Asteroids The Last Frontier

Day 1 captains log Day July 15 2256

This is Captain Shooter documenting our journey across the massive astroid field to get to the planet Faith.

A new planet discovred with oceans perportionally the same as earths. It's name is to inspire faith that we'll survive.

With earth syphined of all it's resources and the sun's core burning out and preparing to implode this new planet is our last hope.

We are launching on July 21st 2256 with our new ship that has used the rest of all of the earths resources as a last resort.

All alluminum and other miterials have been recycled and placed to put some kind of help into this ship to help us on our journey.

The current distance of the planet is 2 million light years and with this new space shuttle it will take a rapid 12 years unlike the older

models from the early millenium. As long as the hull stays strong the human race will still thrive on Faith's mantle we will have to use the remaining people

still alive(current count at 75 living and stable) to populate the planet and start new towns.

It's kind of like the human race is starting all over again.

This is my last prelaunch log the next log will be recorded on july 22 2256 good night and god help you.