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Mizutani splashed cold water on his face, savouring the touch of the globules of liquid against his skin. It was over; Nishiura had won the game against Tousei. His auburn hair glinted in the pale sunlight as he gazed upwards. Puffs of white clouds adorned the blue forget-me-not sky. His serene thoughts were interrupted by a familiar voice. "Fumiki?" He turned around, to meet Izumi's beautiful amethyst eyes. "Kosuke."

The third baseman gave him a tender smile, one so warm that it could've caused all that water on Mizutani's face to evaporate. "Feeling better after the game?" he asked, walking over to his teammate. His finger gently traced the shape of the left fielder's face; the latter moaned quietly. Biting his lower lip, Mizutani pushed the hand away.


"Why? What's wrong?"

"This is a public place, Kosuke! What if somebody sees us?"

"They won't."

Just as Mizutani was about to protest again, Izumi pressed his lips against his. Nishiura's #7 allowed his beloved to undo the first two buttons of his shirt, being slowly pushed back towards the wall throughout that intimate moment. "Kosuke, stop it!" he hissed. "Shut up," the other whispered, reinitiating the kiss. He continued unbuttoning his secret lover's shirt and tossed it onto the ground. After a long, long moment, Izumi released Mizutani's lips and proceeded downwards. He gnawed at the collar of the second baseman's undershirt. "Take this off. It's in my way," he commanded coyly, scowling. "Oh, never mind. I've better things to take care of," he whispered after a while, in a strangely seductive voice. He moved his mouth over to the side of Mizutani's neck and licked at it.

"Cut it out!"


"Kosuke! Stop it!"


"This isn't your bedroom, neither is it mine!"

"I can choose to show my love to you wherever I want."

"No, you can't!"

"I can. And I will."

With that, Izumi bit into lover's neck - hard. The latter gasped rather loudly and shut his eyes. "Don't close your eyes. I want to see them," Hamada's ex-schoolmate commanded. Reflexively, Mizutani opened them and tore off Izumi's jersey in fierce retaliation. "See, you're responding. You're so predictable," Nishiura's #8 smiled against the left fielder's skin. He forced his lips onto Mizutani's, and a heated fight between their tongues for domination ensued. It continued until they pulled away, gasping heavily for air. Izumi placed a quivering hand on his beloved's chest and leaned his head against it, listening intently at the heartbeat's rhythm. Mizutani couldn't help it; he raised his hand and ran his fingers through that soft brown hair.

It pained Mizutani to be in this relationship - they'd have to keep it a secret from their teammate, acquaintances from other teams and family. When Izumi thought he was never looking during their nights together, the former's gentle smile would be replaced by sorrowful eyes. This sort of love was forbidden among society, but it wasn't something they could help. They had unconsciously fallen for each other, and confessed their feelings on a freezing winter's night.

Finally, Izumi broke the silence.



"How long... How long are things going to be like this?"

"Kosuke, I honestly don't know."

"Is it going to end? At all?"

"I don't know. But until it does, it'll remain our secret."

"Just the two of us."

Their voices merged to become one.

"Two minds. Two souls. Two bodies. Two hearts."

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