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"No, it's me, Miyavi."

"Ah, gomen, Miyavi-sama."

"Don't call me with -sama, it sounds weird. Do you happen to know where Kai is?"

"Uh, no, not really. Why?"

"Nothing. What about Ruki?"

"You should ask Reita about that. They're probably together somewhere."

"Hm, I guess so too. What're you reading?"

"Disturbing fanfictions."

"Fanfictions? Hey, lemme see…"

Uruha was sitting in front of the computer when Miyavi barged in. The guitarist was looking around for anime fanfictions on the net when he suddenly stumbled upon a few "J-Bands FanFics". He got curious, and took a look. There were funny ones, romantic ones, crazy ones, pointless ones, and yaoi ones. And now he happened to be reading one about AnCafe's Bou and Miku, with Miyavi reading along over his shoulder, Miyavi's arms holding up his own weight on Uruha's armrests.

"That sucks."

"Yea, it's a bit off, Bou isn't emo like that," Uruha commented also, and clicked the back button, "This is one is pretty good, though," he informed Miyavi, and showed him the fic. Miyavi read the first few lines, scrolled it down and read everything in only a few minutes.

"Hm, Arigato? The title doesn't really match the fic, but the story line is pretty good. Who made it?"

"I dunno. Some kid called "gazereihaoki". Probably a girl."

"Nah, definitely a girl, "reihaoki" stands for "Reita-Uruha-Aoi-Ruki". Only girls write stuff like these. Well, atleast 99 of them are girls. I found one which was written by a boy once… Anything else on?" Miyavi asked, and Uruha made room for Miyavi to reach the mouse and click the back button, scanning the page for a decent fanfic.

"Hey, this seems like fun, Dirty Truth or Dare, a GazettE fanfic, by Hiiragi666? Hmmm, "Rated M- & T+"? Probably heavy make-out scenes… This should be fun," and Miyavi double-clicked the highlighted title.

"Ew, you read stuff like that?"

"Yeah, just curious with what they write about us, really… Hey, you're a victim in here, Uruha-san!" Miyavi exclaimed, and Uruha leaned in to look.

""Aoi agreed, and he leaned forward, crushing Uruha's full lips, his tongue sliding out and brushing across the taller boy's lips"? Ew, Meevs, that's so gross! I mean, since when did Aoi French me, honestly?"

"Lots of times, dummy. Like, at that Silly God Disco tour?"

"Hey, that was a long time ago and it was only a peck!"

"Whatever, it took long enough to be a French kiss. Besides, it's not that gross to me," Miyavi reasoned.

"Yeah, cause you're not in it!"

"Not in this one, no… Hmm, let's look for one with me in it, shall we?" Miyavi suggested, and he casually sat on Uruha's lap, typing in the words "Miyavi", "Myv" and "Meevs" in the search bar. The results showed up in a few seconds and Miyavi quickly double-clicked a title, without Uruha being able to read it thoroughly. He later found out that it was called Aishiteiru to Iitakatta, and it was about Miyavi… and Uruha himself.

"You do realize that -"

"I just opened a fic about you and me? Yeah. But it's a good one, no make-outs or anything, just fluff stuff. But this girl's got a wide imagination. It's about me having a crush on you but not admitting it cause I'm gonna die in just two weeks. Then you confessed your love when I was on my deathbed. Really ironic, and sad, too," Miyavi explained to him, but instead, Uruha looked at him incredulously.

"How would you have known that?! You haven't even read half of the story!"

"I did, once. Sometime in the past. I'm just showing you this, maybe you're interested?"

"Yeah, I guess so… But since when do you read fanfics?" Uruha mumbled, taking over the mouse and clicking the back button, scanning the page for less disturbing fics, continuing, "Besides, I didn't know you had a passion for poetry, Miyavi? Or at least romantic fluff stuff?"

"I don't. I just like to read. The main reason I wear glasses, remember? Hey, what about that one ; Yume no Kirai no Ai ? It's about you and Reita!"

"Ew, nooo! I'm not gonna ruin my friendship with him just because of a fanfic!"

"What do you mean, ruin? You're the one who's reading, not him."

"Yeah, but if I just set my eyes once on a fic like that, I will most likely not forget it, especially if I happen to be close to Reita. My mind is so gonna think back to that fic," Uruha shuddered, and Miyavi grinned.

"Whatever. You sure are not the brightest person in the world, are you?"

"No I'm not and nobody is. What kind of GazettE pairings are there, anyway?" Uruha asked as he got out of the web and went to check his mail, Miyavi still sitting on his lap.

"Well… The common ones? We've got Aoi-Uruha, Aoi-Ruki, Reita-Ruki, and Reita-Uruha. The not-so-common-ones are like Uruha-Ruki, Aoi-Kai, Reita-Kai, Aoi-Reita, Uruha-Kai…" Miyavi said, counting them on his fingers, but Uruha suddenly stopped clicking and fell silent for a few minutes.

"Wow… fangirls are dangerous, aren't they?" Uruha suddenly mumbled, and Miyavi frowned.


"They're dangerous. I mean, look at this!" Uruha pointed at the screen, and showed Miyavi a few comments on a YouTube page, the video "Miyavi & Kai" currently playing.

"YouTube? What the hell could be interesting on YouTube?"

"Just read from here, to here!"

And Miyavi read the lines Uruha pointed at.

Reply : aoi.yasuragi

hey, Serenity desu! i jzt found out my J-name & i put it in as my new nickname! sweet, huh? btw, UruhaChrysalis ; idk, reali, some ppl r jzt like tht. but ur rite bout 1 thing; GazettE wa LOVE desu!! i'd totally glomp em & take em all home if I met thm somewhere on the street! gosh i LOVE the GazettE!! i mean, i know almost evry fckn lil thg bout thm!!

Reply : UruhaChrysalis

To aoi.yasuragi, Yeah, I guess I'd do the same thing as well. Every friggin little thing? Hahahaha, are you a stalker or something? But I was more thinking of like taking AnCafe and Miyavi along as well, to make it somehow more crazier… I'd so do anything to meet them… I think that Miyavi's got something going on with Kai… Don't you?

Reply : aoi.yasuragi

can I jzt call u UC? yeah their so close 2 eachothr n I thnk it's rthr weird tht kai's a bit left out in the whl Gazegroup-yaoi pairings, so I guess him n miyavi might work out. but i'd really do almst anythg if i cld c aoi 2gthr w/ miyavi! tht'd be awsomly cool! they look like each other, too!

Reply : UruhaChrysalis

Yeah, then I'll call u a.y, kay? Hm, guess you're right. But I think a bit of Uruha-Miyavi is better… They look cute on each other. And I mean ON each other, not WITH. I think Miyavi's so gonnabe seme and Uruha might freak out under him, hahaha…

Reply : aoi.yasuragi

so rite u r…! hey btw do u hav the translations 4 GUREN? i heard it's a real good one?

And Miyavi stopped reading as it got less interesting. But the comment made him think of something, "That's a good idea, actually," Miyavi mumbled to himself and Uruha's eyes widened.

"What's a good idea?"

"About that me and you pairing."

"Me and you?"

"Yeah, a Miyavi-Uruha pairing could actually be a good idea. Hm, wonder what those fangirls would say if they knew I'm right on your lap right now…?"


"I bet they'd go all crazy…" Miyavi said suggestively and Uruha freaked out a bit.

"You're not…?"

"I'm serious, really… Hm, I've got my cellphone here… If you could just fake in kissing me, I could take the picture?"

"What?? You're nuts."

"No I'm not. You do it with all of the other members, why not with me?" Miyavi pouted, and Uruha grinned all of a sudden.

"Who said I wouldn't wanna kiss you?"

"You just said -"

"That you're nuts for wanting to take the picture yourself. What if we ask Reita or Kai to take the picture while we're at it?"

"While we're at it? Are you suggesting something?"

"Hm, maybe yes maybe no?" Uruha shrugged, grinning. Now it was Miyavi's turn to blank. Uruha can be so weird sometimes.

"Hm. Okay. But we better not ask Kai, he's so gonna freak."

"Then let's ask Ruki!"


"Cause he'll most likely be joining us," Uruha said suggestively and Miyavi smiled.

"Hm, I guess you're not so dim after all, Uruha."

"For stuff like these, I'm Einstein."