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Chapter III


Jasper and I both jumped back so fast from each other it was comical. I of course stumbled in my haste and landed flat on my backside. I was looking up horrified at Alice, when she and Rosalie burst into hysterics at the door. If I weren't so scared, I'd have been offended. They laughed in a most un-vampire-like way.

Alice took a deep breath, and looked at us both. "You two should see your expressions, if I hadn't seen everything, I'd definitely believe you two had gone beyond the borders of passion." Jasper and I of course looked at each other, and I had to admit he looked like the epitome of guilt.

I had no doubt I looked much the same.

Jasper looked down at the floor, and Alice took pity on him. Rosalie rolled her eyes and left down the hallway. Alice walked up to Jasper and took his hand. "I'm not angry at you," she looked at me, "either of you. It isn't the best situation but it was sort of an enforced scenario. Rosalie and I headed back, as soon as I saw what was going to happen, and we were over halfway here when I saw how it would end." She looked at me, "I definitely can't blame you." She looked at Jasper appraisingly, which made him grin in spite of himself, and chuckle a little. But then Alice lifted her eyebrow, and said, "But you…she's human!" she said, feigning pique.

He laughed at her expression, and looked every bit as humbled as she intended him to. Alice suddenly shot a look towards the window. "We need to make an exit, say goodbye lovebirds," she said sarcastically, rolling her eyes. Jasper walked out the door immediately. "Edward's home." I gasped in horror, and she looked at me. "I'm sorry, I called Edward when I first saw what was going on. I did call him back and tell him how it played out, minus all the details. She gave me an odd look, and I wondered what Alice had seen. "Do you forgive me, Alice?" I asked, frightened.

"I don't know Bella, it isn't really your fault you know. I'm inclined to be angry, but I also know what's going on. Jasper can't help his honesty around me. I usually can see through it when he lies." She chuckled. "Yes Bella, I forgive you. But you need to be worried about Edward. I'm not sure he understands. I'm going to go talk to Jasper for a moment, but I'll be back to help with Edward. I think he'll need a little reasoning with." I jumped forward and hugged her. "I love you better than a sister, Alice. And I am so sorry."

She walked out smiling.

The next face that came in wasn't smiling. Edward's eyes were black, and so was his expression. He spoke calmly, but I was universally grateful that Jasper had already left. "I don't know what happened, but Carlisle is not happy with me for leaving. I was in the middle of something very important when Alice calls me and tells me…"His eyes darkened even further, and he stepped forward into my face. I held my ground and didn't move. But I felt myself shrink regardless; he took a steadying breath "…tells me that she sees you, and Jasper!" He cut off shortly on Jasper's name, like he couldn't go on.

I was terrified this would make him leave me, but I didn't want to lie. I couldn't seem to speak above a whisper. "It's true Edward, I'm sorry. " I swallowed the bile in my mouth, how could I do this to him. "I was reading Wuthering Heights after you and Carlisle left and I fell asleep. I had a nightmare…about Jasper."

Edward's eyes widened. "He was Heathcliff and I was Isabella Linton. He wouldn't give me the time of day, and I was trying to convince him. It must have been sparked by what happened that night. He kissed me in the dream, and then he bit my bottom lip. He was drinking my blood from the cut he made, and he was draining it. I started screaming. I guess Jasper had just walked in from dropping Rosalie and Alice off at the airport then, he said he couldn't face the idea of the shopping. He came in and heard me screaming, and woke me up. I scared him. I g-guess it w-w-was a little too close to my dream, because when I woke up, I uh…I kissed him. "

Oh ok, so I'd lied a little. But I didn't want him to be furious with Jasper. I couldn't be responsible for bad feelings between he and his family. "I think after everything else from a few weeks ago, it overwhelmed Jasper. Then I started in the way I do when I get over-enthusiastic with you, and things went a little further than they should have." Edward looked thunderous, and I was afraid to continue, "w-when I realized th-that it was going too far, and that w-w-we were at the edge of the danger point, I stopped it."

Edward closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. He turned around and walked over to his collection of CD's and ripped the entire rack off the wall. I jumped, but didn't move. He then turned back to me. He was too upset to move slowly. He grabbed my arm gently, but firmly. "Bella, did you…and Jasper…did you…" he couldn't phrase it, but he looked deep into my eyes, searching. I opened my mouth to say no, but it was Jasper's voice that spoke it.

"No, Edward, we didn't. She's still yours, always was." He stood in the doorway with Alice, holding her hand. Jasper looked at Edward, "I'm sorry Edward. It was very wrong of me to take advantage of her situation." Edward looked confused, his anger cooling slightly.

"What situation?" he asked, looking at me again. Suddenly he shot a look back in Jasper's direction, but when he spoke I realized he was actually glaring at Alice.

"That is none of your business!" he nearly growled.

Their conversation suddenly became private, at least as far as I was concerned, because they spoke in that way I couldn't keep up with. Edward suddenly released my arm and turned to face Alice completely, "NO! I won't risk her safety that way." I don't know what Alice said in return, but whatever it was incensed Edward, he snarled loudly and viciously. Then she said something else, and Edward looked as though someone had just hit him in the face with a baseball bat. He spoke so I could understand again, "No, I wouldn't prefer that."

Jasper looked down, dismay plain on his face. He looked back up at Edward and appeared to choose his words carefully. "What you've got Edward, needs to be nurtured. Living things, such as flowers, whither if you don't water them. Sometimes, they seek out new sources to drink from."

Edward responded sarcastically, "Oh, that's witty, Jasper."

I was very confused, but I didn't think Jasper deserved his tone. "Edward." I said softly in Jasper's defense.

He looked at me then. He reached for me. "I'm sorry, Bella. I just can't stand to think of anyone else's hands on you. Even my misfit brother," Edward shot a comical expression at Jasper, who smiled in return. I was pleased to realize Edward had forgiven him. Edward reached for me then and I stepped happily into his arms. I raised myself up on my tip toes and kissed him.

"I'm sorry too Edward. I just can't stand being rejected much longer." He looked stunned.

"It isn't rejection, Bella. Its just caution." He said.

"I know, but it hurts me the same as rejection anyway." I looked him in the eyes, his eyes calmed, still black, but only from hunger now. The rage was gone.

"I'll wait I guess." I said, looking at the floor.

He grinned my favorite crooked smile, "I think not. I can't have you running to Emmett next time."

Jasper then did a very Emmett thing, he was suddenly right next to me, and he leaned down and half bit, half kissed my neck. Edward's eyes widened in astonishment and looked at Jasper, thunderstruck. Jasper looked Edward directly in the eyes and gave him a simply perfect imitation of his crooked smile, "Just thought I'd give you incentive to take care of her quickly." Jasper disappeared through the door the moment he said this, and then Edward was gone as well, leaving Alice and I laughing in their wake.