Trying, Waiting, Hoping

She sees something in him that no one else does.

It's what keeps her trying, waiting, hoping.

It's the reason she hasn't yet run in the other direction as fast as she can.

It's why she hasn't given up on what others would call a hopeless case, a useless, undeniably impossible case.

She sees something in him that stops her from listening when they say he's not worth it.

She ignores them when they tell her he's not worth the trouble he causes and the pain he inflicts upon everyone he comes into contact with.

She doesn't care what they all think.

She thinks they're all wrong. All so very wrong.

It can't be quantified. It can't be explained.

It's just how she feels.

Underneath the harsh exterior that is House, she believes (knows) there is something more to him, something resembling a human being.

And she'll wait out the day, no matter how long it takes, that that part of him surfaces.