Muffled screams. Shattered glass. A thump as something smashed against the wall.

He listened to it all with closed eyes and furrowed brow, knowing exactly what was going on but ignoring it for now, just putting the pieces together as to how they got where they are.

House and gotten worse, his addiction shifting, wanting more than just pills. So it turned on the one thing it could; Wilson. Things had blown up, relationships ruined by House wanting more, and Wilson finally gave in, it just spiraled downwards. House turned into a monster, even Cuddy wouldn't challenge him now. Only Wilson could, and he rarely did without earning a few bruises or other pains that would slowly fade.

He had finally realized that Wilson needed House. He needed a warped mind to piece things together, to tell him the truth when no one else could. This was why he let House continue, until finally they were here. Wilson in crutches, having taken a fall down the stairs due to House, and House going through withdrawals, turning the monster into something from nightmares, hissing and snarling. Yet brave Wilson continued to try his hardest to nurse him to health, keep him under some sort of control.

In a shattered mess of limbs, they came barreling out of Wilson's office, House holding him against the wall while Wilson only stared, silently urging him on, and hoping that House wouldn't do anything. The diagnostician had even broken down after Wilson's tumble down the stairs, finding out how fragile he really was.

Instead of House continuing his yelling, he would let Wilson go and pull him into a bear hug, sobbing in a shoulder while his body shook. Wilson just stood there, wobbly and broken, eyes closed and arms holding on, unable to hold his own weight.

"House, its over, you're not just something I need to fix, you need to know that I'm not going to leave. You need me, not the other way around."

House shifted, tilting back, Wilson leaning in. "I'm not a fool. But you, god, I don't even know anymore. I'm not all that sure this is real."

Wilson gave a weak smile, nose pushing against House's cheek before he moved his head and dropped a kiss there, finally slumping against the wall as his ruined legs gave out. Cursing, House hobbled and wobbled them back into the office, a murmured "I love you" just a whisper in the wind, too light be distinguished between the two.