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Warning! OOC, lolicon and maybe incest.

Summary :Millay's plan gone wrong, instead Lelouch and Shirley able to confessed their love to each other (accord to her plan). Anya catch Lelouch and by her rule they force to be a couple! What will happen to Lelouch? Will he able to continue as plan while pink hairs girl stick with him everywhere he goes! Not to mention the horde of heart broken fan girl that plan to stole Lelouch from Anya!

Ashford's library.

In the instance that Lelouch saw pink Knightmare just outside the windows he shouts to Shirlay to dodges it and prepare to jump to get her out of the way but he seem to forget something very importance. In term of intellect his came on top but physical he is the worst! When Shirlay saw Mordred's hand shots straight to window she jumps out of it way which leave Lelouch and Sayoko in its way. Mordred tried to grab Sayoko in Lelouch from her instinct took control and made her dodged which leaved Lelouch, who run to place that Shirlay just stood to met with Mordred's hand and it grabs and drag him outside.

Millay ran to the screen normally she will just enjoy it but this time she felt that it wrong! Did she underestimate Lelouch's charm this much. The Knight of Six, Anya Alstreim even used her Knightmare just to win this over stand in front of her Villetta tried to contact with Anya.

"Knight of Six that's Intelligence area, please leave that area." But Anya didn't replied Millay watches her wide eyes but before they did anything Mordred land on the ground and cockpit opens and Anya climbs from cockpit to its hand where Lelouch hangs there in its hand.

"Are you Lelouch?" She asked but he too shocks to answer Anya stretched his face to see if this is real Lelouch before took his hat and to every fan girl horror she kissed him on lip!

"Lelouch! Nooo!" Many girls scream and other shock even Suzaku almost lose control of his Lancelot, Villetta drops her headphone and like everyone that didn't scream just stand there too shock to do anything.

"I got Lelouch." Anya said in monotone before took another picture.

"So after Anya grabbed Lelouch with Mordred and took his hat, she kissed him?" Gino asked exciting Suzaku nodded. "That mean now they are official couple, right?"

"I don't think she is serious ... Anya why are you wearing that?" Gino saw Anya in her private dress.

"I have a date." She answer with her usual monotone.

"Huh?" That all intelligence replied Suzaku able to gave before Anya walk away from them.

"Ohh! She serious with Lelouch. How cute!" Gino giggles. Suzaku face fault and grimace and then he got a call from someone.

"Sorry Gino. Could you take care of Nunnally today?" Gino gave him question look.

"I had something to take care of today." Just that he walked away and leave Gino alone.

"Gino-san." Sweet voice from behind him but he sense it, too sweet for her, Nunnally.

"Yes, your highness." He senses it! The tension is too dense and dark.

"Could told me about that it? About Anya boyfriend." For once in his life Gino want to ran away from this blind, cripple and sweet girl.

"Miss Romeyer, please hold the meeting until I finished discuss with lord Weinberg. Do not start the meeting before I arrive." She smiles. "Do you understand?"

To Miss Romeyer credit she just pale but for once she not even question her order. "Yes, your highness. The meeting will hold on until your arrived." And she leave them alone.

"Lord Weinberg, please told me about Anya's boyfriend and..." She touches his hand. "Do not lie because I will know it."

Lelouch just finish checking the Gefjun Disturber.

'Should I go? Or should I just ran away? Is this Suzaku's plan to keep an eye on me? Did he know that I had my memories?' Lelouch then decide that he need to get away from everyone for awhile.

"Lulu?" Speak of the devil that Shirlay.

"Lelouch?" Oh! And Suzaku his day won't get any worst, right? (How right you are Lelouch!)

"What are you doing here?" They asked in unison and the silence took over them.

"Shirlay want to discuss something with me." Suzaku said first and that leave only Lelouch, who didn't give to reason but thank or curse because Anya arrived on screen.

"There you are Lelouch." Said boy eyebrow twitch because Anya stretched his face and kissed him on cheek before got drag Lelouch away.

"Did she serious about be his girlfriend?" Shirlay asked after they gone out of her sight disbelieve in what was she saw somehow forgot that even Suzaku was with her but he felt the heavy tension in the air.

"I don't know... but what was you want to talk with me? ... Shirlay?"

"Lelouch is MINE!!" She yelled top of her lung but when Suzaku looks around he found the horde of girls surround them. "He should be mine not HER!" They yelled at the same time that cause everyone look at them but not many because almost the person there are Lelouch's fan girls.

"It's because of the president's event!" Someone yelled.

"Wait! WAIT!" It's Millay. She stood with megaphone in hand.

"I gave you girls the equal change in my event but your girl fail to grab it." She let it sink before continue.

"But now since we all agree that Anya aren't suitable for Lelouch so we must done something to break them!" The girls acclaims.

"First we must know about her strong and weak point!" Millay eyes him! Suzaku knew that he should run but Shirlay grab his wrist her eyes gleaming with passion and Suzaku knew they won't just question him but interrogate him instead!

'Save me! Someone anyone!'

Lelouch knew he going to have a headache no it will be more than that after Rolo called him and told him that Orange had return and coming his way but with Anya clings with his arm and not to mention that he can't used Geass on her since they surround with many people then he felt chill all of sudden something very wrong going to happen. Anya phone rang and he gave her question look when she gave her phone to him but when he answer.


"Onii-sama...How dare you!" He froze its Nunnally.

After got interrogate by Nunnally and the meeting after that got cut short and all the project that take advantage of Japaness or didn't help them at all were force to drop or change their way and not a single one dare to question Nunnally, not when her dark aura create the tension that almost strangled them even she just sit there. Yes, she is the Viceroy of Area 11 and the emperor daughter.

After the meeting she order Gino to called Anya and asked to talk with Anya boyfriend, Lelouch.


"Onii-sama...How dare you!" Gino forze. Nunnally known Lelouch.

"How dare you cheat on me!"

'Oh...onii-sama?...Lelouch lucky...no... forget it.' He must sneak away before Nunnally thinks he somehow involve in this affair but he forgot that Nunnally didn't use her eyes so her ears are better than normal.

"STAY!" She orders him.

"Yes, your highness." He obeys and stood there.

"No! ...I mean yes! No wait! It isn't like your think, Nunnally!" Lelouch clearly panic he knew it.

"You kissed her right? And Suzaku help you hid the fact that you cheat on me, right?"

'Suzaku, I hate you now! You know what will happen if Nunnally knew this and didn't told me and just run by yourself!' He cursed Suzaku because Nunnally heard about it from someone because if the round got boy/girlfriend they bound to become gossip and with ears like Nunnally she will know eventually and yet he didn't told him at first he thought she just worried about Anya but when he finish he realize it isn't about Anya its about Lelouch and now he just knew something he didn't want to know even this can be the blackmail material but he won't dare to tried to blackmail her after saw this.

"You said you love me but you cheat on me behind my back!"

"No! Nunnally! Its because Millay event and we force to be a couple after that event!"

"Dear! How can you say that!" It's Anya voice but it sound playful unlike her monotone.

'Huh? It's Anya voice I sure of it but it isn't like her.' He tough but Nunnally seem to didn't to catch it because her anger rise to new high.

"Anya what are you doing?" Sound like Lelouch got tackle..

"You said you will love me and me alone forever and you didn't care about other girl anymore." And then its hung up.

'Itsn't Anya.' Gino tough but Nunally didn't.

"LELOUCH!!" Nunnally roared.

I will end it here. Want another chapter? Well maybe maybe not but I hope you enjoy it.