A/N: Hi every one! So this is Surferette...an old story that I couldn't continue cuz I a sort of writers block...I wrote a bunch of chapters but they didn't sound good. But now I'm back with fresh inspiration so enjoy...

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Detective Mac Taylor was exhausted and so was his team. He could see it on their faces as they sat around the large table in the conference room, trying to solve the most recent case. But it was pointless. They had no leads, no suspects, no liable evidence. They hadn't even been able to ID their victim.

Mac sighed and put down the file he was reading, trying to suppress the pounding headache and looked around and his team. Stella and Lindsay sat side by side discussing the evidence. Beside them Dr. Sheldon Hawkes and Jennifer Angell sat, staring blankly the autopsy and evidence reports. At the other side of the room, Don and Danny were laying out possible situations for the victim's murder.

Suddenly Danny yawned loudly, cracking the silence. The detectives burst into laughter. As the laughter died Mac stood up deciding that it was time to break the news, "Guys, I've got a surprise for you...it's nearly Christmas so I figured we need some time away from the lab. I made a few calls and found out that a friend of mine is going to be in Bali. How would you guys like to go to Bali, Indonesia?"

'Wooooooo!' yelled Danny, throwing his fists into the air.

'That's awesome Mac, thank you," said Stella giving him a hug.

"Ooo this is so awesome!!!" asked Lindsay as Don and Angell high-fived each other.

Mac grinned then said, "Now that's out of the way, let's finish this up so I can tell you guys details!"

Several hours later after closing the case at a sudden break through, the team gathered at Sullivan's for a round of pool and more detail about the trip.

"Wait, where the hell is Bali?" said Flack, as Mac told them more about the island.

Hawkes finished setting up his shot and replied over the other's laughter, "It's an island in Indonesia, dumbass!"

"So Mac, this friend of yours, what she like?" questioned Don, setting his cue against the table and picking up his beer again.

"Her mom is Indonesian and he dad is Australian, but she was born and brought up in Jakarta," he replied, taking a swig of his beer.

Don opened his mouth, but Hawkes interrupted him saying, "Jakarta's the capitol of Indonesia, Don"

"Oh" which was followed by laughs.

"Her dad owns a branch of hotels in Bali, she manages one of them, the one we're staying at," Mac said.

"She hot?" asked Danny, receiving a blow on the head from Lindsay.

Mac motioned with a finger, Danny, Hawkes and Don leant in as he said, "Yea" in a low voice out of the reach of the women's ears. They grinned at their boss, for they saw a different side of him. A Holiday Mac.

So the night continued, and soon they trickled out of Sully, all with excitement building at the thought of their long deserving holiday. The girls thinking of sunbathing and massages, while the guys dreamed of swimming and surfing in this undiscovered ocean paradise.