dp-hp crossover

re-uploaded. All the mistakes with the spelling are out. Got a new laptop so everything is fixed :D

this is my first fic, so no flames please. I'm also from Holland, so if my English is bad please tell me how i can say it best.

summary: Harry's in his 6th year of Hogwarts, but Dumbledore thinks he needs protection, so he asks Danny to be his bodyguard.

Hogwarts Protector

it was a nice, peaceful day. Danny was in his room, discussing Skulker's latest attack, over the phone. he was about to go to Sam's when jazz knocked on the door.

"Danny," she said "there is some old guy downstairs who says he needs your help."

"I'll call you back later, Tuck." Danny said, and he hung up the phone.

his sister led the way down to the hall were the old man stood. he had a long silver-gray beard, a half round, moon shaped pair of glasses on his nose, and he wore a rope. he didn't look like an ordinary person.

As soon as he saw Danny, he spoke.

"are you Danny Fenton?" he asked.

"yes, who's asking?" asked Danny.

"oh, of course. where are my manners." said the man. he shook Danny's hand and said: "I'm Albus Dumbledore, I'm headmaster of Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry.'

"wait," said jazz. "witchcraft, as in magic."

"yes, Hogwarts is indeed a magic school." said Dumbledore.

"And," said Danny, "What has this to do with me?"

"Well you see, young man," Started the man. "our world, the wizard world, is at war. we are fighting an evil wizard called Voldemort, this man want to kill one of my students and I want you to protect him."

"why would i protect someone I don't even know? and besides, what do I have to do with this wizard world, I'm not even a magical person." Said Danny

"well Mr. Fenton, half of what you're saying is true, though the other half..." said Dumbledore. "we believe that Voldemort has recruited some of your ghost.'

"what do you mean my sort of ghost. who says I have anything to with ghosts." as soon as Danny said that he knew he hung. every normal person would have said that ghost didn't exist, but no, he just had to say something else.

"well, you see..." began Dumbledore. "At Hogwarts we too have ghosts, but the ghosts you know are slightly different from the ghosts here. you will see when you arrive at Hogwarts.'

"but who said I was going?"

"have you ever heard of Vlad Plasmius?" said the professor. at the look on Danny's face he took it as an yes. so he went on...

"we overheard that Voldemort has teamed up with him."

"well, that changes everything, could you tell me the details about when I start?" asked Danny.

"if it's possible, you are coming with me now." said the professor.

"ok, I'll go pack right away." said Danny, as he ran upstairs. in less than 5 minutes he was back downstairs with 2 suitcases.

"now, what are we going to tell my parents?" asked Danny.