Garage Door

Summary: Jasper and Rosalie talk about Bella and whether they hate her or not. Drabble-fic, non-romantic.

"Odd, isn't it?" He murmurs as he starts to lean on the wall. His hands were shoved down the pockets of his khaki pants. His sweater's sleeves were rolled up, showing several half crescent marks all over his arms.

She doesn't remove her head from under the hood and simply replies, "What is?"

He leans his head back and closes his eyes. "How this clumsy and insignificant mortal came out of nowhere and started to change our lives."

He could practically hear her roll her eyes in annoyance. "Why do you hate her so much?" She questions though she already knows the answer.

He shrugged his shoulders and answered back, "I don't hate her. I don't have the right to hate her. It's just the fact that I can kill her at any moment and lose everything I've worked hard for." He makes it sound as if it was just an ordinary, everyday question. "You hate her. Answer your own question."

Rosalie finally emerges from the car and closes the hood with a silent 'thump'. She merely glances at him for a moment before heading towards the door. "She's nothing special." She stops near the door and turns around. "But she can have babies, Jasper. Vampires can't."

Her voice falters and Jasper finally understands.

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