The Prodigy and the The Demon

The Prodigy and the The Demon

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Warning: Yaoi now. The pairing is AkayaXRyoma. A.k.a. Brat Pair.

Summary: What if Ryoma and Kirihara met before back when Ryoma was still living in America? What if they were the best of friends? What if they fell in love?

Chapter 1: Reunion.

Kirihara Akaya sighed. He had fallen asleep on the bus when he was on the way to do some shopping for the Rikkai Dai tennis club.

"Man… Sanada fukubuchou is going to kill me!" though the second year Ace.

"And we have a practice match with Hyotei today too!" he sighed again, taking his phone out. After a few rings, Jackal picked up.

"Hello senpai. It's Akaya." The other person hummed a response.

"Akaya, where are you?" asked Jackal. Kirihara laughed nervously.

"Well you see senpai, I sort of fell asleep on the bus…" he said sheepishly.

"Akaya. You know we have a practice match against Hyotei Gakuen today right?" Jackal asked in a somewhat exasperated tone. "Anyway… Where are you?" he continued to ask.

"Eh... Umm... I'm at... Where am I?" He said while looking around.

"I'm at Seishun Gakuen." He responded. Jackal was twitching on the other line.

"Akaya… Our school is in Kanagawa... It'll take you hours to get back here." Jackal said.

"Gomen senpai." He said sheepishly.

"I'll tell Yukimura buchou… Just get back here as soon as possible." Jackal before hanging up the phone.

Kirihara put his cell phone away. A grin made it across his face.

"Might as well do some scouting." He said happily, walking over to where he suspected the tennis courts were.


"Where's Echizen?" asked Momoshiro as both he and Eiji searched the courts for their favorite chibi.

"Ryoma is the Library rep today. He'll be here soon." Said Katchiro. Momo and Eiji groaned.

"Mou! I want to see Ochibi-chan now!!" whined Eiji as he glomped his doubles partner, Oishi who was standing not too far away from them.

Oishi, used to being glomped on by the hyperactive teen smiled.

"He'll be here soon." He said. Fuji smiled and walked over to them.

"Speak of the devil. There he is now." He said, pointing to the short figure that was heading towards the clubroom. In a flash, Eiji had unlatched himself from Oishi and ran towards the clubroom.

"Ochibi!!" he screamed before glomping the short boy. Ryoma stumbled a bit, rapidly turning blue.

"Ki-kumaru senpai! Let go." He choked out. Eiji, seeing his Ochibi-chan turning blue, gasped and let go.

"Gomen Ochibi." He said with a sheepish grin. Ryoma shook his head.

"Iya... It's okay senpai." He said. Oishi walked up to them.

"Echizen, you'd better get changed." He said with a kind smile. Then he turned to Eiji.

"Eiji… You shouldn't have glomped Echizen like that. He could have tripped!" Oishi said, mother hen mode on full mode.

"Nya! Gomen Oishi!" Eiji said as he glomped his doubles partner. Ryoma shook his head and went into the clubroom to change.

With Akaya Kirihara-kun

"Heh… So this is the Seigaku Tennis club huh?" he mussed, walking into the courts. Oishi spotted him and went over.

"Ano… You're not a member of this club, are you? What are you doing here?" he said with a smile. Kirihara turned to him with a sheepish look.

"No…. I'm Kirihara Akaya, 2nd year Ace of Rikkai Dai… And you can say I'm a spy." He said with a thoughtful look. Oishi eye's widened.

'Rikkai?!' thought most of the club members.

Akaya's eyes suddenly caught sight of Tezuka and with a grin; he made his way over to him.

"Hey. You're the captain of Seigaku, Tezuka Kunimitsu right? You beat my senpai before. What do you say we have a match?" he asked. Tezuka turned to him, an un-amused look on his face.

"Perhaps… If you bring a formal letter from your club." He answered. Kirihara scowled.

"Oh come on! Just one game!" he asked. Annoying some of the club members.

"Why you! Don't be so disrespectful towards our captain!" fumed Arai. He grabbed a ball and hit it towards Kirihara.

"Eat this!" he yelled. Oishi looked shocked.

"Arai you fool!" he yelled. But before the ball even reached Kirihara, it was intercepted by none other that Ryoma.

"Ne senpai, how can you say that he was being rude while you tried to attack him from behind?" questioned Ryoma with a scowl. Kirihara turned to look at the one who saved him. His eyes widened as he saw the emerald tinted hair beneath a familiar white cap. The golden, cat like eyes turned to him and also widened in shock.

Kirihara was the first to spoke.

"Ryo-chan… Is that you?!" he asked. Everyone on the courts froze. Did the strange Rikkai boy just called their anti-social prince Ryo-chan?!

"99.99 Echizen will yell at him…" Inui muttered. Everyone was silent, waiting for the explosion. What they didn't expect was Ryoma to run up to the boy and hug him!

"Aka-chan!" he said, a smile on his face. Kirihara hugged him back. The regulars were in shock. The club members were frozen. Horio actually shut up. Did their anti-social prince call the strange Rikkai boy Aka-chan?! Needles to say, some regulars, meaning Kawamura fainted in shock. The freshman duo was holding up their third member, Horio who had also passed out.

"It's good to see you again Ryon-Ryon." Kirihara said, nuzzling the younger boy affectionately.

"Un… What are you doing here Aka-chan?" Ryoma asked, staying in the embrace, much to everyone's disbelief. The two of them seem to have forgotten the entire Seigaku tennis club's presence.

Kirihara laughed sheepishly.

"To tell you the truth, I actually fell asleep on the bus and missed my stop." He said. The people who had heard the previous excuse were twitching in anger.

'So he actually fell asleep?!' They all thought. Deciding they were ignored enough, Fuji spoke up.

"Though it is a rear chance to see Ryoma so open… Might I ask how you two know each other?" he asked, blue eyes revealed. Ryoma jumped back from the embrace, blushing slightly. Kirihara stared at them with a blank look.

"Oh… your still here." He said. Everyone twitched.

'That brat!' they all thought, especially Arai.

"We're still in the middle of practice Aka-chan." Ryoma said with a small smile, awe-ing the tennis club. Kirihara nodded.

"Well to answer you're question Fuji Syuusuke, me and Ryo are best friends!" Kirihara said as he glomped Ryoma in a Kikumaru-ish fashion. Momoshiro bristled at this. So did Eiji when he saw his Ochibi-chan not struggle and actually smile.

"Mou… Ochibi-chan doesn't like it when I glomped him." Eiji said with a pout.

'That's because you hug too tight…' the regulars thought.

"I see…" Fuji said with a pleasant smile.

"Hmm... Iie data… How long have you known each other?" Inui asked, note book out. Kirihara scratched his head.

"Since we were kids… I used to live in America but we moved when I was 11." Kirihara stated. He turned to Ryoma. Anyway Ryo-chan, help me find my way back home okay!" he said happily, dragging Ryoma to get his stuff before departing.

"Echizen just skipped practice…" Horio said in disbelief as they watched the duo happily chat together while leaving for the clubroom. The sun caught Tezuka's glasses.

"He runs 50 laps at tomorrow's morning practice." He said with a stoic expression.

'Geh! Buchou is scary…' everyone thought and continued to practice.


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