wire that had wooden handles on each end out of his pocket. Once Gallaghan was beside him he threw the wire around his neck and grabbed both ends and squeezed. A quick and forceful yank broke his neck and Harry allowed the lifeless body hit the ground, he then turned and ran through the barrier and into the Leaky Cauldron where he expertly navigated the room and into the streets of London were a black Mercedes was waiting for him. "What took you so long Sir"? Ruiz asked as he pushed the car into gear and started to drive away from the hidden pub.

"I spotted Gallaghan in the crowd and broke his neck with the wire trick, it was too easy in the fleeing crowd". Gallaghan had been one of the people who had taunted Harry when Voldemort tortured him and he had now reaped what he had sown when he joined the Death Eaters.

"Begging your pardon sir, but he was not on the list of those we were to kill today".

"I know Saw I know, but Gallaghan along with all the other Death Eaters is a target of opportunity, if you have a shot you take it".

"Why do you call me Saw Sir"?

Harry laughed a bit at the question. "Because with that rifle you will saw anyone in half, hence the nickname Saw".

"But Sir I"… "Don't worry Ruiz", Harry cut him off. "It's a nickname that suits you, beside I know what you and the other men call me behind my back, and I must say it amuses me".

Ruiz sighed. "Thank you Sir, but if I might say so the name we have for you does fit you, not only do you actually have a hand or arm for that matter that's made out of metal you are like an iron hand smashing a bug when you fight against your enemies".

"Heh thanks, the only good thing about the arm really is its strength, I can easily crush a man's throat with it, so yes 'Iron Hand' does fit me".

"Sir, with all respect you are the coldest most ruthless son of a bitch I've ever had the pleasure to serve under".

Harry just laughed. "Well Sir this is it, you're home again, do you want me to wait here or should I do something else"?

"If that was a wish for more work you could always fill sandbags for no reason back at the base, but I think you and the lads have deserved a few days off, take these money and buy a few drinks on the lads and make sure to drink for me as well when you're at it", Harry said as he handed over a few pounds notes.

"Will do Sir", and then Ruiz revved the engine and drove off. Once he entered his room he jumped to the side to avoid a curse and before Moody could throw another one Harry's left arm had clamped around his throat.

"You'll have to do better than that Alastor, I think you're getting out of shape", it was a joke of course, Harry knew that underneath the heavy leather coat was a heavily muscled body.

"Brat", Moody laughed as he massaged his throat. "Let me guess it was the leg wasn't it"?

Moody had been gifted with a bionic leg like Harry's arm and was very pleased with it since it allowed him almost full mobility again. "Yes, I designed them remember, I know exactly how those small noises sounds like, tough you almost got me".

"Hmpf, someday I'll get you boy don't worry about that. I guess that your trip to Diagon was successful then"?

"Indeed it was, I cooked Nott's insides and Ruiz earned himself a nickname when he shot the Goblin who has been selling secrets to the Death Eaters".

"A nickname you say"? He was clearly intrigued as he knew that Harry was not a person to just go out and give a person a nickname.

"Yup, his new name is Saw, due to the fact that he'll saw just about anyone in half with that rifle of his, oh and I met Gallaghan as well in the ensuing panic".

"Gallaghan eh? Something tells me that we won't be seeing him anymore".

Harry grinned slightly at Moody's statement. "It depends Alastor, they may include a picture of him lying in the alley with his neck at an unusual angle in the prophet tomorrow".

"Ah let me guess, the wire trick"?

"Indeed it was, thanks for teaching me that by the way it was most effective".

"No trouble Harry, it's the least I could do. Oh and here is your new eye, as you can see I've made a few modifications to it, I've done the same to my own new eye".

"What modifications"? Harry asked as he looked down on the killing curse green eye that was spinning around randomly in his hand.

"Well it has the same enchantments as my former eye, meaning that it automatically look through your head should look behind you or to the sides. Your little trick in the Ministry made me enchant it to show body heat and magical auras on all living creatures, so even vampires will show due to their aura. It can see through anything that is within fifty yards, and will automatically turn it's attention to any spell that is thrown towards you, it holds enough magical energy to shoot one killing curse and lastly if everything should go wrong and you're captured you can force it to explode killing yourself and anyone within three yards".

Harry whistled appreciatively, "That's some heavy shit Alastor, I thank you for it".

"Yeah, well I hope that your occlumency is good enough, or you'll get a hell of a headache since you will see in two different directions at once, now sit down and I'll teach you how to use it".

All of the various uses of the eye took over five hours to learn, but it was rewarding when Harry finally placed the eye into his empty eye socket. There was a brief flash of intense pain as the magical eye formed magical 'bonds' to newly repaired optic nerves, and it immediately settled into its base modus of 'control' meaning that it scanned around in all directions and stopped briefly one it found a person. When a person was spotted the eye automatically scanned the person to notice anything that could be used as a weapon, including wands.

"This is incredible Alastor thank you".

"You're welcome Harry, but now you owe me a favour".

"Why do I get the feeling that I won't like this one bit"? Harry asked as Moody's grin told him everything he needed to know.

"It's because you won't, you see Dumbledore is getting itchy, and I promised him that I would find you and take you with me to the HQ to meet with the Order, and you WILL join is that understood".

Harry sighed. "Well it's not like I have a choice, I do owe you one and I'd rather have Dumbledore with me than against me, take me to the HQ then, but refer to me simply as Iron Hand and I'll refer to you simply as Mad Eye".

Moody nodded, and gave Harry a note that said.

The Order of the Phoenix can be found at Grimmaulds Place 12.

Moody then grabbed hold of Harry and apparated them both to the outside of the house in London, and after a brief thought on the words written on the note the house suddenly popped up into place between number 11 and 13.

He followed Moody into the house, his eye immediately scanning for any threats, but with the exception of Snape there were no one he considered a threat, he didn't necessarily trust everybody, but he knew who everyone were thanks to Moody.

"You sure they won't notice who I am"?

"Don't worry Iron Hand, these werewolves did a good job at scarring your face up, and with your eye, arm larger body build and longer hair you look like a completely different person".

Harry nodded and then followed Moody into the kitchen where the rest of the Order was gathered. Several of them sprung up with their wands in their arms when they saw his appearance, and fortunately for Harry, Snape was the closest one. Before Snape could even begin the motions for a spell Harry's left arm clamped onto his throat and his right hand knocked the wand from his grasp.

"Don't even think about using that knife girl", Harry growled to Nymphadora Tonks who stood behind him.

"B-but how"? She stammered.

"Always keep an eye on your surroundings girl, CONSTANT VIGILANCE", he barked suddenly to Alastor's amusement.

"Oh my god there's two of them", Tonks whimpered to Sirius who was watching with glee as Snape turned bluer in his face.

Almost absentmindedly Harry released him causing Snape to fall to the floor in a wild cough fit. "Listen here, I came because Mad Eye called in a favour, but if you want to attack me I think I'll just leave".

"He is right my friends, lower your wands", Dumbledore said to the various Order members who lowered their wands one after the other. "And who are you Mr"? Dumbledore asked.

"My name is my own, but you may call me Iron Hand, I suppose that you are Albus Dumb-as-a-door"? Harry half stated half asked, provoking to snorts of laughter from Moody and McGonagall of all people.

"No I'm Albus Dumbledore, but you were close", he said with his eye twinkle in overdrive, of course he studiously ignored McGonagall's muttered remark of 'not far off at all'.

"Very well let's get down to business shall we? This is the Order of the Phoenix. We are a secret group and our goal is to oppose the Dark Lord Voldemort. Recently two suspected Death Eaters who were pardoned last time have been murdered, and a large group of werewolves also met an unfortunate end just a few days ago, can you tell us anything about these events"?

Everyone in the Order was now listening intently and Harry was just about to start when his new eye zoomed in on a pair of redheaded twins holding a thin flesh coloured piece of string into one of their ears, and the two strings fell all the way down to the floor and under the door into the kitchen.

"Just a second Mr. Dumbledore, I have something to take care of first", Harry then walked over to the door and picked up the two pieces of string and fired of a cannon blast charm near them.

Even with the sound of the entire order jumping in shock they could still hear the anguished screams of Fred and George. "Hmmpf, you'd think that you'd been able to bash some sense into these guys by now Mad Eye, honestly leaving the door unwarded", Harry's mutters faded as he placed a few privacy charms on the door.

"Well now we can continue. First of all, the two Death Eaters you're talking about were now murdered, I carried out their execution that have been ordered by the Queen herself. The Muggle government has carried out investigations through squibs and muggleborns, and have decided to declare Voldemort and any of his followers as traitors. Anybody who follows him has automatically been found guilty of High Treason, and shall be punished with death".

Harry took a sip from his hip flask and glared at Snape. "That means that you Snape better stay away from me. Since you work with Dumbledore I won't hunt you down, but if I ever come across you in the black robes and white mask I'll show no mercy. Anyhow I have been ordered to stop Voldemort and his followers, and as such I offer you the chance of working with me such as it is".

Dumbledore looked pensieve, while the rest of the order was quite split. Most of the Aurors as well as Sirius and Remus appeared to like him, while most of the others who had not seen what war could really do looked disgusted by him and his actions, and Snape did as best as he could to murder everyone with his gaze.

"I do not like the idea of killing Mr. Iron Hand, but I cannot deny that you are a soldier who is doing his duty, but know this if you accept to work together with the Order you will not be sent out on assignments to kill people".

"I can accept that Dumbledore, if it suits you I can protect young Mr,Potter for you, this will give me a chance to think a bit, and it will give your people some more personal time as well".

"Very well, I place you and Alastor in charge of protecting Harry, and as the leader of the Order it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Order of the Phoenix".

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