I've decided to make a sequel to 'Nothing is Always Something' In order for one to understand the sequel, you must completely disregard my ending to the story. So truly, I want it to end off when Sesshomaru fainted. After I have left this notice here for two weeks, I will delete the last chapter. Here is the longer than normal summary, and a small exert, from the future story. If you like it, I will post soon. If no one likes the idea, I will leave the story be and re add the last chapter. So, enjoy! (A small amount of it was inspired by a book call 'Original love' by J J Murray.


Something to Replace the Nothing I Feel

When we left off, Kagome was 'dead.' Or so everyone thought. What really occured was, being weak and ill as she was, Kagome was captured and taken as hostage. Over the years, her heart and spirit broken for the regret of arguing with her mate and storming off, Kagome's powers and her beast have been locked away deep within her. A hundred years later, Kagome was dragged by a servant of Tanaka Shosuke to America. Left colder and emptier than before, she finds herself there until today, 2008. Living in a small, nearly deserted town, Maywood City, California and slinking in the shadows, Kagome writes of her lengthy life, anything from her birth, to her capture and slavery, to now, a part of her hoping any of her family will read and understand that it is she, despite the pen name she now uses. One day, she breaks her arm. The nearest hospital is in Long Beach. There she meets a doctor who reminds her of her mate, Sesshomaru. Although a part of her feel draws to him, another part of her begs her to run and not look back. After spending time with him, she feels the empty feeling within her be filled slightly.


Chapter One- Kagome's Flashback pt 1

"Baka, Sesshomaru. Yelling at me that way. I wonder what his guards will say when they find my puppet. Damn Sesshomaru. We'll see how he feels when he thinks I'm dead." Kagome couldn't help but laugh at the way she had dressed up her puppet. It had strangely been a lot of fun attacking herself. She'd surely have to talk to the castle counselor when she returned. A dizzy spell coming over her, Kagome leaned against a tree, taking deep breaths. "Kami, my head is aching horribly."

"You poor thing," A scratchy, deep voice sounded from behind her.

Kagome whirled around, stunned to feel someone stand directly behind her. 'My senses are obviously lacking from Inuyasha's cold.' "Is there something you wanted?" Despite herself, he heart sped up when she felt her shoulders become weighed down with his hands, which were far too close to her neck for her liking. She attempte to free herself, but failed as he tightened his grip, sliding his hand over her neck. "Ugh." She grunted as her vision blurred after fifteen minutes of choking.

The old demon lowered his lips to her ear. "I have a collection, my dear. A collection of strange demons. You are what I need to complete it. A demon and a miko. How deliciously rare." His tongue darted out to lick her ear. "You'll be my own little slave, my beauty. A bed wench, if you will." His eyes locked on Sesshomaru's mating mark. "Hm. Can't have him tracking you, now, can we?" That raspy question was all Kagome heard before an unbearable pain consumed her neck and palm. Looking back as best she could, she saw the demon biting into her mark and raking his fangs, which were deep within her, down her shoulder, across her arm, and into her palm.

Her beast screeched, 'Fight him! Fight!' But her body ignored the demand. 'Fight, damn you! No just stand and let him break us way from Sesshomaru! Fight!'

Her mind, confused from the pain searing through her, and the ranting of the beast, yelled, 'Baka beast, I order you to be silent!'

'Fine! Me try! Let me have control!'

'No! I-' Another wave of pain flew through her. This time, she screamed out fiercely and fainted into the demons arms.

"My sweet, Toshio will take perfect care of you." And he dragged her off into the night.


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