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It has taken me three hours to open three of the four doors inside the Chastity Museum's inner security system. I feel more nervous now than when I was on the plane flying to New York. I guess it's because I am getting so much closer to what we came for. As the third door slides open I make my way down the corridor into the next room. The room was quite spacious. It made me feel very uneasy because of the gloomy coloring it was decorated in. The room had dark red wall paper on all of its four squared off walls and had thick red carpet flooring and nothing more, very simple. You could obviously tell the room was only used to store the artifacts that weren't put on display out in the main lobbies of the museum. The red room had a lot of artifacts that looked as if they were worth a quarter a piece but in reality they were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the location and origins they were found in. None of these artifacts caught my eye the only thing I was focused on was the last door in front of me which was probably not a good thing seeing as how I had just now noticed someone in the corner of the room rummaging in a bag.

"Damn it took you long enough."

I recognized the voice and was grateful it wasn't one of the others. "How did you get here before me.?"

"Ha I went through the air conditioning system. You think people will learn to stop making them so big after everybody keeps getting robbed."

"How long did it take you to crack and re feed the surveillance system?" I saw her pull a case out of the bag as she made her way over to me and I knew what it was for.

"About a hour and a half. Don't look so pissed off. Sorry you had to have the crappy job of opening the doors in order but, you know we can't open the last one if we go to it first that would definitely set off the alarm. Don't forget that you are also the only one of all of us that knows exactly how to open the doors.

As I made my way to the last door I tried to calm myself down. This took a lot longer than I thought it would but it was almost over. As I looked to my right I noticed that Tysha and I weren't the only ones doing our part in this robbery.

"Are they dead?" I asked not really wanting to know the answer.

"I don't know. I let one of the others go first to take care of them. By the time I got here they were already down. I didn't check or ask. I kind of don't want to know."

"Right well this is the last door and it wont take as long to open at all seeing as how it doesn't exactly need any codes."

"Alright, lets do it."

I placed my finger on the finger panel and waited to feel the sharp pain that I knew was coming. The system for the last door only allows access to people with a certain DNA mapping. This is why a couple of Freshman in high school from Miami Florida were breaking into and robbing a museum. My father is a very smart man who builds security systems for companies or businesses that store high valued items. As for Tysha she is a complete brain when it comes to security systems. I started teaching Tysha about them a long time ago and her skills now have far surpassed mine. The most important reason why I am involved in this operation is because I am the only one that can open the last of the four doors other than my father who programmed his DNA into the system. The door that I was about to open wasn't supposed to be opened for a very long time. That would have been the case but who expects their own daughter of even making it to New York and back in 12 hours to break through your own security system.

"I thought you said this wasn't going to take long."

"I said it wouldn't take AS long." I could hear something happening on the other side of the door but the door itself wouldn't move. "Just be patient."

"Man I can't wait till we get our cut of the money. Psh we should of got a bigger cut now that I think about it we did all the hard work and we are the kids here."

"Yea but we didn't plan all this out. It was their idea."

"Yea but they need…..Hey the door is opening I think."

Awesome! Finally we will get to see what we were told would make us very rich. Unlike the artifacts that were in the red room this one was worth millions. As the door slide open and we stepped into the room chills ran down my back. Not because I was nervous but because it was so damn cold. There it was resting on a glass pedestal a perfectly naturally shaped diamond with gold surrounding it as a diamond shaped background. I can see speckles of diamonds pressed into the gold. The gold was so pure I knew I would be able to mold it like dough if I wanted but, that would ruin the pretty vine design it had. It was small enough that I know I could hold it in the palm of my hand even if it was in the case we brought to store it in. Then I realized something and looked over at Tysha.

"Tysha, your mouth is hanging open and you're drooling on yourself. It's not all that pretty."

"Yea but I know how much it's worth."

"I just realized something. If we get caught we are going to be in a world of shit."

"Ugh we had this conversation a thousand times. We aren't going to get caught because for one nothing is documenting us flying to New York, Second there is absolutely no proof that we were inside this building I know I didn't miss anything because I am to damn good, Third even though we used your blood we know that both your father and you have had blood tests in the past so there are a lot of suspects who have handled your blood and no one is going to assume you did anything. Satisfied?"

"Whatever just grab it and put it in the case so we can leave."

"Not a problem."

All of a sudden as soon as Tysha grabbed the artifact there was a loud alarm sounding. It sounded like the wails of a warning horn that was used in Brittan to alert the civilians of an incoming bombing.

"SHIT!" Tysha hissed as she gave me one of the most pissed of looks she's ever given me. "Why did you tell me to grab it!?"

"I thought you were "that damn good."" Although I was being a smart ass the wails of the alarm were making my nerves go out of control and all I wanted to do was throw up.

"Ah you shut up. Lets move go!"

"What about the others?"

"Do you think they are thinking about how we are doing?"

With that Tysha placed the artifact in its case and we both ran towards the closest exit. As we were making our way to the exit I heard loud gunshots echoing throughout the museum I could tell that the weapon was on a three round burst. The others only had pistols on them. The remaining security guards probably found the others. It took us thirty seconds to make it out of the building that took me three and a half hours to get into and took a cab straight to the air port.

When we arrived at the airport we used our fake IDs that the others gave to us to get through security. We had an hour to wait so we took a couple of seats in a corner were no one would notice us.

"where is it?" I couldn't help feel like every time I couldn't see it we had dropped it or left it somewhere.

"Its in my bag. Don't worry I can feel it…… You know….. We wont be able to keep it. If we get searched or our houses or even the general area and the police find it it's all over. I have a feeling someone was caught and that means someone might give us up. The only thing that can prove our guilt is if they found it on us or anywhere near us."

" It's a good thing we know someone very far away we can trust then right?"

"Do you think she'll help us out?"

"Yea I'm sure she will."

"Ok well we will send it to her through the mail. Get it priority shipped with like ten thousand fragile stickers on it. I don't like the idea but that's all we got."

When we got back home we were exhausted but, we still made the arrangements to send the package overseas. I wrote the address down like I've done dozens of times now on the package and personally gave it to the mail carrier. Hopefully it'll make the journey ok.