Bad News

"I have a sinking feeling," she says, "that you plus me is bad news." She lifts her eyes from her drink to meet House's gaze.

They stare at each other for a moment.

House mostly stares at her breasts.

"You're figuring that out now?" he taunts. He leers at her. Slowly, pointedly, he lifts his eyes to meet hers again. "I've known it since we met."


"Oh yeah," he confirms. He takes a swig of beer and throws a handful of peanuts in his mouth to follow. He crunches on them noisily as she finishes her beer.

"'nother?" he offers, beginning to slur.

"You're trying to loosen me up, aren't you?"

"Whatever gives you that impression?"

She raises both hands in an 'I know what you're doing but I can't seem to care' gesture. "You know what? Yes. I would like another. I've already lost my mind. Clearly. Might as well make it stick."

He waves the bartender over and gets her a refill. "So this theory," he begins. "What brought it on now, after all this time? Get some sense knocked into you finally?"

She looks at him in mild surprise. "You actually care?"

He shrugs.

She studies him curiously and then decides. She'll tell him. "You brought it on," she says softly. "You and this…this thing between us. Whatever it is."

"Hot, violent sex? Because I don't see how that's a bad thing." He waggles his eyebrows at her and leans in close so that she can smell the alcohol on his breath.

"It's not that," she ventures. She stares past him into space, inhaling his scent.

"Then what? Is it the deep and meaningful part of our relationship? Or the 'DNM' as all the cool kids are calling it these days?"

She turns to him abruptly, eyes fixing on his, blue on blue. "Deep and meaningful?" she repeats with a rueful smile. "When does that part happen? When I'm asleep?"

He doesn't answer but studies the tabletop intently.


He shakes his head, brushing her off.

"Anyhow," she says. "You. Me."

"Bad news."


They sit in silence for a moment.

She raises her eyes to meet his. "You know what?" she announces.

One of his eyebrows shoots skywards. "What?"

"If this is bad news," she tells him, "I'll take bad news any day."