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Chapter 3

Meanwhile, Iroh is still traveling with Kenshin from a meadow to the forest until, they got lost.

"A few years in Ba Sing Se and they've changed map directions on you," grumbled Iroh as they came to the fork on the road. Quickly he held up his lantern for directions, but some of the words faded.

Kenshin decide to press forward, but his master pulled back the rails and said, "Now Kenshin let's go this way."

Kenshin shook his head from his master's idea. On one side is a dark spooky forest, but on the other side is a clear and safe path.

So the ostrich-horse decide to go to the safe path, but once again Iroh pulled back the rails of the ostrich horse's bridal and said, "Come on Kenshin it's a short cut we'll be there sooner than you think."

Kenshin and his master went down to the forest. The ostrich-horse kept pressing forward, be alert and never let his guard down. While Iroh took a deep breath and exhale for courage.

On the way Kenshin saw something moving towards them. The creature began to panic, threw his master off of him and disappear into the dark mist.

"Kenshen," Iroh whispered, but it didn't came to him.

He quickly got up and brushed the dirt off of him.

While he was trying to figured out where he was going. He heard a loud growling sound coming from the forest. He spotted some wolves coming towards him.

He was so frightened he ran for his life like a demon is on his heels. He ran so fast until, he came to a gate.

Iroh quickly opened the gate, enter the entrance and closed the gate.

Just as the wolves are about to get him from the gate they stooped, whined and ran back into the forest.

"Now what's gotten into those wolves?" Iroh puzzled. He turned around and saw some statues holding torch lanterns.

On one side is a few Devimons and on the other side is Lucemon Chaos mode.

"Maybe it's these statues that scared them," Iroh wondered. He followed the lights of the lanterns until, it lead him to a castle. It was fifty feet tall.

'Who ever lived in this castle must help me where I am' he thought to himself with relief.

He hurried to the doors of the castle, before the storm hits. He knocked on one of the doors, but it opens by itself. Quickly he entered inside the castle and closed the doors.

The inside of the castle was filled with elaborate decorations and furniture that made him wonder.

"Hello?" he call ed out, but there was nobody there so he called out again, "Hello?"

Unknown to him are two glowing eyes watching him.

One is a two feet tall humanoid lizard-like creature, blue skin, with a white belly and mouth, it's head is large and roughly spherical with two conical fleshy appeddges attached to the back a small horn pokes where his nose would be, large five-fingered hands with short claws, three toed feeth with short claws and yellow V-shape mark between his large pinkish eyes. It was a Veemon named Merlock.

The other one is a small Tyrannosaurus Rex like with bright orange skin, large green eyes, three-clawed hands large feet also sport three claws, and each side of head has a small visible, ear-hole. It was an Agumon named Flint.

"Look Merlock," said the Aguemon, "the poor man is lost in the woods."

"Keep quiet Flint maybe he'll leave," snapped the Veemon.

Iroh asked again, "Is someone their?"

"Not one word Flint," Merlock warned, "Not one word."

"I don't mean to intrude," said Iroh with concern, "but I lost my ostrich horse and I need a place to stay for the night."

"Come on Merlock," said Flint who felt sorry for him, "can't he stay for once?"

Merlock quickly covered Flint's mouth, before he has anymore ideas.

Flint, let out a breath if fire from his mouth. Until, Merlock let out a big yelp.

"Of course sir your welcome as long as you like," said Flint with a smile as he welcomed his guest.

"Who said that?" Iroh wondered as he was looking for someone who was speaking to him.

"Over here?"


Iroh felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw an Agumon who said, "Hello."

The old man let out a big yelp and slowly steeped away from the creature.

"I think I scared him to death," muttered Flint under his breath.

"Amazing," puzzled Iroh with curiosity.

"Well now looked what you did," said Merlock angrily, "nice just great."

Suddenly Iroh grabbed him by the tail and asked, "How is this accomplished?"

"PUT ME DOWN AT ONCE!" shouted Merlock.

"You must forgive me. It's just that I've-" said Iroh, until his trail went off with a sneeze.

"Bless you," said Flint who was concern for him, "you must be freezing to death. Come you must warm yourself by the fire."

"Thank you," said Iroh in a weakly voice as he was escorted by Flint.

Unknown to them is a shadow figure watching them like a predator who is watching it's prey.

"No way," said Merlock as he tried to get him out of the castle before it's too late, "you know what happens if the master finds you here and I demand that you stop right here."

The little Veemon accidentally tripped over the stairs until he lift his head and couldn't believe his eyes. A man sitting at his master's chair. Merlock sighed and said, "Oh no not the master's chair I'm begging you."

Suddenly a Lilymon flew into the den and wrapped Iroh in a blanket.

"What service," he said as he felt surprised, "Thank you."

"Alright that's enough I'm in charged here. . ."

But Merlock's trail went off until a Digimon pushed the catering tray.

It has a female human like with blue skin, and red eyes. She wears a blue outfit, blue gloves, blue anklets, blue hat and red jewels. It was a Ranamon named Katara.

Riding on the catering trey is a small orange flying creature with light blue eyes and bat-like wings which could possibly his ears. It was a Patamon named Aang.

"How about some tea sir?" Katara asked while she poured it into the cup, "it will warm you up in a heartbeat."

"No Katara," said Merlock, "no tea, NO TEA!"

Iroh quickly sipped up some tea and said, "This is wonderful."

"Would you like a snack with your tea?" the Patamon asked.

Iroh began to think. He felt a little hungry since the wolves began to chase him. So he nodded his head for 'yes.'

Aang grabbed a plate, place a cookie on it, and gave it to Iroh.

"You know my wife had a Patamon just like you once," said Iroh as he took a bite of his cookie.

"Really?" Aang asked with a smile as he imagined Iroh's wife with a Patamon.

"Yes," said Iroh as he sipped his tea, sighed and continued, "but that was a long time ago."

Sudenly, everything grew dark Iroh started shaking.

Myotismon, entered the room growled and said, "There's a stranger in here."

"Master," said Flint, "allow me to explain. The man's freezing I have to-"

But he was cut off by his master's growl.

Merlock, decide to take a stand and said, "Master may I have a moment to say. I was against him from the start I try to tell him but-"

Once again he was interrupt by the growl of his master as well.

Iroh glance one shoulder and saw their master, Myotismon.

"Who are you," he growed, "what are you doing here?"

"My name is Iroh and I got lost-"

"Your not lost out here," Myotismon interrupted.

"I didn't know where am I to be honest I thought the castle is abandoned," said Iroh as he was frightened.

"What are you staring at?" Myotismon asked angrily.

"Nothing really."

"So you come to stare at the Myotismon have you?" He asked furiously.

"Please I mean no harm," Iroh begged, "I just need a place to stay."

Myotismon growled and said, "I'll give you a place to stay."

With that he grabbed Iroh by the arm, dragged him out of the den, and leave the others into the darkness.

To be continued. . .

A.N.: The last chapter the ostrich-horse Kenshen is named after Ruroni Kenshin.

Devemon, Lucemon Chaos Mode, Agumon, Veemon, Ranamon, Lilymon and Patamon are from Digimon.